Full List Of Online Florida Defensive Driving Schools

Full List Of Online Florida Defensive Driving Schools

Florida defensive driving schools can now be taken either online or in a traditional classroom-based environment. 

For the vast majority of people who need to take a defensive driving course in Florida, taking the course online is preferred. Not too many people want to spend a Saturday afternoon sitting in a stuffy classroom being lectured about the rules of the road. That’s some boring stuff, right?

If you do end up taking your Florida defensive driving school online, you have several different options to go with. 

I’m going to list my top 3 choices below along with why I recommend them, but below that, I’ll also post the full list of all approved online Florida defensive driving schools. 

Just make sure whatever online traffic school you sign up for in Florida is state-approved, and more specifically, approved in your specific county.

The Florida defensive driving schools I listed below are all certified for EVERY county and court jurisdiction in Florida.

My Friendly Warning To You! Please be aware that no online defensive driving school is a preferred way to spend your time. 

Going through a defensive driving course is boring and it sucks. So, the recommendations I give below are simply the ones I found to be the most tolerable and with the best customer support.

Recommendation #1: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is a personal favorite of mine. They fully acknowledge that going through a defensive driving course sucks, even if you’re able to take it online. So a bunch of Hollywood comedians got together to create an online defensive driving school where humor was the focal point of the course. They call it “edutainment” – a cross between entertainment and education. I’ve gotta say, it sort of worked! I will fully admit that some of the humor is a bit slapstick and it might not be the type of humor most people like, but I rather enjoy their comedic approach. This is the same company that owns the Improv Comedy Club chain.

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Recommendation #2: iDriveSafely

idrivesafely logo

iDriveSafely is one of the oldest and most well-established Florida defensive driving schools. In fact, these guys were doing “home-based” defensive driving before you could even take defensive driving online. Prior to their online traffic school, they had booklet courses that you could complete at home. That was eventually replaced with their online curriculum and their home study booklet course is no longer available. This is the fastest online defensive driving course you can take in Florida, you can complete it all at once or in intervals, it works on mobile devices and tablets, and is approved for all courts in the entire state of Florida. There really aren’t any “bells and whistles” to this course. There are no Hollywood comedians and there isn’t anything that specifically sets this defensive driving school apart, but they are approved everywhere, they are totally legit, and it’ll get the job done.

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Recommendation #3: Drive Safe From The American Safety Council

National Safety Council is the Florida defensive driving school operated by the National Safety Council. Obviously, the National Safety Council is a totally legit organization and like my other recommendations, their course is approved for every court in the state of Florida. I should note that the National Safety Council receives extremely poor reviews on Yelp, but those reviews are for several different sites in many different states where the National Safety Council operates a defensive driving course. I found their Florida course at to be adaquate, although I don’t quite like their defensive driving school as much as my top 2 recommendations. In the end, though, this is a reputable course operated by a reputable organization.

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The Full List Of Online Florida Defensive Driving Schools

While I would recommend sticking with one of the top 3 recommended Florida defensive driving schools above (specifically the first two), you have many other options available to you. As long as you stick with one of the below-driving schools AND as long as you make 100% certain the course is approved in your specific county, any of the below courses will work.

Comedy Driving Traffic SchoolClassroom, Internet1-866-357-2020 Provider’s Website
Online Traffic Education (Orange County Citations Only)Online1-888-308-9005 Provider’s Website
DriveSafe Inc.Internet1-866-544-2732 Provider’s Website
U-Drive SafeClassroom850-585-5924 Provider’s Website
Florida Safety CouncilClassroom, Internet1-800-372-3335 Provider’s Website
FUNNY IN FLORIDAClassroom, Internet, DVD, Booklet1-800-998-8533 Provider’s Website
Safe2DriveInternet1-800-763-1297 Provider’s Website
Metro Traffic SchoolClassroom1-800-901-3687 Provider’s Website
CyberAcitve (Miami-Dade Citations Only)Internet1-888-329-7069 Provider’s Website
National Traffic Safety Institute – NTSI Corp.Classroom, Internet1-888-497-4499 Provider’s Website
US InteractiveDVD1-800-505-5095 Provider’s Website
USA Training Company Inc.Classroom, Internet1-866-531-9055 Provider’s Website
1SafeDriver.comClassroom1-888-750-6400 Provider’s Website
BEST PRICE TRAFFIC SCHOOLClassroom, Internet1-888-810-0119 Provider’s Website
Highway Traffic School (Miami-Dade County Citations Only)Internet1-442-500-8445 Provider’s Website
Florida Educational Driving SchoolClassroom, Internet954-592-6818 Provider’s Website
National Highway Safety Administration (Miami-Dade County Citations Only)Internet800-829-3727 Provider’s Website
Driver Training Associates, IncClassroom, Internet1-800-222-9199 Provider’s Website
Traffic School by The Improv Comedy ClubInternet1-800-660-8908 Provider’s Website
WISE TRAFFIC SCHOOLInternet1-877-885-8843 Provider’s Website
I DRIVE SAFELYClassroom, Internet1-800-723-1955 Provider’s Website
American Safety CouncilClassroom, Internet, DVD1-800-732-4135 Provider’s Website
Gold Traffic School (Miami-Dade County Citations Only)Internet866-988-5251 Provider’s Website
TOO COOL TRAFFIC SCHOOL (Hillsborough County Citations Only)Internet813-602-1555 Provider’s Website
Traffic School Online.comInternet1-800-800-3579 Provider’s Website
American Safety Institute, Inc.Classroom, Internet, DVD1-800-800-7121 Provider’s Website
LOWEST PRICE TRAFFIC SCHOOLClassroom, Internet1-800-729-1495 Provider’s Website
National Safety CouncilInternet1-800-237-0676 Provider’s Website, Inc.Internet1-800-991-0310 Provider’s Website
FLORIDA FUN TRAFFIC SCHOOLClassroom, Internet, DVD, Booklet1-866-455-8054 Provider’s Website
Defensive Drivers Discount (Broward County Citations Only)Classroom1-877-697-2331, ext. 1 Provider’s Website

What to Look for in an Online Defensive Driving School

Even if traffic schools are boring, you can go through it easily if you find the perfect traffic school for you. An Improv course, for example, is tolerable and even entertaining for those who share the humor with those from Improv Comedy Club.

But while we highly recommend you stick with one of the online traffic schools we’ve recommended above, if you decide to go with another school, there are a few things you should look for.

Here are some of them.

Accessibility. This should be your number one priority. Remember that online traffic schools should offer a more convenient alternative to in-person traffic schools. So what’s the use to signing up online if you can’t even access the course when you need to. You should be able to take the course from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, anywhere you are.

They should also allow you to switch between devices at any time. There should be a way for you to stop or restart it anytime you want. 

Approval and Credibility. The next thing for you to check is the school’s reputation. The course must be approved in your state if you plan to take it for ticket dismissal or point reduction. You can check with your state DMV or the court issuing your ticket to confirm this. 

With regards to the school’s reputation, you might as well check customer reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings to make sure you’re not wasting your time on a course that will not meet your expectations. Reviewing reviews such as this will also help you narrow down your choices.