How To Get Your Texas Driving Record Fast & Easy

How To Get A Texas Driving Record

If you need to get a copy of your Texas driving records, there are three main ways you can do it. The traditional way is through the mail, but this can take a couple of weeks to get back. You can also get your driving records online which has become the more preferred method for obvious reasons.

If you get your Texas driving record online, there are a couple of different ways you can go about it. I will explain all of the ways you can get the job done below. But first, let’s go over the different types of driving records that are available in Texas.

Understanding The Different Types Of Driving Records In Texas

A “complete driving record” in Texas will go back 15 years. Once any given violation is older than 15 years, it is eliminated from the record permanently.

There are exceptions, however. A “serious violation” like a DWI or not having liability insurance will never be removed from your record unless you have it legally expunged.

Listed below are the different types of driving records you can get in Texas. You would think there is only one type of driving record, but there are actually several different types. Make sure you’re ordering the right one!

  • Type 1 – Status Record: This is a very basic records search and typically only includes your date of birth, license status (valid, suspended, revoked, etc.), home address, and your original driver license application date.
  • Type 2 – Three Year History: In this driving record report, you get everything that is included with a type 1 driving record, but you also get a list of crashes if a ticket was received as well as a list of all moving and non-moving violations for the past three years.
  • Type 2A – Certified Three Year History: This is simply a “certified version” of the report above.
  • Type 3 – List Of All Crashes And Violations: This report comes with everything in the type 1 driving record, includes a list of all crashes (even if no ticket was received), and all moving and non-moving violations. This report is only provided to the person whom the record belongs to.
  • Type 3A – Certified List Of All Crashes And Violations: This driving record is the same as listed above, only it is certified. Please note this is the only record type that can be used for a defensive driving course.
  • Type AR – Certified Abstract Of Complete Driver Record: The type AR driving record report in Texas includes all of the type 3 information, but also includes all suspensions on the record as well as all information in a typical driver record.

How To Get Your Texas Driving Record By Mail

If you’re old-fashioned and you just want to get your Texas driving record through the snail mail, you can certainly do so. Through the mail, you can request a type 1, 2, 2A, 3, or 3A driving record. Fill out this lovely form and follow the provided instructions. A level 3A certificate is the most expensive at $10. You should receive the record within about 3 weeks.

Get Your Driving Record Online Through The Texas DPS Website

This is probably the most popular option. The Texas Department of Public Safety has their own online driving record request system. You are NOT allowed to search other people’s records, but you can search for your own and get a report online.

To use the online Texas DPS driving record request system, visit this page. It is not a free service, but the cost is relatively cheap. This is by far the most convenient way to get your Texas driving record.

Get Your Texas Driving Record Online With Background Check Service (DON’T DO IT!)

Several services exist online that will pull driving records for you. The advantage to using one of these services is you can also search for other people’s records. Usually, for one flat fee, you can search multiple records including criminal history reports, death records, etc.

However, at this time, I can’t recommend any third-party driving record service!

While third-party services seem enticing, they are very well known to be inaccurate. They also often charge very low upfront fees (such as $1 unlimited searches), but then will begin charging your credit card every month as a subscription service.

If you’re going to get your Texas driving record, DO NOT USE A THIRD PARTY SERVICE. Get your driving record directly from the Texas DPS.