Best Wisconsin Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Best Wisconsin Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Lots and lots of people sign up for traffic school every single day. There are several reasons to enroll. For one, some people may decide to take the course to better their knowledge regarding driving whereas others may choose to based on the assumption that they can save money on their monthly insurance bill. When the primary concern is saving a buck here or there, it is a good idea to check with your insurer ahead of taking the class. If the company does not have a safe driver program, you will learn to become a safer motorist, but you won’t achieve the sought-after savings.

Want The Fast Answer? This Is The Best Traffic School To Take In Wisconsin

Several states let operators attend driving schools to have points removed from their records. Luckily, Wisconsin is one of those places. Typically points will stay on one’s record for up to five whole years If too many are acquired, the permit may become suspended. However, by enrolling in one of the best Wisconsin online traffic schools, up to three blemishes off can be eliminated at a time. This is great news for people who have tons of points on their record as well as those with just a few.

Some people feel as though completing traffic school is a hassle and that there is just no way possible that they can attend the class, but that notion is simply not true. In recent years more and more Wisconsin traffic schools have opted to give students online access to their coursework. This is a real time-saver for those who always have full schedules. So, before ruling out defensive driving entirely, think about attending one of the Wisconsin online traffic schools.

Wisconsin Failure To Yield/Right Of Way Classes Online

The state of Wisconsin has both traffic school as well as a separate failure to yield/right of way program. In the state of Wisconsin, there are a total of 19 online traffic schools approved for the failure to yield/right of way program. We have created a shortlist of the 4 best online failure to yield courses in Wisconsin. We highly encourage you to choose from the below list of recommended Wisconsin failure to yield classes, but if for any reason you don’t like our recommendations, we have listed every online traffic school in Wisconsin that is certified for the failure to yield course.

The 5 Best Wisconsin Online Traffic Schools

In our opinion, the below Wisconsin online traffic schools are the best options to fulfill your failure to yield/right of way requirements. For the complete list, scroll down below these reviews to find all online traffic schools you can take in Wisconsin.

1. iDriveSafely

idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2018

iDriveSafely is by far one of the most accomplished companies when it comes to the world of Wisconsin online traffic schools. It is fully approved by the state of Wisconsin for failure to yield and right of way courses. They have been around for quite a long time, even before the Internet craze hit the scene. They have serviced over five million students, and that number continues to grow each day. It is important to note that the Wisconsin DOT has claimed that this curriculum is accredited, which means there won’t be any headaches down the line in signing up with iDriveSafely.

There is no app, but the work can be done on any smartphone or tablet. The prices are reasonable here, which is a big draw because the service doesn’t leave you having to break open your piggy bank. This company has exceptional customer service, and students can reach an agent 7-days a week to resolve issues or answer questions. Learn more in our iDriveSafely review.

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2. Too Cool Traffic School

2 Cool Traffic School Small Logo

Too Cool Traffic School has been approved as a Wisconsin 2 hour Failure to Yield/Right of Way course since 2016. This course is modern, high quality, and is one of the best programs you can go with. One reason Too Cool Traffic School is such a great option is that they are honest. Many other defensive driving courses in Wisconsin have hidden fees or extra charges, but this course includes everything in the base price including “extras” such as full audio narration. The entire course is narrated by an animated instructor, making this a far easier course to get through than the older text-only based program. Many other online traffic schools offer narration but force you to pay extra. While hardly anyone actually fails the Wisconsin 2 hour Failure to Yield/Right of Way course, they guarantee that you’ll pass and give you free retakes. This is another option that other traffic schools charge extra for.

Too Cool Traffic School is interactive, mobile-friendly, and they provide customer service that is far above average. It’s an easy course that is less boring than most others, which is why 94% of students who have actually taken their course give it a 4 or 5-star rating. As with any modern course, you can also switch between devices and log into or out of the course whenever you’d like. Too Cool Traffic School should be an option you at least consider as they are one of the highest quality courses available.

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3. Go to Traffic school

Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School is by far the cheapest option around, making it great for those who are on a budget and still wish to complete traffic school. Go To Traffic School opened in 1999, and it’s website boasts of having over 4-million satisfied users. Lessons include 3D simulations, audio clips, reading lessons, and videos. Plus, should the student find a lower price somewhere else, this institution will match or beat the rate.

Go To Traffic School is approved by the Wisconsin state government for failure to yield and right of way online instruction. If you are taking a Wisconsin online traffic school for failure to yield course purposes, this is fully accredited.

In addition, Go To Traffic School has recently updated their course material to make it one of the most modern online traffic schools available. So, if you’re looking for a cheap option that is certified for failure to yield purposes, Go To Traffic School is a great option. Learn more in our Go To Traffic School review.

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4. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is a very different option. Hollywood screenwriters and comedians from the Improv Comedy Club developed the curriculum. Rather than the same old song and dance that is ordinarily involved with defensive driving, this institution goes above and beyond in making the user experience better. There are hilarious videos, animations, and even games that promise to provide fun and laughter. Another perk is that the prices are comparable to those of other Wisconsin online traffic schools. Thus, there is no extra charge for the entertainment factor. The service also comes with 24/7 support, so don’t fret if you don’t get something. Instead, just contact one of the helpful agents.

Please note that Improv Traffic School is NOT approved for Wisconsin failure to yield courses. This course is best for those who have received permission to take an online traffic school for insurance discount purposes. For traditional online traffic schools, you also must receive special permission from a Wisconsin court in order to take this course. So, while Improv Traffic School is certainly higher quality, please make sure it will fulfill your needs. You can find out more about Improv Traffic School in our full Improv Traffic School review.

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5. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is one of the newer online traffic schools. Despite the fact that they are somewhat new on the scene, they have already managed to help over 400,000 people graduate. That is no easy feat and shows that the company must be doing something right to reach a broad customer base and make them happy.

Aceable is truly different from the rest, and there are several reasons as to why that is true. The biggest reason being that the coursework is taught in a variety if methods rather than continuously reading boring passages time and time again. You will have access to videos, GIFs, and quizzes that will make the subject matter easier to digest. They also have amazing Customer Experience Heroes to assist you along the way. So, if you are searching for Wisconsin online traffic schools, make sure this name is at the top of your list.

Please keep in mind, however, that Aceable is NOT approved for failure to yield or right of way courses in Wisconsin. For traditional traffic school, you will need special permission from a court to take this course. This is a great course for insurance reduction purposes though if you have received permission from your insurance company. Learn more in this Aceable review.

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How To Find The Best Wisconsin Online Traffic Schools & Failure To Yield/Right Of Way Classes

Several things that need to be done ahead of signing up with just any old traffic school. First, the interested party must research the establishment thoroughly to ensure that it is legit. This action helps them to weed out the scams, which seem to be everywhere on the world wide web today. There aren’t many worst feelings than believing you are doing coursework to fulfill your defensive driving requirements only to find out you actually threw your money away.

Plus, not all Wisconsin online traffic schools are approved by the state. Thus, signing up with an institution that is not accredited or recognized can ruin your experience. You will do loads of work that doesn’t count, and you will have to sign up with another company and do it all over again. So, do the legwork now and avoid the troubles later.

Make Sure You Know Your Wisconsin Online Traffic School Is Legit

Those people that aren’t tech-savvy may be somewhat fearful about signing up with any of the Wisconsin online traffic schools. There is always the tried and true method of sitting in a classroom full of strangers all day. However, this option leads to social anxiety and leaves people feeling down in the dumps after hearing the instructor preach about their driving practices for hours on end. Today’s Wisconsin online traffic schools have straightforward platforms that are easy to figure out. So, don’t be afraid of the technology. Instead, embrace it and find out what it has to offer for yourself.

Full List Of All Wisconsin Online Traffic Schools Approved For Failure To Yield/Right Of Way Classes

If you need to take a Wisconsin failure to yield/right of way class, this is the full list of all online traffic schools you are able to sign up for. If a course is not on this list, it is NOT certified for failure to yield purposes.

I DRIVE SAFELY (Recommended)
GoToTrafficSchool (Recommended)
Zero Hidden Fees Video-Course
1AAA All American Driver Training
A1 Approved Course
Accountable Driver Ed
Affordable Traffic Safety Course
Approved Easy, Cheap and Fast
Cheap Traffic School
Drivers Edvantage Driving School
Dunn Right Driving School
Four Lakes Driver Training School
Just Drive
KC’s Driving School
Lada Driver School, LLC
Online Traffic Education
Ryo’s Driving School
2Cool Traffic School (Recommended)
Transportation Safety Foundation

Wisconsin Failure To Yield/Right Of Way Classroom Courses

If you have decided you don’t want to take an online traffic school in Wisconsin, you can always go with a traditional classroom-based traffic school. Here are all of the classroom traffic schools you can sign up for if you are taking a Wisconsin failure to yield/right of way course.

BrownGreen BayAdvanced Driver Training 1540 Capitol Dr., Suite 207 (920) 494-0996
BrownGreen BayJon’s Driving Academy 1221 Bellevue St., Suite 102 (920) 469-9240
BrownGreen BayJust Drive 1345 W. Mason St. L2 (920) 494-2600
ChippewaChippewa FallsAutoPilots Driving School 4 Division St. (715) 726-0257
ClarkAbbotsfordA & S Resler’s Driving Academy, LLC 201 Sycamore St. (715) 507-0778
ColumbiaPortage1AAA-All-American Driver Training 602 E. Albert St., Suite 6 (608) 742-8421
DaneMadisonAAA Driver Training 8401 Excelsior Dr. (608) 828-2466
DaneMadisonFour Lakes Driver Training School, Inc. 5003 University Ave., Suite 180 (608) 238-4202
DaneMadisonMad-Area Driving School 5902 Raymond Rd. (608) 276-8222
DodgeBeaver DamBest Way Driving School, LLC 1010 DeClark St., Suite A (920) 887-7727
DodgeBeaver DamDrivers Advantage Driving School 221 Madison St. (920) 356-5001
DunnMenomonieDunn Right Driving School E5580 690th Avenue (715) 233-2057
Fond du LacFond du LacRies Driving School 643 S. Military Rd. (920) 921-2846
GreenMonroeMJM Hill Driving School, LLC 931 8th St., Suite 102 (608) 328-2090
JeffersonWatertownSafe Skills Driving School, LLC W4219 Robin Road (920) 342-7011
KenoshaKenoshaAmerican Certified Driving School 3811 22nd Ave. (262) 652-4811
KenoshaKenoshaJust Drive 8051 61st Ave. (262) 697-6101
KenoshaPaddock Lake5 Star Driving School 24419 75th St. (262) 843-8303
La CrosseLa CrosseF. C. Stair School of Driving, Inc. 1100 Kane St. (608) 796-1848
La CrosseOnalaskaJust Drive 1052 Oak Forest Drive, #170 (608) 352-8585
La CrosseOnalaskaZimmerman Driving School, Inc. 1855 E. Main St. (608) 783-3238
LincolnMerrillCrabbman’s Driver Education, LLC 1905 E. 14th St. (715) 539-2722
LincolnTomahawkCruisers Driving School, LLC 105 W. Wisconsin Ave. (715) 453-6008
ManitowocManitowocAdvantage Driving School, LLC 1101 Franklin St. (920) 652-9200
MarathonSchofieldWold Driving School 1326 Schofield Ave., #209 (715) 551-1948
MarathonWausauDecker’s Driving Academy, LLC 703 Flieth St., Suite A (715) 675-5359
MarathonWausauDriver Education Specialists, LLC 911 Jackson St. Room 100 (715) 848-3393
MarinetteCrivitzRoad Rules Driving School, LLC N9951 Skyhawk Rd. (715) 927-7867
MilwaukeeGlendaleJust Drive 5205 N. Ironwood Rd., Suite 118 (414) 962-2600
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeEasy Method Driving School 6031 W. Center St. (414) 447-0202
MilwaukeeWest AllisArcade Drivers School 8511 W. Lincoln Ave. (414) 328-1212
OneidaRhinelanderMr. C’s Driving School 3394 County A (715) 272-1431
OutagamieAppletonDriver’s Education of the Fox Cities 400 N. Richmond St., Suite C1 (920) 731-2121
OutagamieHortonvilleTrinity Driving School 110 N. Nash Street (920) 716-4391
OutagamieSeymourAccurate Driving School, LLC 225 South Main, Suite 2 (920) 833-9976
OzaukeeCedarburgJust Drive 4703 Columbia Rd. (262) 387-0000
OzaukeeGraftonJust Drive 1971 Washington Street (414) 550-2631
OzaukeeMequonJust Drive 2613 W. Marigold Ct. (262) 993-7867
OzaukeePort WashingtonJust Drive 1000 N. Wisconsin St. (262) 284-1110
PolkMilltownSafe Start Driving School 217 2nd Ave. SW (715) 825-4950
PricePhillipsNorth Country Driving School N7667 Powerline Lane (715) 339-4468
RacineBurlingtonMr. P’s Driving School 373 Randolph St. (262) 903-7786
RacineRacine American Professional Driving School, LLC 1967 Taylor Ave. (262) 633-1234
RacineRacineJust Drive 1733 Douglas Ave. (262) 359-0472
RacineRacineL & B North Driving School 3749 Douglas Ave. (262) 639-3007
RockJanesvilleRock Valley Driver School 14 S. River St. (608) 754-6768
RuskLadysmithMaster’s Driving School, LLC W7366 Flambeau Point Rd. (715) 532-0327
SaukBarabooRyO’s Driving School, LLC 904 8th Ave. (608) 547-9513
ShawanoShawanoCrossroads Drivers Education, Inc 100 W. Green Bay St. (715) 524-9110
SheboyganSheboyganLakeshore Drivers School 5531 Playbird Rd. (920) 565-2548
SheboyganSheboygan FallsJust Drive 415 James St. (920) 980-3000
VilasArbor VitaeLaw Dogs Driver Education 1042 Arnett Road (715) 892-4329
WashingtonGermantownJust Drive W177N9856 Rivercrest Dr., Suite 217 (262) 437-7300
WashingtonHartfordJust Drive 522 Church St. (262) 674-4444
WashingtonKewaskumJust Drive 2850 Ridge Rd. (262) 334-7555
WashingtonWest BendJust Drive 125 Laurel Dr. (262) 334-7555
WaukeshaBrookfieldJust Drive 13035 W. Bluemound Rd. #104 (262) 641-7455
WaukeshaMukwonagoDoor to Door Driving School 555 Bay View Road (262) 363-3000
WaukeshaMuskegoBlue Knight Driving School, LLC S73 W16485 Janesville Rd., # 202 (414) 422-0911
WaukeshaOconomowocJust Drive W354N6415 Megan Lane (262) 220-7792
WaukeshaOkaucheeKC’s Driving School N51W34917 Wisconsin Ave. #1 (262) 367-5004
WaukeshaWalesJust Drive 200 W. Summit Ave., Suite 280 (262) 968-9009
WaupacaClintonvilleL & M Driver Education 97 Rose Park Ct. (715) 823-6615
WaupacaManawaFerg’s Driving School E5983 Drath Lane (920) 596-3370
WaupacaNew LondonMS Driving Instruction 315 Burton River Place, Suite 105 (920) 710-0296
WoodRudolphDave’s Driving School, LLC 5349 Kirkwood Place (715) 423-6027