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Alaska Online Driving Records
While Alaska is known for its majestic scenery, its winter driving conditions can wreak havoc with people’s driving records. Road conditions coupled with the driving mistakes that can occur anywhere lead to some long Alaska Driving Records. Many people find it important to obtain their driving record in order to make sure that there are no mistakes that can adversely affect their insurance rates, for instance. Monitoring your driving record also helps you ensure that your identity has not been stolen.

Alaska Driving Records

Whether you are court-ordered to submit your Alaska driving records, your employer needs to check them, or you simply want to monitor the information the record contains, it is relatively easy to obtain such records. In the state if Alaska, driving records are maintain by the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. Records will contain information such as accidents, traffic convictions, and DUIs. If any restrictions are associated with the license, that information will be reflected on the record too. Like many states, Alaska designates violations and convictions with points. Many motorists obtain their driving record simply to keep track of these points. After racking up too many, a driver risks license suspension.

Types of Alaska Driving Records

Alaska offers three types of driving records. The five-year record is the one most commonly required by insurance providers. The ten-year record provides a wider picture of a person’s driving record. The complete record lists everything–even that speeding ticket you got when you were eighteen. These records are certainly important for insurers who will be charging you based on your driving experience, but many employers also check them, particularly if your position will involve driving.

Ordering Your Driving Record

Currently, the Alaskan DMV does not allow online requests for records at this time. Anyone interested in obtaining their record must submit their request in person, by mail, or via fax. The state charges a flat rate of $10 to obtain a copy of your driving record. When you order in person, you can simply visit your nearest DMV and present your identification. You will be asked to fill out form 419F. If submitting your records request by mail or fax, you will need to submit form 419F, a check or money order in the case of mail, and credit card information (to pay the fee) if you fax the form. Make sure you provide your address. Most orders are processed within a couple days. The form is available online here.

Check for Errors

When you receive your Alaska driving records, it’s important for you to check the information for errors. You may see that the record registers a conviction that did not occur. Obviously, if you are convicted of speeding on a road in Anchorage, but you’ve never lived there, you need to correct that information so that you won’t suffer a point on your record and face higher insurance rates. The Alaska DMV suggests that you get in touch with them as soon as you note an error on your record.

Driving Records Are Confidential

Although insurers, employers, and even research companies can obtain Alaska driving records, most people will need written consent before they will be allowed to obtain someone else’s driving record. On the other hand, parents can conveniently obtain the driving records for their children who are still minors. If you need to obtain someone else’s record, you need to obtain clearance from the DMV and, of course, provide written consent.

Whether you are visiting traffic court or simply wish to see if any points have fallen off your record since you turned over a new driving leaf, you can easily obtain your Alaska driving record. In fact, you may wish to check your record each year to monitor for errors and make sure the record continues to appear as it should.

How To Get Your DMV Driving Records

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