How To Get Your Maine Driving Record Fast & Easy

How To Get Your Maine Driving Record Fast & Easy

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With its seemingly enchanted forests and romantic coastal drives, it can be all too easy for your speed to creep up resulting in those un-enchanting flashing lights and sirens. If you’ve racked up some speeding tickets in Maine or simply need proof that you are, indeed, a perfect driver, you can easily obtain your Maine driving record so you can ascertain the veracity of its information. Many people need to procure their driving records for court or even for work. Yet it’s a good idea for everyone to obtain their driving record periodically to make sure it contains no errors that could boost up insurance rates.

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Checking Your Driving Record

People should make a habit of checking their driving record each year. Employers and insurers check these records so it’s a good idea to see what they may be seeing. Your driving record affects your insurance rates. Maintaining a good record allows you to keep your rates down. Many employers check driving records to verify that their employees are responsible–especially if they driver for the company or organization. People should also check their driving record to guard against identity theft.

Types Of Maine Driving Records

Maine offers drivers various types of certified or uncertified driving records. The state allows drivers to obtain copies of their 3-year records, 10-year records, official certified driving records, and electronic records. If you have to produce your driving record for court or work, a certified driving record is typically recommended.

The 3-year record contains information about your driving record for the past three years. Tickets, license suspensions, and accumulated points are noted on the 3-year record. Drivers can expect to pay $7 to access their 3-year record. The 10-year record comes with a fee of $12. This record provides more extensive information providing a decade’s worth of violations, accidents, and points.

The certified copy of your Maine driving record is a 3 or 10 year report of your driving history that also contains your personal information. Costs have changed so be sure to contact the Maine BMV to find out your charge. In the past, the charge has been $13. If you do not need an official certified copy of your report, consider obtaining an electronic driving record. You will still need to pay fees in accordance with the type of record you select. The Maine BMV accepts checks, money orders, and major credit cards.

How to Obtain Your Maine Driving Record

To obtain Maine driving records, drivers can make their requests online by visiting this page. You will need to enter personal information including your birth date or your license number. The electronic record is not certified because it does not contain your personal information. If you need an official certified copy of the record, you must submit a request by mail. Here is more information on obtaining your main driving record.

To order your Maine driving record by mail, you should submit your request in writing and include your name, date of birth, and address. You must also specify that you want a certified copy of either your 3-year or 10-year record. You should also state if you need copies of any accident reports, suspension documents, or traffic reports of you need this information. For copies of these items, you must include an additional fee of $5. You can mail your request to:

Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Driver License Services Division
29 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0029

Drivers can also obtain a certified copy of their Maine driving record in person by visiting any BMV. Be prepared to present your driver’s license to obtain your information.

Check Your Driving Record for Errors

While errors are not common, they do happen. A misapplied point or two can substantially affect your insurance rates. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the state’s points system so you can make sure that violation points are falling off your record in the prescribed amount of time. Because your driving record can also affect your job, you should make sure that it contains no errors that could cost your job.

If you spot any errors on your record, it’s best to have them corrected immediately. Contact the BMV for information about correcting your driving record. You may be asked to provide proof that the information on your record is a mistake.

Meanwhile, to make sure that the points on your record are accurate, you should at least be familiar with Maine’s Point System.

Maine’s Driving Record Point System

Violations result in points against your license, which are added to your driving record. And yes, accumulating too many points can result in your license being suspended. 

In addition, the more points you have accumulated, the higher auto insurance rates will apply. Plus, you may need to pay higher fines.

Below is a list of some of the most common traffic violations and the corresponding points you’ll get if you get a citation.

  • 8 points will be given if you’re caught operating a vehicle even after your license has been suspended.
  • 6 points for:
    • speeding over the speed limit that exceeds 15 mph but is less than 30 mph
    • driving on the wrong way or side
    • illegal transportation of drug or alcoholic beverages by a minor
    • leaving the scene of the accident
    • operating with improper license
    • improper lane change
    • violation of instruction permit
  • 4 points for:
    • exceeding the speed by less than 15 mph
    • excessive acceleration
    • imprudent driving and imprudent speed
    • failure to obey stop signs
    • failure to keep right
    • red light violation
    • operating a vehicle with an obstructed view
    • operating without a license
  • 2 points for:
    • speeding under posted minimum
    • failing to dim lights
    • failing to signal
    • operating without lights
    • displaying a red or blue light
    • failure to obey railroad grade crossing
    • failure to maintain control of the vehicle
    • littering
    • impeding the flow of traffic
    • illegal turn
    • crossover violation
    • other moving violations

For more information about the demerit system, you can check here or submit a written request to the BMV. 

If you have specific questions about your Maine driving record, you can always contact the Maine DMV.

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