Obtaining Your Georgia Driving Record

Georgia driving records

From Georgia’s remote back roads to its crowned urban streets, the state boasts a wide array driving conditions. If you experienced a fender bender in Atlanta or got caught speeding outside of Athens, your Georgia driving record is bound to reflect such incidents. It’s important for drivers to check their driving records from time to time. Driving records can affect employment and insurance rates. Moreover, with identity theft on the rise, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your driving records as they could indicate identity theft. Often, drivers may need to obtain their records for their employer or possibly for court. The following information can help you obtain your Georgia driving record.

Georgia Driving History Reports

In Georgia, drivers may access their 3-year or 7-year Georgia driving record from the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Georgia refers to their driving history reports as MVRs or motor vehicle reports. An MVR contains comprehensive driving information that includes tickets, accidents, points issued against the license, and suspensions and revocations. Drivers have two options when ordering their Georgia driving records: certified and non-certified. You can order a certified copy of both 3-year and 7-year MVRs.

Obtaining Your Georgia MVR

A certified MVR can be requested online. Drivers must fill out the necessary information and pay for fees online. The certified record will be mailed to you at the address you provide. A 3-year certified Georgia driving record costs $6. while a certified 7-year Georgia driving record costs $8.

Some drivers prefer to use a 3rd party background check company, such as this one, but most 3rd party background check services will not give you a certified copy of your official DMV Georgia driving record.

Drivers can also obtain a certified MVR through the mail. Drivers must mail in form DDS-18 along with their payment of either $6. or $8. Be sure to include your entire name just as it appears on your license. You will also have to provide your date of birth, driver’s license number, mailing address, and a self-addressed envelope that includes a stamp. Mail requests should be posted to:

Georgia Department of Driver Services

MVR Request

PO Box 80447
Conyers, Georgia 30013

Drivers can obtain their non-certified driving record via the internet. Records may be viewed for one month from the date of purchase online. The Georgia DDS accepts the following forms for payment: personal check, money order, cashier’s check, cash, and major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

Both certified and non-certified driving records can also be obtained in person by visiting a local DDS office. You will be required to fill out this form and present your identification along with the appropriate fee.

Violation Points

Driving records contain violation points. Points are added in accordance with specific violations. For example, speeding between 15-18 mph above the speed limit results in two points against your license. Speeding 34 mph or more above the speed limit results in 6 points posted to your driving record. Once you accumulate 15 points on your record, your license will be suspended. Points will be dropped off the record after the prescribed amount of time has passed. The DDS lists the point amounts associated with various violations. For instance, talking on a cellular device can result in one point added to your record.

Correcting Errors on Your Georgia Driving Record

Although driving records don’t typically contain mistakes, there can be errors than need prompt attention. An error on your driver’s license can cause extra points to be associated with your record. Mistaken points and undeserved convictions on your record can lead to a considerable increase in your insurance premiums. Mistakes can also affect your job or job search. If you discover an error on your Georgia driving history report, you should contact the DDS right away. Be sure to make certain that points are dropping from your record once they expire. Keep in mind that the DDS may request you to present some form of proof that the information is incorrect such as a court document.

Know Who Can Access Georgia Driving Records

While drivers may request their own driving records, these documents may also be obtained by employers. Many employers routinely check driving records, especially for employees who must travel by car as part of their job description. Insurance companies also routinely check driving records in order to quote and assign insurance rates for their customers. Attorneys can also access driving records when requested by the courts.

Drivers may request other drivers’ records; however, the driver must authorize the requesting party to obtain this information. Moreover, the license holder must state the name of the person making the request in their authorization letter.

Again, it’s highly recommended that drivers keep track of their points and the other information tracked on their Georgia driving record. Signs of identity theft and excessive errors require immediate attention. If you need further information about Georgia driving records, be sure to contact the DDS and they can answer questions that relate to your specific record.

How To Get Your DMV Driving Records

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