Best Defensive Driving Courses in Houston, Texas For 2022

Houston Defensive Driving

Taking defensive driving in Houston sucks. Let’s just get that out of the way right now so we both know we’re on the same page.

I might be a boring (and getting old) driving instructor, but even us driving instructors understand that taking a defensive driving course is something most people do out of necessity, not because they want to.

In this quick guide, I’m going to tell you how to find the best defensive driving courses in Houston, Texas. There are some schools that are fast, easy, and cheap.

Let’s get this done and behind you.

You Can Take Defensive Driving Courses In Houston Online Or In A Classroom

I’m going to assume you got a traffic ticket and that’s the reason you need to take a defensive driving course. If you need to take a course for your auto insurance company you’ll need to talk to them directly about which courses are approved for that purpose.

However, for those of you that need to dismiss a ticket from your Texas driving record, I highly recommend you take your Houston defensive driving school online.

If your goal is to get your defensive driving course done as quickly and cheaply as possible, there is no reason to drag a** to a classroom somewhere so somebody can lecture at you for 6 hours.

I’ll give you the best defensive driving courses in Houston for both online as well as classroom options.

The 5 Best Online Defensive Driving Schools In Houston For 2022

In every court and district in the Houston, Texas area, you do not need to sign up specifically for a course approved in Houston. Any online defensive driving school approved in the state of Texas will dismiss your traffic ticket from any Houston court (so long as you’re eligible to take a defensive driving course).

You can see a full list of all online defensive driving courses approved in Texas for 2022 here, However, I’m going to make your life easier and give you the best options, along with some quick reviews, comparisons, and how to get the best pricing.

1. Approved Course

Approved Course Defensive Driving In Houston

Approved Course is a family run Texas owned online defensive driving course that offers defensive driving in Houston as well as the entire state of Texas. This is one of the few small business owned defensive driving schools left in Texas, unfortunately. The big corporate guys have pretty much taken over. So, if you’re someone that likes to support family owned and operated businesses, consider giving your business to Approved Course.

Not only are you supporting a Texas small business by signing up for Approved Course, but it has everything you could want.

It’s the fast defensive driving course allowed by Texas state law, so you won’t spend a minute more than you have to on it. Approved Course is also the cheapest defensive driving course allowed by law (Texas sets the minimum pricing), so you won’t spend a penny more than you have to. It also happens to be about the easiest defensive driving course in Houston (truth is they are all pretty easy), so you won’t have to spend any more brain cells on it than you have to.

So, to summarize, Approved Course is a family-owned business that is fast, easy, and cheap. Oh, and they even offer a streaming video course if you’d rather watch than read.

Seriously, give Approved Course a chance. They really are the best defensive driving school in Houston.

Get The Best Price On Approved Course Here

2. Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School is an easy choice and a top contender of the best defensive driving school in Houston. The reasons are quite simple. This defensive driving course has been approved in Houston (as well as the rest of Texas) since the 1990s. Even before internet courses were available, they would send booklets through the mail so people could complete their Texas defensive driving course from home.

Ok, so they’ve had millions of drivers dismiss traffic tickets through their defensive driving courses. So what? Are they fast? Are they easy? Are they cheap?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Go To Traffic School is the fastest course allowed by state law. They are super easy with open book quizzes that you can pass without even paying attention to the course content (not kidding). And they guarantee to be the cheapest online defensive driving course in Houston. If you find a course for cheaper, they will match or beat that price.

Overall, this is one of the oldest and most well-established online defensive driving courses in Texas. You can’t exist for decades if you aren’t doing it right. Go To Traffic School is among the best defensive driving courses in Houston and is a safe bet.

Get The Best Price On Go To Traffic School Here

3. Aceable

Aceable Online Defensive Driving Houston

One thing you’ll notice about most of the online defensive driving schools approved in Houston is that they are severely outdated. Fortunately, Aceable has created a much more modern course.

If you plan on taking all or most of your defensive driving course from your phone or tablet, I highly recommend you go with Aceable. They are one of the only online driving schools that have a mobile-app for each device, which makes the experience so much better.

Aceable isn’t just modern, though. Just like the other courses on this recommendation list, they are fast, easy, and cheap. The biggest difference with Aceable is how they deliver the course content.

Most of the other fast defensive driving courses in Houston are just text-based courses. With Aceable, you get the information through other means such as video and even games or interactive features.

You might be thinking that games and videos slow down your progress, but that’s not true. In the state of Texas, all courses are on a timer. You can’t finish until the 6 hours is up.

Aceable fills that time with modern interactive features instead of just giving you page after page of plain text.

So if you want the most modern course that works the best on mobile devices, Aceable is the one you should go with.

Get The Best Price On Aceable Here

4. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School Houston Defensive Driving

I personally love Improv Traffic School. Ok, well, maybe “love” is a strong word, but stick with me here.

Improv Traffic School was developed by a bunch of Hollywood comedians back in the 90’s. Before the internet (in the way before-time), everyone had to take their defensive driving course in a physical classroom.

Taking defensive driving in a classroom is like Hell. You sit there for 6 hours while someone lectures you about defensive driving, then you take an exam that if you don’t pass, you have to take again until you do.

Sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Improv Traffic School solved this issue by putting stand-up comedians in the defensive driving classrooms. Instead of sitting through a boring course for 6 hours, they’d make it fun, entertaining, and much more bearable.

Once the state of Texas approved defensive driving to be taken online for ticket dismissal purposes, Improv Traffic School jumped on it. They created an online version of their comedy-based defensive driving school.

If you’re going to waste 6 hours of your life going through a defensive driving course, you might as well enjoy the experience, and Improv Traffic School makes that possible.

Of course, it’s also fast, easy, and cheap, so there’s that too.

Get The Best Price On Improv Traffic School Here

5. Get Defensive

Get Defensive Online Defensive Driving Houston

Last, but certainly not least on my list of the best online defensive driving schools in Houston is Get Defensive. This is yet another defensive driving school that has existed since the 1990s. You can’t stay in business for more nearly 3 decades by doing the wrong things. If millions of others have gone through this course successfully, you can too.

Get Defensive is an online defensive driving course that focuses exclusively on Texas drivers, so of course, they are certified in the entire state including for all Houston courts. If you are eligible to take a defensive driving course, Get Defensive will be approved for you.

This defensive driving course doesn’t have fancy stand-up comedians or downloadable apps for smartphones. But they guarantee to be the fastest and cheapest defensive driving course in Houston.

Log into and out of the course whenever you want, use their mobile responsive course right in your phones web browser, take their open-book quizzes, and get your defensive driving over with.

Get The Best Price On Get Defensive Here

While you have more options than just those 5 defensive driving courses, as a driving instructor, I think those are the top 5 best online defensive driving classes you can sign up for in Houston.

If for some reason you don’t like any of them, see this list of all certified defensive driving courses in Houston or check out the list below to sign up for a local defensive driving course in Houston that you can take in a traditional classroom.

Best Classroom Defensive Driving Courses In Houston For 2022

While the vast majority of people prefer to take their Houston defensive driving course online, some of you are just old-fashioned and would rather do it in a traditional classroom environment. While classroom-based defensive driving classes are getting more rare, there are still some left in Houston.

1. Comedy Guys Defensive Driving School

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Houston



Get your Houston traffic ticket dismissed, or they will pay!

Comedy Guys is one of the last remaining classroom defensive driving courses in Houston, but they are also probably the best. This is a comedy based course so you can expect your instructor to be (hopefully) entertaining and offering humor throuhout the class.

To sign up, check out their calendar if upcoming classes. Make sure you are looking specifically for their Houston courses as they also offer defensive driving courses in other cities in Texas.

2. Comedy Defensive Driving

Comedy Defensive Driving School



Comedy Driving Defensive Driving School has several different locations around the Houston area. This is a completely separate defensive driving school from the comedy course I listed above, but the concept is the same. They use comedy in their courses to help make them fun and entertaining instead of boring and miserable.

In order to enroll in their Houston defensive driving school, you should choose the location you prefer and give them a call at 713-465-0042 between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm Monday through Thursday.

Here are the locations they operate classrooms out of:

3. A-Plus Driving School

A-Plus Driving School Defensive Driving In Houston

A-Plus Driving School has been a locally owned driving school for many years offering teen driver’s ed, parent taught driver’s ed, insurance reduction, and defensive driving courses for ticket dismissal.

While A-Plus Driving School does not have classroom defensive driving courses on a regular basis, you can call 281-353-9377 to see if they have any courses coming up.

4. Ila Driving School

Ila Driving School Defensive Driving In Houston

If you’re looking for the traditional defensive driving school experience, Ila Driving School is it. This is one of the last locally owned classroom-based defensive driving courses you can take in Houston for ticket dismissal.

To enroll into a classroom-based defensive driving course, give them a call at 281-969-8367 for current availability and course dates. Make sure you call and register early as classes do fill up.

At this time, those are the only local driving schools offering classroom defensive driving courses in Houston.

Here are some additional local driving schools you can check out, but at this time, none of them are offering classroom defensive driving programs for ticket dismissal.

Final Thoughts On Defensive Driving Courses In Houston

So there you have it, all of the online and classroom defensive driving schools available in Houston, Texas.

As you can see, the number of physical driving schools offering defensive driving classes in Houston has dwindled and will continue to do so.

Defensive driving courses are all moving online and for good reason. They are faster, cheaper, easier, and WAY more convenient. But if you really want to take your defensive driving course at a Houston driving school, there are still some options left to get that ticket dismissed.