How To Obtain Your Illinois Driving Record Fast & Easy

How To Get Your Illinois Driving Record

From Chicago’s shop-lined Magnificent Mile to the cornfields that flank Highways 55 and 57, Illinois is lined with highways and byways, freeways and toll roads. If you’ve been caught speeding downstate near Springfield or you experienced a fender bender in downtown Chicago, your driving record likely makes note of these incidents and more. Your Illinois driving record contains a plethora of information about you. Do you know what’s on it? Your insurance provider and possibly even your employer do!

The Importance of Checking Your Illinois Driving Record

Many people wait until they need a copy of their driving record to obtain it for their insurance provider or employer. However, it’s important to check this record on a regular basis so that you can ensure its accuracy. Moreover, generally, insurance carriers and employers can access this information on their own, so it’s a good idea to see what they may be seeing. Your driving record should also be monitored for signs of identity theft, which is on the rise throughout the country.

What Appears On Your Illinois DMV Driving Record

Various information about your driving history is tracked on your Illinois DMV driving record. All traffic violations are contained on your Illinois driving record such as speeding violations or DUIs. Since violations result in points against your license, these points are also tracked on your driving record. If your driver’s license has ever been suspended, revoked, or canceled, it will show on your record as well.

Ordering Your Illinois Driving Record

To order a copy of your Illinois driving record, you can visit your local DMV in person or apply for a copy by mail. When you appear in person, you’ll be asked for your ID and will have to fill out form DSD DC 164. The fee for an Illinois DMV driving record is $12.00. You will be able to leave with a copy of the form that day.

To obtain your Illinois driving record through the mail, you must mail in a copy of form DSD DC 164 along with your payment of $12. Instead of your local DMV, however, you’ll need to mail your request to:

IL Secretary of State
Driver Analysis Section
2701 S. Dirksen Pkwy
Springfield, Illinois 62723

It generally takes about ten days to receive a copy of your record. If you haven’t received your driving record after ten days, you can contact the DMV or the office of the Secretary of State.

Obtaining Your Illinois DMV Driving Record Online

Unfortunately, the state of Illinois does not offer DMV driving records online.


There is no way to obtain an official driving record in Illinois over the internet. Any third party service that promises to do so is NOT giving you a certified driving record, and the information you receive will likely be incorrect. Only obtain your driving abstract record from the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles.

Check for Errors on Your Driving Record

When you obtain your driving record, be sure to check it for errors. Errors may be present in a number of ways. Points may not be reflected properly. There may be convictions noted on your record that were not convictions. There could also be outdated information on your record. Any mistakes on your IL driving record can affect your insurance rates. It’s essential to contact the DMV if you notice any incorrect information on your record.

How Long Do Violations Remain on Your Record

Typically, violations like speeding will remain on your IL driving record for four to five years. If your license was suspended or revoked for any reason, that information will be reflected on your record for about seven years. Violations related to alcohol or drugs will remain on your Illinois driving record for life. If you have specific questions about violations and how long they will stay on your record, you should contact the DMV. Also, you may be eligible to reduce the points on your record by completing a defensive driving course.

How To Remove Traffic Tickets And Driving Points From Your Illinois Driving Record

The best way to clear your Illinois driving record of traffic violations is to take a state-approved online traffic school. Taking an Illinois defensive driving course will enable you to reduce points on your driving record. You can take your defensive driving school either online or in-person at a physical classroom.

Top 4 Best Online Traffic Schools

Who Can View Your Illinois Driving Record?

Insurance providers, current employers, and prospective employers can access your driving record. With notarized permission, you can also access another driver’s record. On the other hand, parents can access their minors’ driving records. Parents have to option to access their kids’ driving records online. Parents will have to register on the Parental Access Page. You’ll need to establish a pin number and will also have to provide information about your minor such as their social security or driver’s license number. Otherwise, driving records are confidential unless you are authorized.

You can easily obtain your Illinois DMV driving record by following these tips. If you have any other questions about obtaining these records, you can contact your local DMV. Remember, you should access your IL driving record periodically in order to ascertain that its information is correct. You can also be ordered by the courts or your employer to obtain a copy, so it’s always a good idea to know how to obtain this information quickly.