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About Me

Hi there and thanks for checking out my website! So you wanna know about me? No problem!

My real name is Mike Rogers and for the most part, I’m just a regular dude who has always been fascinated with driving. Be it a bicycle, an airplane, or anything else. If it moves and requires human control, I’m into it. I hold an FAA Private Pilot license, am a CDL-A licensed and certified driving instructor, and have piloted everything from watercraft to horses. I’ve even ridden shotgun in a commuter train (yup, got to blow the horn and everything!). I’m not a real mechanical guy, but I sure do love to drive. Always have. Even as a kid, my Big Wheel got a ton of use (you do know what a Big Wheel is, right?).

So how did I get involved with driving safety? Well, here’s my life story in in a super condensed version…

Like all kids from where I grew up, I went to high school, then college, then got a fancy sounding office job that I was miserable going to at the crack of dawn every morning. It was a sales job making cold calls selling computer equipment to medium and large sized companies. This was my first job out of college and my first time working in an office. It was total Hell for me. I couldn’t accept that I’d be working in a cubicle my entire life. So when I was laid off in 2008, I did something drastic. I became a truck driver.

Before I quit to work on my websites full time, I absolutely loved that job. I have been to every continental state in the United States and got to drive a huge powerful beast of a vehicle. While it’s a tough career with an extremely high turnover rate, I seemed to thrive in it. I even became certified as a CDL driving instructor and taught students how to safely drive an 18-wheeler. I was even the co-creator of a home study CDL training program which is still being used by thousands of truck driving students every day. It has been an incredible experience to be able to make a living doing the things I love instead of sitting in some office selling computer equipment.

The ultimate dream for me came true when I began developing this website. I created mostly as a hobby. I wanted a place to share my knowledge and talk about my passion – driving safety (everybody has a passion about something). Little did I know, building websites would soon become my full time job. It’s an amazing way to make a living and if you’d like to learn more about how you can do the same thing without any previous web development experience of your own, check out my Site Build It journey page.

Driving safety is my passion in life and I hope that shines through on every page of this site. Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you are free to contact me anytime. I’m happy to help!!

Drive Safely!

Mike Rogers
Owner, Rogers Concepts, LLC

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