How To Obtain Your Florida Driving Record Fast & Easy

Florida Driving Record

Whether you’ve any been caught speeding through Miami or coasting through a stop sign in Daytona, you’ve likely got a Florida driving record that reflects those violations.

There are plenty of reasons why you should obtain your Florida driving record. Your insurance provider and employer may have accessed your driving record, so you should know exactly what they have seen. Accessing this information is not difficult when you follow these tips.

The Basics Of Florida DMV Driving Records

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles allows drivers to obtain their Florida DMV driving records. Drivers may request a 3-year record, 7-year record, a comprehensive driving record, and a certified driving record.

According to the state, the 3-year driving record costs $8. The 7-year driving record costs $10, and both the complete Florida driving record and the certified driver history records cost $10. Fees must be paid when you order your record. The state accepts personal checks and money orders for driving records.

Check Your Florida Driving Record On The Florida DMV Website Here

Your Driving Record Choices: 3-Year and 7-Year Florida Driving Records

Your 3-year and 7-year Florida driving records contain information about your driving status and any violations that occurred within those time frames.

Along with traffic violations, these driving records also list the points assigned for each violation. Additionally, these records also reflect any car accidents that resulted in traffic citations.

If your driver’s license was ever revoked, canceled, or suspended, within the time frame listed, this information will also be reflected on the record.

Complete Florida driving records include your license status along with traffic violations and their associated point values. Car accidents that resulted in citations are also listed in the complete record.

Again, if the license was suspended, revoked, or canceled, the record will include this information as well. The certified Florida driving record is simply a certified copy of any of the above records.

Obtaining a Florida Driving Record From The Florida DMV Directly

This is the most recommended way to obtain your Florida driving record!

If you get your driving record directly from the DMV, you know you’re getting an official copy right from the source for the lowest price.

Obtaining A Florida Driving Record Online

You can order your driving record directly from the DMV online. Simply use this page on the Florida DMV website and follow the instructions. It’s simple, easy, and fast process, as well as the most recommended way to obtain your driving record.

Obtaining A Florida Driving Record In-Person

To obtain a Florida driving record, you may appear in person at your local driver’s license office, a tax collection office that provides driver license service, or a court clerk that offers driver’s license records.

Obtaining A Florida Driving Record By Mail

Drivers may also obtain their driving records through the mail. To request records through the mail, fill out the Driver License Request form HSMV 90511 and mail it to:

Florida Bureau of Records
P.O. Box 5775
Tallahassee, FL 32314-5775

Be sure to include the required fees for the driving record you are requesting. Also, keep in mind that it generally takes about two weeks to obtain your Florida driving record through the mail.

Getting Your Florida Driving Record Online From A Third Party

You may also obtain your driving record online through the following third-party services. While it is most recommended to get your driving record directly from the DMV, these services have been approved by the state of Florida to provide and sell official driving records online.

Florida Driving Records and Confidentiality

In Florida, both employers and insurance companies can access driving records. Moreover, with your written consent, other parties may also access your driving record. Courts and government agencies may also access your Florida driving record.

While there are some privacy policies in place, expect that anything on your Florida driving record is public information and accessible by anyone.

Correct Errors on Your Florida Driving Record

Your Florida DMV driving record contains considerable information. It’s important for you to read through the entire record to make sure that all entries are correct. If you notice incorrect items or see that expired material is still posted to your record, be sure to contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to find out how to have this information changed.

Some drivers may see that the points against their record are not correct. Because this information can affect the status of your driver’s license as well as insurance rates, it’s essential to have all mistakes fixed as soon as possible. Once your record is corrected, make sure you present a copy to your insurance carrier so it can also make any necessary adjustments.

Types of Violations In Florida

Florida driving records list a driver’s violations. Most violations remain on the record anywhere from three to five years. Alcohol-related violations remain on the record for seventy-five years. The length of time a suspension remains on the record varies. Some severe violations may also remain on the record beyond five years. For specific information as it applies to your record, you can contact the Florida DMV. You can also learn how to read your Florida DMV driving record by visiting this website.

With identity theft on the rise throughout the country, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on all your personal information including your Florida driving record. Moreover, if you’ve racked up citations, you should certainly keep track of the points on your record.

Monitoring your record allows you to be more mindful of your driving status. Since employers and insurance providers often request driving records, it’s important to understand the information that the record contains. If you have any specific questions about your Florida driving record, contact your local DMV and they will likely be able to help you.

VIDEO: How The Florida Driving Record Point System Works

How To Clear Your Driving Record In Florida

One way to clear your driving record in Florida is time. In the state of Florida, traffic violations typically stay on your driving record for 10 years. That’s a long time!

If you want to clear your driving record sooner, you are able to dismiss tickets and reduce points on your Florida driving record by taking a state-certified Florida traffic school or defensive driving course.

Listed below are the top recommended traffic schools you can sign up for.

Top 4 Best Online Traffic Schools