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Driving Articles About Traffic Laws

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket 

Want to know how to fight a speeding ticket? I’ve got ya covered! As a professional driver, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with the law while driving, especially while driving commercial vehicles. If you think driving a bright red sports car is bad (I had one of those, too), try driving an 80,000lb semi-truck with hazardous materials placards on the side of it! In addition to this, I’ve had experience on the other side of the law. No, I’m not a police officer, but I’m friends with some real, great cops. Luckily, they are able to take me on frequent ride-along. This is a great learning experience, especially when I bribe them with free lunch to spill the beans on how to get out of a ticket. Valuable stuff here!

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Should We Raise The Legal Driving Age?

Presently, most states allow you to have a learner’s permit even before your 18th birthday. Some people agree on this while others don’t.  

Now we’re not saying that we should raise the legal driving age to one’s early twenties, but there are differences in emotional maturity between a 16-year-old versus an 18-year old.  

Raising the legal driving age to 18 may result in fewer injuries and, by extension, fewer fatalities. It also lowers highway density, which helps in keeping the number of accidents down. 

On the other hand, starting them out earlier provides an excellent opportunity (and more time) to develop a crucial life skill. There’s also the question of will two years make that much of a difference? 

The subject of raising the legal driving age resurfaces every few years. And with good reason. The fact of the matter is, valid arguments are supporting either side.

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Beating Red Light Camera Tickets

Yes, abiding by traffic lights is crucial, particularly since it results in safer roads. Sometimes, though, for reasons you can’t fathom (or don’t remember), the next thing you know, there’s a ticket for a speeding violation in the mail. 

Although it’s not as severe an infraction as causing a collision or driving under the influence, speeding still doesn’t help your driving record. It adds to the number of points you currently have on your license. In turn, this could lead to a license suspension or temporary restriction of your driving privileges. 

Just because the ticket was issued doesn’t mean you have no option but to accept it. You can always choose to contest the ticket. There are several reasons you can use to protect yourself. Some, admittedly, are more valid than others.

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Should We Abolish Driving While Texting Laws?

An interesting take on one of the most prevalent issues today – driving while texting. When most people think of ways to reduce driving while texting, they think of creating new laws and regulations to solve the problem. However, in this article, I play devil’s advocate and argue why texting and driving laws may actually be making a bad problem even worse! Maybe what we need is to enforce laws already in existence like reckless driving. The reality is, enforcing distracted driving laws can be nearly impossible to do and thus, have little to no effect in even the best of scenarios. Here is an alternative. Is it worth trying?

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Should We Abolish Drunk Driving Laws?

Another article that is sure to raise some eyebrows. Just to keep things interesting around here, I like to stir the pot every now and then. In this article, I explain how eliminating drunk driving laws may actually lead to safer roadways. Yes, you read that right – I am going to explain now abolishing drunk driving laws could save lives! Sounds far-fetched? With this article, you need to keep an open mind and remember, I’m all about creating safer highways, just like you. This is just a really interesting and bizarre twist on how to help prevent drunk driving deaths by eliminating DUI laws altogether. It’s a fascinating read and you might be surprised at who supports this idea.

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Driving Schools And Online Traffic School Reviews

Online Traffic School Reviews

So here’s the thing… I live a super boring life. Exactly how boring is my life? Let’s put it this way, I have taken the time to review a whole bunch of different online traffic schools, then write extremely detailed articles about my opinions of the course. I even included screen shots and wrote the schools for special coupon codes and discount links I could use on the site. I’m not sure of anyone else who is so boring that they will spend time writing detailed reviews about online traffic schools, but here I am! I hope my boring life works to your advantage here! So here you have it, the little website with the weird boring guy that wrote incredibly detailed online traffic school reviews.

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Guide To Online Driving Schools

Taking an online driving school? Not sure which school to sign up for? This guide to online driving schools will help you pick the right course. Whether you are taking an online traffic school for ticket dismissal, online drivers ed, or taking an insurance reduction course, we’ve got ya covered. In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of online driving schools available and how to find the best school for your needs at the lowest possible price. With literally hundreds of online driving schools in existence today, it’s tough to know who you can trust. That’s where we come in to save the day!

Read The Guide To Online Driving Schools

Online Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve decided to take an online traffic school to dismiss your traffic ticket, but you have some questions first. No problem, that’s what this page is for! We take you through the entire process of signing up for online traffic school and getting that ticket dismissed. Not sure if your state allows online traffic school? Check out this article. Don’t know which online traffic school to sign up for? Check out this article. Interested in learning about quantum physics and how it relates to the beginning of the universe? Well, you probably won’t get much out of this article. So you probably should only read this article if you’re interested in taking an online traffic school.

Read The Online Traffic School FAQ Page

Search For An Online Traffic Schools By State

Online traffic schools can be a bit different depending on where you live. While the same basic concepts are the same, different states and different requirements for online traffic schools. To date, there are not any online traffic schools that are certified in all 50 states. That’s why you need to be extremely careful. If you live in Texas, for example, and sign up for an online traffic school only available in California, you have just wasted 6 hours of your time and about $25. Don’t let this happen to you! Check out our online traffic schools by state page and get recommendations for your specific state.

Find Online Traffic Schools By State

Texas Defensive Driving Online

You can now take a Texas defensive driving course online instead of going to a hot stuffy classroom on a Saturday at your local community college. I think that’s pretty cool and decided to check a bunch of the certified Texas defensive driving courses out. There were some winners and some losers, but this article goes over the schools I found to be the best. In addition to listing the best online Texas defensive driving schools I included insanely detailed reviews with screen shots and even discount codes. If you need to sign up for online traffic school in Texas, your search is about to end. I’ve made this so easy for you.

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Defensive Driving Online by Improv

“How To” Driving Articles

How To Change A Flat Tire

Getting a flat tire never happens during a convenient time. This is especially true if you’re on a date with a pretty lady. Nothing ruins a date more than sitting in the car for 2 hours waiting for roadside assistance because you don’t know how to change a tire. And ladies, nothing impresses a man more than a woman that can change a tire! Well, actually, that’s not true. There are probably more impressive things you can do. But hey, it’s a good skill to have and this way, when you get a flat tire, you don’t have to wait for some creepy tow truck dude to come and flirt with you while he changes your tire. Unless you like that sort of thing, than ignore this article.

Learn How To Change A Flat Tire

How To Find Good Car Speakers

If you want to find the best car speakers for your car or truck, you will need to make some choices. Firstly, you will need to choose between full range speakers and component speakers. Next, you will also need to pay attention to four other crucial factors namely size, power handling, sensitivity and build quality. Although your budget and other things will also matter, paying attention to the above four factors will enable you find good car speakers that work with your car system as well as provide great sound. Choosing between component and coaxial speakers is not something that you can decide very easily. Although component speakers will provide better sound, they are usually more expensive. On the other hand, full range speakers are easier to install as you can readily find aftermarket replacements which can directly replace the OEM units.

Learn How To Find Good Car Speakers

How To Deal With Tailgaters

Being tailgated isn’t just annoying, it is dangerous and increases the risk of damage to your vehicle. Those who tailgate are selfish jerks, I think we can all agree there (unless you’re a tailgater in which case, you probably think you’re sooooo cool). The question is not whether people who tailgate are inconsiderate idiots or not, the question is, how do you stop them from being inconsiderate idiots? Unfortunately that’s impossible. However, there are some pretty simple ways to get those inconsiderate idiots to pass you and go be an inconsiderate idiot to somebody else. That’s the technique we explain in this article.

Learn How To Deal With Tailgaters

How To Drive With Your Dog In The Car

In a society where we treat our dogs like family members, it amazes me that hardly anyone ever buckles their dog in a seat belt! I know what you’re thinking, “that’s just wrong!” What you may not realize is they make special seat belts just for dogs. It gives them free movement, yet at the same time, protects them during a crash. By putting your dog in a special low cost seat belt that you can pick up at nearly any pet store, you are also helping to protect yourself and anyone else in the vehicle. An unrestrained dog can become a projectile causing serious injury. If you truly believe your dog is a part of your family, buckle him or her up just like you do with other family members!

Learn How To Safely Drive With Your Dog

10 Ways To Improve Your Gas Economy

Improving your gas economy doesn’t have to mean selling your old gas guzzler for a 25k+ hybrid vehicle. In fact, you can make some very simple changes to your everyday driving habits to greatly improve your gas economy. There are some very simple maintenance items you can take care of yourself as well. One example being the air pressure in your tires. Did you know keeping your tires properly inflated not only improves safety and tire wear, but can increase your gas economy by 10% or more? In this article, we go over a bunch of useful and easy-to-implement ways of increasing your gas mileage.

Learn How To Improve your Gas Economy

How To Properly Install A Car Seat

Here’s a scary statistic for you – over 85% of all car seats are installed improperly! Yikes! We often take for granted the true dangers of driving, but the sad truth is, the freedom of driving comes at a great cost. Motor vehicle accidents account for more accidental deaths than any other form of accidents. In fact, driving is the single most dangerous activity most people partake in their entire lives, and we do it daily! Small children are certainly not immune from injury or death due to a car accident. An improperly installed car seat can be fatal. Check out this article for some car seat installation tips and where you can have a free inspection done by a certified car seat installer.

Lear How To Properly Install A Car Seat

How To Lower Your Car Insurance Rates Through Defensive Driving

Are you a defensive driver? While most people would say “yes” the reality is, defensive drivers are few and far between. When an insurance company realizes they have a defensive driver as a customer, that company will do quite a bit to keep the customer around. Defensive drivers simply do not get into many accidents, if any at all. This is a profitable relationship for insurance companies? As such, they will normally decrease your rates for a safe driving history. Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid getting involved in some of the most common forms of traffic crashes.

Learn How To Lower Car Insurance Through Defensive Driving

How To Cure Driving Anxiety

Having driving anxiety is a serious disorder that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Those who are anxious drivers typically get stuck into a never ending cycle. They are nervous because driving is dangerous (a true fact), but the very fact they are nervous makes them even more dangerous. A timid driver is a dangerous driver. So in a sense, anxious drivers manifest and create the very thing they are worried about, being in danger! It is ok to recognize the dangers of driving while also being confident and safe. This article helps to explain why you might be an anxious driver and how to make yourself more confident and safe.

Learn How To Cure Your Driving Anxiety

How To Change Wiper Blades

I just had to put this article in here. There are quite a few people who do not know how to change wiper blades but are too nervous to ask for help. Allow the anonymity of the internet to save you! In this article, I go over the steps necessary to properly change your wiper blades. I also go over when wiper blades should be replaced and how you know when they are worn and becoming useless. Having well functioning wiper blades is crucial to your safety during rainy or snowy conditions. With visibility already reduced, there is absolutely no reason to skimp out on a pair of relatively cheap wiper blades.

Learn How To Change Wiper Blades leading provider of online drivers education.

Distracted Driving Articles

Driving Distractions

Driving distractions are in abundance today. Decades ago, the biggest driving distraction on the road was a pretty lady walking by on the sidewalk. But these days, cars have everything from GPS devices to flat screen TV’s. From old driving distractions like trying to eat a burger while driving to newer driving distractions like emailing a friend from your smart phone, there are plenty of things to keep us distracted while we drive. This article will cover some of the major forms of distracted driving and how to prevent yourself from succumbing to them.

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