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The easiest online traffic school is hands down, Improv Traffic School. Not only is it easy, it’s actually somewhat entertaining. After reviewing dozens of defensive driving courses, online drivers ed courses, and ticket dismissal courses, I can finally say without a doubt that the Improv course is the easiest.

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Why The Improv Course Is The Easiest

This course is the easiest because it’s the least painful and the least boring to get through. It was designed by a bunch of Hollywood comedians and it’s actually pretty entertaining, especially considering it’s traffic school. Right about now, you might be thinking, “what kind of comedian would make an online traffic school?” Well, that’s a good question. I’m guessing it’s not exactly where they saw their career going, but hey, it works to our advantage!

Funny Commercial By Improv Traffic School

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The Real Answer: Most Online Traffic Schools Are Easy

Here’s the thing… just about any online traffic school you go through will be easy. Seriously, they aren’t that hard. That’s why most of them guarantee that you’ll pass. What makes traffic school hard is how friggin’ boring it is and how long it takes to complete. Some of these traffic schools, especially the text-only ones, are just brutal. With the humor these guys use in the Improv course, it’s actually tolerable. It’s also the quickest course available and in some states / jurisdictions, there are no course timers. That means you can blow through the course very quickly (some court jurisdictions require timers to be used, though).

Here are some additional online traffic schools you may want to consider:

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But Wait… There’s More!

Easy Online Traffic SchoolIn addition to the comedy based theme at Improv Traffic School, they also have the usual features you’d find at any other high quality online traffic school. You can take the course from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can stop or restart it anytime you want, you’re guaranteed to pass in most jurisdictions, you can start taking the course for free, they have a Triple A rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and all that other good stuff. I’ve actually personally spoken with the owner of this school on the phone and he’s a super nice dude who’s always looking for ways to improve on the course.

Don’t Forget Your Discount!

Remember, if you decide to sign up for Improv Traffic School, you can use this discount link.

Additional Options

If you want to see more available schools, visit my online traffic schools by state page and get a full list of schools approved in your state. I’ve performed a bunch of reviews on several different schools for you. However, the only other school I’d personally consider taking is iDriveSafely or Aceable

Streaming Video Traffic Schools

Over the past few years, several online traffic schools have switched to streaming video over text based courses. The two best video based traffic schools I can recommend is either Aceable or the iiDriveSafely streaming video course. If you plan to take the course using a smartphone or tablet, of those two, I would choose Aceable as it seems to work a bit better on mobile devices.

Is The Easiest Online Traffic School Still Boring?

Absolutely. Sorry guys, but there just isn’t any possible way around the boredom factor. Reason being, online traffic schools are required to meet very specific state requirements. Some of those requirements include things like course timers, identity verification, tests, quizzes, and a whole lot of reading about boring traffic laws. Do not go into this thinking it’s going to be a breeze – it won’t be. If your course is “supposed” to take 6 hours, it’ll take that long whether it’s in a classroom or online. BUT, when you take your traffic school online, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, sitting on your couch, in front of the TV, on whatever device you feel like doing it on. Did I mention clothing is optional when taking an online traffic school? Can’t say the same for a classroom based course!

In any case, I hate to burst your bubble, but yes, even the easiest online traffic school will be boring as all get out. Prepare yourself now.

Are The Tests Hard?

Definitely not. If you go with the course I recommended above, it is impossible to fail in some states and for the states you actually can fail in, you’ve got to be a terrible driver to fail the tests. I mean, really terrible. In fact, a 14 year old could probably pass. I’m not saying you’ll get 100% on every test, but if you only pay attention half the time, you should still pass with ease. So get ready for a movie marathon, jump through the hoops, and get it over with.

Are There Any Other Easy Online Traffic Schools?

The state of California alone has over 100 online traffic schools. I enjoy learning about driving safety and reviewing these courses but there is no way I’m going through them all. Is there an online traffic school that is safer? Maybe. But of all the schools I’ve reviewed, and I’ve reviewed all the larger schools, the courses above are the only ones I’d personally take. They truly are the easiest online traffic schools available

If you want to see more ticket dismissal courses and defensive driving classes I’ve reviewed, check out my online traffic school reviews section of the site.

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