How To Get Your West Virginia Driving Record

How To Get Your West Virginia Driving Record

Whether you have been living in the state of West Virginia since you were born or are a more recent resident, the information contained in your driving record can make a big difference in your life. 

The information the state of West Virginia has on you and your driving ability can influence everything from the insurance premiums you have to pay to the types of jobs you can get. If you have not yet taken a look at your West Virginia driving record, you need to do so as soon as possible.

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What You Need to Know

One of the most important things you need to know as a West Virginia resident is what type of information your driving record contains. Your driving history plays a vital role in determining your car insurance rates, and a poor driving record could even cost you a job. If you apply for a job that requires the use of a company vehicle, the would-be employer will probably pull a copy of your driving history to check for speeding tickets, accidents and moving violations. When you apply for a new car insurance policy, the insurer will no doubt take a look at your driving habits and use the information they find to set your rates. If your driving record shows many speeding tickets and accidents, you could be denied insurance or thrown into the more costly high-risk pool.

How to Access Your West Virginia Driving Record

With so much on the line and so much at stake, it is important to access your own West Virginia driving record before someone else does. Whether you are applying for a new insurance policy or a new job, you will want to know where you stand ahead of time. Even if you are certain the good people of the West Virginia DMV would never make a mistake, you cannot be certain of their accuracy until you actually lay eyes on your own driving history.

Where to Look Online

The first thing to know about accessing your West Virginia driving history is where to start your search. The good news is the government of West Virginia has made accessing the information in your driving record fast and easy. Just go to this state run website. Once there you can access the forms you need and start the request process in just a few minutes.

You can also obtain your driving record through a 3rd party service, such as this one. Sometimes 3rd party services have some additional features and benefits.

West Virginia Driving Record Fees

Obtaining a copy of your own West Virginia driving record is fast and easy, but you will need to supply a small amount of information and a small amount of money. You didn’t think the government did anything for free did you? If you have your drivers license number handy, you will need to pay a $5.00 fee to get your driving record. If you have forgotten your drivers license number, the report will set you back a bit more at $6.00. You will also need to supply a copy of your state-issued photo ID card and complete the DMV-101-PS1 form. The form allows you to specify whether or not you want the record mailed, so be sure to fill that section out as well.

I Don’t Remember That Speeding Ticket!

While the vast majority of driving records held by the state of West Virginia are accurate, human error is bound to play a role in such a vast data entry environment. If you are one of the lucky ones whose driving history is not correct, you have the right to bring the discrepancy to the attention of the appropriate agency. Even though the state of West Virginia knows that mistakes will happen, the government assumes that the records they hold are correct unless you speak up and say something. If you do find a mistake on your official driving record, pointing out the error is the best way to protect your rights.

West Virginia Points System

The best way to ensure that the information on your driving record is correct is to know how the point system works in your state.

As with other driving point systems in the US, West Virginia assigns points depending on the severity of the violation you commit. 

You’ll get a warning from the DMV if you accumulated as much as 5 points, so beware. And if you got more than 20 points, your license will be suspended and it won’t get reinstated unless you bring it down to 11 points.

The good news is that points in West Virginia are only valid for two years, although they will be listed on your driving record for five years. This is a bit confusing and should be one of the things you check when you receive a copy of your driving record. 

Attending a Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

In West Virginia, three points can be removed from your driving record regardless of how many points you have already accumulated. These points will be deducted from the last ticket that the DMV received before you took the course.

However, keep in mind that you have to complete an APPROVED CDC to make it count. Currently, West Virginia does not accept online driving courses yet. You’ll find a list of approved courses on West Virginia’s DMV website or contact the point persons listed here for more information.

Also, you can only take the Defensive Driving Course once every twelve months for point reduction. If you take the course before getting the actual points on your record, credits won’t be counted.

How To Get Your DMV Driving Records

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