How To Get Your New York Driving Record Fast & Easy

How To Get Your New York Driving Record Fast & Easy

New York Driving Record
New York’s traffic is notorious. Motorists rack up citations, fender benders, and other traffic-related incidents. If you are among the many New York drivers that have found yourself looking at the flashing lights in your rearview window or sitting in traffic court, you obtain your New York DMV driving record periodically so you can monitor your driving history. Not only does keeping track of your New York driving record help you stay on guard for signs of identity theft, but you’ll also be able to view the information that your insurer and possibly even your employer are accessing. You can follow these tips to access your New York driving record from time to time.

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What Information Does a New York Driving Record Contain?

Your New York driving record contains the status of your driver’s license and will list whether it has been suspended or revoked. It also records traffic tickets, convictions, accidents, and fines. Naturally, alcohol-related violations will be noted on your record. Your record also lists the number of points (based on tickets, violations, and so forth) that have accrued. Some personal information like your name and birth date is also found on your New York DMV driving record. However, in the state of New York, social security numbers are not recorded on driving records.

New York DMV Driving Record Types

The New York DMV offers two types of driving records that drivers may access. The certified abstract lists some personal information such as name, birth date, and mailing address. This report also lists moving violations and accidents that have occurred in the past three years. Any drug- or alcohol-related convictions occurring in the past ten years (or more) will also be listed on this report. The non-certified report contains similar information as the certified report; however, since this report is accessed through third parties, the DMV does not certify it. Drivers can also access title and registration abstracts through the New York DMV.

How to Order Your New York Driving Record

Drivers can order their New York driving records online, in person, by telephone, or by mail. Drivers should note that they can access their driving record online immediately; however, certified copies will be mailed. To access the online copy, you need to register with the DMV’s online system. To order the certified copy online, you do not need to register an account. The fee to order your driving record online is $7 ($10 if certified).

To order your New York DMV driving record in person, you can visit your nearest DMV and fill out the Request for Driving Information (Form MV-15C). The fee at the DMV is $10. Drivers will be asked to provide their birth certificate or driver’s license to access their report. Other accepted forms of identification are listed on the DMV website. Keep in mind that even when ordering your driving history at the DMV, your certified report will take two weeks to be delivered to you by mail.

To order your New York driving record by telephone, you can call 518-486-9786. There is a $5 fee to order by phone on top of the $10 fee for the certified driving record. This record will be sent by post and should arrive within two weeks. You will have to provide personal information over the phone such as your driver’s license number.

To order your New York driving record by mail, you should fill out Form MV-15C. The DMV mailing address is listed on the form. You will need to send proof of your identity along with your request as stated on the form. Again, your certified driving record should arrive in two weeks’ time.

Check Your New York Driving Record for Errors

As one of the most populous states in the union, New York processes many driving records. While errors do not run rampant, they do happen. When you receive your certified driving record in the mail, be sure to check it carefully for errors. Also, check that points against your license are accurately accrued. Mistakes on your driving record could affect your job and insurance rates. If you spot any mistakes, call the DMV to begin the process of correction. Once your record has been fixed, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance provider to make sure that their records reflect the correction as well.

Obtaining your driving record is important for guarding against errors and identity theft. Moreover, it is important for drivers to know what their insurance provider or employer sees when accessing driving history information. If you have any more questions about how to obtain your driving history or if you are eligible to access someone else’s driving record, be sure to contact the New York DMV.

Improve Your Record with an Online Traffic School

If you find that you have accumulated too many points and you’d like to improve your record, you may take a DMV-approved Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) course

Doing so will not only reduce at least 4 points (max) from your driving record, but you will also get a chance to save at least 10% on auto insurance costs.

You can take the course online or in person. Nowadays, considering the requirements for social distancing during the pandemic, most people find it safer and more convenient to enroll in an online traffic school.

Just keep in mind that:

  • If you want to take this course to dismiss a traffic ticket, you should not have completed a traffic school course in the past 12 to18 months for the same purpose. 
  • If you take this course early on, credits will not be valid  for future violations. 
  • You won’t be eligible if you have been cited for more than a single violation or while driving a commercial vehicle. 
  • If you decide to complete this course, you must complete it within a certain number of days after your registration. 

To be sure, always check with the NY DMV or the court handling your case for more information before you enroll.

Meanwhile, here are three state-approved and some of the most recommended online traffic schools to take the course from in NY:

  1. iDriveSafely
  2. MyImprov Traffic School 
  3. GoToTrafficSchool

How To Get Your DMV Driving Records

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