Best Maine Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Best Maine Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Traffic school, otherwise known as Driver Improvement in Maine, is the ideal solution for getting a ticket dismissed from your record. However, there are other reasons for completing the class too. For instance, if a person has accumulated a number of points on their license, they may choose to take the course to prevent it from becoming suspended. Some people utilize traffic school to receive a safe driver discount from their insurers, and who can blame them? Insurance premiums are high and saving a few bucks on the necessary expense is always welcome.

In the state of Maine, drivers can get a three-point credit on their driving record if they complete a state-approved driver improvement course.

Whether the courts mandate a driver to take the course or the individual is voluntarily taking it, they need to know which Maine online traffic schools are the best. Failing to research the institutions can turn into a recipe for disaster. For one, scams seem to be lurking around every corner these days. Nobody wants to get taken advantage of or throw their hard earned money down the drain, so use this list to guide you through the selection process.

Another reason to investigate the Maine online traffic schools is that they may not be accepted where you live. Many states approve the institutions in this post, but still, make sure they are recognized in your hometown now to prevent the headaches later.

If not, you could wind up doing a lot of coursework that doesn’t count towards anything. After enrolling, some of the things that the student will learn about include…

Class length will vary depending on which one you take. However, the minimum amount of time that a person should expect to spend with one of the Maine online traffic schools is 5-hours. Hence, the pupil cannot rush through videos and exams to make the period shorter. So, kick back and relax. After all, at least you get to be in a comfortable environment instead of packed into a classroom full of strangers.

There Are Only 2 State Approved Maine Online Traffic Schools

The state of Maine only has 2 officially recognized driver improvement courses that you can take for driving point reduction purposes. These two online traffic schools are operated by the following organizations:

Both of these courses are officially recognized by the Maine state government for both online and classroom driver improvement courses.

Honestly, it’s a bit unfortunate that these are the only courses approved as they are not the highest quality. It isn’t that they are necessarily low quality, but they tend to be pretty basic and relatively boring. There are a ton of really good driver improvement courses out there, but the state of Maine does not wish to approve them for whatever reason. The safest thing is to simply sign up for one of those courses since they are already approved.

Additional Online Traffic Schools To Consider

Since it’s possible to obtain special permission to take another online traffic school that isn’t on the official list, we decided to include these other great options. Make sure you obtain special permission from your court before signing up for one of these classes.

1. iDriveSafely

idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2018

iDriveSafely has over 15 years of experience, and it has served more than 5 million drivers. iDriveSafely tops this list of Maine online traffic schools because the state approves it. The classes are affordable, and the pupil gets to pick between text or video-based curriculum. The person will have to pay a little extra for the videos, but each student has a unique learning style, so the additional cost may prove to be well worth the trouble. Some folks feel as if the lessons are not as engaging as those of other institutions, but the animations, text lessons, and audio clips get the job done.

The work can be completed at your own pace on a mobile device or computer. Students can take breaks as needed and start again where they left off as everything saves as they go along. This company goes above and beyond when it comes to customer support. Help is available 7-days a week to assist with any question that you might have. Take the time to do the legwork and find out what all of the fuss is about for yourself.

Check Out iDriveSafely Here

2. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is the perfect choice for those people that don’t like to put their mobile devices down. Students utilize the Aceable app and a phone or tablet to complete the coursework. The content is both interactive and fast-paced to ensure that pupils remain engaged. This aspect is significant because learners are less likely to retain the information when they become bored. It is a good idea to make sure Maine accepts Aceable though. It is approved in many states, so the chances are good that it is in your neck of the woods too.

Just keep reading if you are still not convinced that Aceable is one of the best Maine online traffic schools. The establishment has proudly helped 400,000 pupils graduate, and it can do the same for you. Students can contact the customer service department by chat, email, or phone 24/7. This ensures that they can get helpful assistance whenever it is needed. Ask acquaintances about their experiences and read the thousands of 5-star reviews on the company’s website to figure out if the school is a good fit for you.

Check Out Aceable Here

3. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

When thinking about traffic school, the first words that come to a person’s mind are likely not fun and entertaining. Rather the more plausible descriptions are boring, tedious, and dull. This institution is one of the best Maine online traffic schools because of its trendsetting approach. The curriculum is created by those fantastic minds behind the Improv Comedy Club. Students are free to do the work from a device of their choosing, providing that it connects to the Internet.

It has a good mixture of content including hilarious videos, standard reading materials, and more. Plus, the prices are reasonable and comparable to those of other establishments. If you have a problem or concern, the US-based support team will be happy to help. Pupils that are searching for something fresh and new for their class should put this name at the top of their Maine online traffic schools list.

Check Out Improv Traffic School Here

4. Go To Traffic School


Go To Traffic School is also one of the best Maine online traffic schools. The unique things that really set Go To Traffic School apart from the rest are the low fees, and their guarantee to match or beat the prices of competitors. They are not a startup, nor are they a Johnny come lately. This establishment opened in 1999, and they have since had over 4 million satisfied customers. So, give these Maine online traffic schools a shot, and let them show you what makes them better than the wannabes.

Go To Traffic School was recently updated, so it has all new videos, animations, and some cool interactive features it didn’t have before. So, if you’re looking for a very cost effective option but still want an updated course, this could be a great solution for you.

Check Out Go To Traffic School Here