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Arkansas Driving Record

Arkansas Driving Record Search
Whether you have been a lifelong resident of Arkansas or are a recent migrant, it is important to know how to obtain your driving record. The way you drive and the information the state has on you will impact everything from your car insurance rates to your ability to get a job, so you need to know where you stand.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Even if you are absolutely certain you have never been in a car accident in Arkansas or anywhere else, you need to double-check by obtaining a copy of your Arkansas driving record. We all know how perfect government bureaucrats are, and that they never make mistakes. 😉 Even so, you never know when a fat fingered employee at the DMV or a disgruntled worker will make your life miserable. The only way to know for sure is to pull a copy of your own driving record and check it carefully.

Checking Your Arkansas Driving Record

You might think that checking your Arkansas driving record would be a hassle, but that is not the case. You do not have to take the day off work or stand in line at the DMV to see where you stand. In fact, your driving history with the good state of Arkansas could be as close as your computer or smartphone.

Know Where to Go

If you just love hanging out at the DMV, you can visit your local branch and ask the helpful employees how to obtain your driving record. If your idea of fun does not include a trip to the DMV, just point your browser to the Arkansas driving record division. You can find what you need at the Arkansas Driver Services website. You can also use a third party service like Inteligator.

Check Your Driving History Carefully

Once you arrive at the website, you will need a few basic pieces of information to see where you stand and make sure the state of Arkansas has not charged you with a bogus speeding ticket or moving violation. You will need the identification number from your Arkansas drivers license, so be sure to get it out of your wallet before you begin.

Fill Out the Form

You will also need to fill out a form to obtain your Arkansas driving record, but the form is pretty easy by government standards. The form also protects you and your information, since the state of Arkansas restricts the release of driving records to those with a need to know. You can designate another person to receive the records, but you will need to authorize the disclosure. Once you sign the release for the disclosure of driving record information, it will remain in force for five years. You can, however, revoke the release authorization in writing to prevent any additional information from being given out.

A Small Fee

The state of Arkansas does impose a small fee for the release of driving records. If you choose to pick up the driving record information in person at the DMV or have it mailed to you, there is a $7.00 fee for the insurance record. An employment or commercial driving record will set you back $10.00.

A Number of Different Options

It is always nice to have options, especially when dealing with the state or Federal government. The state of Arkansas provides drivers with those choices, making it easy to get their driving records and other information held by the department of transportation.

Online and Off

If you are a resident of Arkansas and need a copy of your driving record, you can visit the website listed above and fill out the appropriate form online. That option is fast and easy, and you can see where you stand in a matter of minutes. If you prefer another option, you can pick up a copy of your driving record at any Arkansas Revenue office, or at the Little Rock Driving Record Office. That office is convenient for anyone within driving distance of Arkansas, located in Room 1130 of the Charles D. Ragland Building at 1900 W. 7th Street in the state capital. Drivers who prefer to get their records by mail can do so by addressing an envelope to Driving Records, Room 1130, P.O. Box 1271, Little Rock, AK 72203.

Check it Carefully

Once you have your Arkansas driving record in hand, you need to check it carefully and look for any errors that could negatively impact your insurance rates or employment options. It is extremely important to check your driving record, especially if you are applying for a job that requires the use of a company vehicle. An error on your driving record could cost you a job as a courier, truck driver or delivery person. An error could also force you to pay higher insurance rates than you would otherwise qualify for. Getting those errors corrected can put you back on solid footing and help you avoid future problems.

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