Finding The Best Online Traffic Schools

Online Traffic Schools

Online traffic school is becoming the standard for dismissing traffic tickets, reducing driving points, or even qualifying for insurance discounts. While not all sates allow the use of an online driving courses for their traffic school requirements, more and more places are seeing the upside to online classes. In this guide, I will help show you how to find the best online traffic schools that are certified in your specific court district.

Let’s Cut To The Chase – Which Online Traffic School is Best?

If the only reason you’re here is to sign up for the fastest, cheapest, and most legitimate online traffic school, I’ll save you some time. Sign up for this online traffic school. As somebody who has researched dozens of online defensive driving courses, this is the best one. Simple as that.

Now, if you do want to explore some additional options and find the best online traffic schools on your own, here are the most popular and current top rated online traffic schools that are approved in most states. For state specific reviews, please scroll down to choose your state.

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Does My State Allow Online Traffic School Courses for Ticket Dismissal?

Most states offer an online option for ticket dismissal, but many of those states require that you take a state sponsored course. Here is a current list of states that allow you to take your court mandated defensive driving class online from private companies:

What Are The Advantages to Taking Traffic School Online?

iDriveSafely Online Drivers Ed ReviewAside from the obvious fact that you don’t need to leave your house, online traffic school has several other advantages. For starters, you can usually sign up for a course for free until you know it’s the course for you and almost all of them have a money-back guarantee. You can also complete your traffic school at your own pace. In other words, you can log in and out at any time. Whether you want to finish the course in one day just to get it over with or spread it out over a month, the choice is yours. These courses will keep your place. And finally, it’s a bit less boring. They mix in interactive quizzes, video, animation, etc. And hey, nobody said it’s against the law to have your favorite cocktail or watch your favorite TV show while simultaneously completing your traffic school requirements, right?

What Are The Disadvantages to Taking Traffic School Online?

There aren’t too many that we can think of, but there are a few. For starters, the companies that run online traffic schools aren’t really known to provide the best customer service. Most of them do offer 24/7/365 support, but once you’re connected with support, you quickly realize you have been connected to a cheap outsourced customer support center probably located outside of North America. Now, most people never need to rely on support for anything as the entire process is mostly automated, but be warned about the low quality customer service. There are also usually security measures put into place to make sure you aren’t cheating by having somebody else take the course for you. This ranges from “secret” questions to voice authentication by phone. It gets super annoying, but it sure does beat sitting next to some smelly dude in a hot classroom on a Saturday, so what can ya do?

Are All Online Traffic School Courses the Same?

Online Traffic School Comparisons
NO!! For example, compare this school with this school. Notice a slight difference in quality? It’s not always so obvious. We very strongly recommend you check out our full list of online traffic school reviews and pick from that list only. As long as you choose from that list, you are picking one of the best online traffic schools available online today. Are those the only legit online traffic schools in town? Definitely not. There are other great schools out there, but those are simply the ones we have taken the time to research.

What is Online Traffic School Like?

In a word? BORING! Yes, you will be bored. Even the best online traffic schools are mundane and not what I would call fun. Some courses try to make it funny or interesting, but in the end, 6 to 8 hours of reading about traffic laws and driving statistics just isn’t the best way to spend our time. Think if it as part of your punishment. After you sign up, simply read page after page of boredom until the pages stop. At that point, depending on your state, there may be a “final exam” but don’t let that worry you. Normally, the exam is SUPER easy and even if you fail, you can just keep taking it until you finally pass.

What Happens When I Finish My Online Traffic School Course?

Once you’ve finished your thrilling education on traffic laws, it’s time to notify the courts. Whatever school you sign up for will give you instructions. In some states, the school sends your completion certificate directly to the court. In other states, you must deliver the certificate yourself and the school will mail it to you. Here’s where things get a little hairy. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! The processing time for your completion certificate could take up to 10 days with another few days for shipping. Complete your course requirements early! That way, you don’t have to pay for their ridiculous expedited shipping and processing charges. That can run you up to $40 with some schools. Standard shipping is almost always free. So do not wait until the last minute unless you like to waste money.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Not really. But if you still have questions, you are free to ask in the comment section below and I’m happy to answer for you. As long as you stick with one of our recommended online traffic schools, you’ll have that ticket dismissed in no-time.

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