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Ohio Driving Record
In Ohio, a responsible driving record can be the deciding factor when it comes to insurance rates, getting a job, and even renting an apartment. A good record that is free of moving violations and accidents will show potential employers and landlords that you behave responsibly behind the wheel. If you are an Ohio driver, you may be interested in reviewing your driving record, so it is important to understand what information will be included on the report and how you can access it.

Types of Ohio Driving Records

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, otherwise known as the BMV, offers state residents two main driving record options. The first is a certified abstract that includes Ohio driving record information from the previous three years. In addition to this choice, an unofficial driving record that encompasses the last two years can be found online.

Information on Your Record

An official abstract from the Ohio BMV can tell you a lot about your history as a driver in the state. The abstract will outline the driver license points that you received for violations along with accidents that involved your car. Accidents that occurred when you were driving will also be included, including one-car accidents, no-fault accidents, and any accidents that were caused by another driver.

Determining Fault on Your Record

It is important to note that your Ohio driving record abstract will list all accidents in which you or your vehicle were involved, regardless of who was at fault. However, it is possible to determine fault based on the information that is included on your record. If your record indicates that you were cited for a moving violation and awarded points on the same day that you had an accident, it can be assumed that you were at fault. Likewise, if you weren’t given points or a moving violation on the date of an accident, it can be assumed that you were not at fault for the incident.

Requesting an Ohio Driving Record by Mail

If you are in need of your driving record in Ohio, the most convenient way to get a copy is to request one by mail. You’ll need to complete a request using form BMV 1173, and required information will include your Social Security number, name, birthday, and address. The fee for requesting a copy of your record is $5.00, and requests will take 14-21 days to process. If you’re requesting someone else’s record, form BMV 5008 will need to be submitted, as well, and records won’t be released without this notarized written consent form.

Get Your Ohio Driving Record In-Person

You also have the ability to get a copy of your Ohio driving record in-person. The state runs several Regional Driver License Reinstatement Centers throughout Ohio that have the capabilities of issuing driver license abstracts. The Columbus Shipley Customer Service Center can also issue this information. The same forms that were completed with a mailed request will need to be submitted in order to access your record, and you will still need to pay the $5.00 fee.

View Your BMV Ohio Driving Record Online

Are you applying for a job in which your driving record will be requested, and you’re interested in what your report stays? Well luckily for you, the Ohio BMV allows licensed Ohio drivers to view their driving record online. Simply visit the Ohio BMV website and click on “View an Unofficial Copy of Your Driving Record” on the Ohio driving record page. Then, you’ll be prompted to enter your Ohio driver license number, your birthday, the first letter of your last name, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. This information will allow you to login to the system to view your record.

Your driving record can impact your life in a variety of ways, as a responsible driver will enjoy better car insurance premiums and may have an edge on the competition when applying for a job. The State of Ohio makes it easy to access the information online, by mail, and in-person, so it is important to take advantage of this system to know exactly what your record says about you.

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