Obtaining a Free Driving Record

Free Driving Record

Finding a free driving record isn’t easy and unfortunately, depending on your state, it might be impossible. Back in the day, it was as easy as walking into your local Department of Motor Vehicles. But that’s all changed. Hopefully this helps you in your pursuit.

How to find free driving record services online

Since you’re here, that means you’re probably trying to obtain your driving record for free on the web. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you. It isn’t going to happen. Do not allow yourself to get ripped off by a service promising free driving records online. They are either trying to obtain your contact information as part of a scheme or will “bait and switch” when it comes time to actually order your “free” record.

Nearly every state charges a fee now for driving record reports. So why in the world would somebody buy the report then give it to you for free? I hate to be the bad news messenger, but that’s the unfortunate truth!

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Ways to get your driving record for free

While all hope isn’t lost, I’m going to first warn you that getting a free driving report is pretty difficult, maybe impossible depending on your location, and really isn’t worth it. So below these instructions, I’ll provide you with a way to get your driving record online for pretty cheap and save you lots of hassle. You won’t even need to leave the house. But for those who want to try and save a buck first, here’s how to get your free driving record.

Go to your local department of motor vehicles

It’s unfortunate, but most states no longer allow you to obtain a free driving record anymore. You have to pay some sort of “service fee” or as they sometimes like to call it, a “convenience fee.” Convenience fee? Sure, like going to the DMV is convenient. But I digress.

If they charge, it can be anywhere from a few bucks to $50 or more, depending on how detailed you want the report to be. But most states are in the $10 to $20 range.

Try your auto insurance company

Think long and hard about this. Sometimes insurance companies “overlook” violations. So before you ask for your report, be sure you want your agent to see what’s on your record. That free driving record might end up costing you in the long run with higher insurance premiums!

Many insurance companies charge a fee for a driving report, while others won’t even provide you one. But it’s worth calling your agent to check as long as you know nothing bad is on the report!

The slightly more expensive, but faster alternative

So, I hate adding stress and drama in my life. I like things to come quickly and easily. That includes the time I have to obtain my driving record. May I suggest you simply pay an online service to do all the work for you? Hey, it’ll keep you out of the DMV office and that’s worth gold!

My personal recommendation for your online driving record

The ONLY service I can recommend is the Intelligator Online Driving Record Report. They are a well established place to get public record lookups including obtaining driving records. If your record isn’t available through their service, don’t even think about obtaining your driving record online. Trust me! There are some really lousy services out there. Just go to your local DMV instead.

I wish there was a free driving record service available, but this is as close to free as it’s going to get. Sorry! I’m just full of bad news today!

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