Best Connecticut Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Best Connecticut Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Traffic school goes by several names in most places such as defensive driving or a ticket dismissal classes. Connecticut isn’t like every other area across the nation though, and it does things a bit different. For starters, traffic school is known as either a driver improvement or operator retraining program. Plus, a lot of DMVs let students choose between taking the class online or in a traditional classroom setting. Connecticut online traffic schools have not been approved in the state as of yet, so drivers must schedule and attend an in-class traffic school unless they get specific permission from the court to take an online course instead.

It is only a matter of time before the government recognizes the benefits of Connecticut online traffic schools though. After all, technology continues to advance each day, and all sorts of things are beginning to get done electronically. Taking traffic school online is much more convenient for busy people (all of us) and an online course can actually teach the information better than a classroom. So, keep the names of these best Connecticut online traffic schools in mind because, if you’re able to get special permission from the court, these are the online traffic schools you’ll want to take.

Who Needs Connecticut Online Traffic Schools?

There are a few different reasons for enrolling in a driver improvement course in Connecticut. The most common reason is that a driver needs to have a traffic ticket dismissed. A person may be required to attend if…

  • They Are Under 24 Years Old And Have 2 Moving Violations
  • The Individual Is Over 25 With 3 Infractions
  • A Motorist Gets Convicted Of Going Over 75 MPH In A Construction Zone

Unfortunately, the requirements must be met in a classroom to date, which is not much fun. It MAY be possible to get special permission from your court to take an online operator retraining program instead of going into a classroom, but this isn’t very common. In some rare cases, a resident may even voluntarily choose to take the class, or they may take one to lower their auto insurance premiums. You are not alone if you find yourself asking why a person would voluntarily put themselves through this experience. However, there are a couple of pretty good reasons as to why they would. For instance, some motorists struggle with driving. They take the driver improvement class to hone their skills and become more familiar with the state’s regulations.

Other folks may decide to attend traffic school to get a safe driver discount. Many insurance companies have programs in place that reward their clients for completing the course. Not every organization participates though, so be sure to check with yours before putting yourself through the dull and tedious task. Whether a person heads to a classroom or signs up with one of these Connecticut online traffic schools, they will learn the same information. Topics that will be covered include but are not limited to…

My Top Recommended Connecticut Online Traffic Schools

If you’re lucky enough to get permission from the court to take your Connecticut driver improvement class online, these are the courses I recommend you go with. These are also great driving schools for insurance discounts and online drivers ed programs.

Just for one final warning, do not sign up for these courses for ticket dismissal purposes unless you have received special permission from your court.

1. iDriveSafely

idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2018

iDriveSafely is a trusted name in the industry. It opened in 1999, and since, has assisted more than 5 million drivers. The chapters are short and in small chunks, which gives the student plenty of places to take breaks. This aspect is crucial because defensive driving can be pretty boring, and if the pupil becomes tired, they won’t retain the data as well as they would if they were fresh. Plus, the person’s progress is saved as they go, so there is no need in them worrying about losing their place.

The curriculum consists of audio clips, text lessons, and animated videos that keep the individual engaged. Materials can be accessed 24/7 from any device, and the customer support team is available 7-days a week to answer any driver-safety related questions. Additionally, the prices are reasonable, so you won’t have to break the bank to enroll. So, give iDriveSafely a look because the establishment is worthy of your consideration.

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2. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Numerous people enjoy the format that Aceable offers more than those of other Connecticut online traffic schools. All work is done through the Aceable app on a smartphone or tablet. Hence, the organization can prove to be the perfect solution for anyone that prefers using their phone for tasks over a computer. The interactive content is fast-paced to keep students entertained and prevent them from wanting to pull out their hair. All of the work is straightforward, but you will need to pay attention as there is a test at the end of the course. The prices at Aceable are fair too, and should an issue occur, customer experience heroes are available 7-days a week by phone, email, or chat.

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3. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

For those people wanting something more out of their defensive driving experience, they need not look any further than Improv Traffic School. It deserves to be called one of the best Connecticut online traffic schools because of the fun and entertainment factors. Improv Comedy Club comedians are behind the lessons, so there are a lot of hilarious texts and videos. The prices are comparable to those of other institutions, and this organization even has a 100% money back guarantee.

Over 3 million students have made it their traffic school of choice, so the company must be doing something right. Lessons can be accessed on any device at any time, which gives you the freedom to study how and when you want. 24/7 United States-based support is available to resolve any problems that may arise.

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4. Go To Traffic School


All of the names on this list of Connecticut online traffic schools are affordable. However, Go To Traffic School has a pricing policy that sets it apart from the others. If a student finds a lower rate somewhere else, the company will match or beat the price. The curriculum is comparable to that of other institutions, and it can also be done on a device of your choosing. So, give this establishment a look before coming to a final decision.

Go To Traffic School has been around since the late 1990’s, but their course was just recently updated. It now includes videos, works well on mobile devices, and has some interactive features that it didn’t have before. All in all, this is one of the best online traffic schools in Connecticut.

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