How To Get Your Kansas Driving Record Fast & Easy

How To Get Your Kansas Driving Record

In the land of wheat and sunshine, the roads are wide open and flat. This may tempt a few drivers to push the speed limits a bit too far on Kansas roads. Law enforcement officials have a knack for catching drivers behaving badly on occasion. Do you know what is on your driving record? If the police pulled you over tomorrow, do you think you’d receive a higher fine? Could you even be arrested?

Your Kansas driving record tracks all of your activity behind the wheel of your car. A letter informing you that your license is suspended could get lost in the mail, but it won’t disappear from your driving record. Before you hit the road, take some time to check your Kansas driving record. You just might avoid an embarrassing encounter with the law.

What’s On My Kansas Driving Record?

On your Kansas driving record you will find a recap of your recent driving activity and related information. A Kansas driving record contains information about your driver’s license class, issue date, and status, as well as any traffic convictions, citations, or violations you may have incurred. Your record will also list any traffic accidents you have been involved in, regardless of which party was at fault.

A Kansas driving record will also include a physical description of you, as well as your full name, address, and date of birth.

Who Can Access My Kansas Driving Record?

In the state of Kansas, law enforcement agencies, government entities, insurance companies, and employers can access your driving record. Insurance companies use your Kansas driving record to assess the risk involved in providing you with coverage. A potential employer may check your driving record as part of a pre-employment background check, especially if you are applying for a position as a commercial driver.

Law enforcement officials will access your driving record in the event you are pulled over for a moving violation. Court officials may also access your records if you are involved in a lawsuit stemming from a traffic accident.

How Can I Access My Kansas Driving Record?

Kansas is one of the few states to offer different types of driving records. Your record can be accessed in person, through the mail, and online. The Department of Revenue’s Driver Control Bureau oversees Kansas driving records. The agency offers access to limited driver’s license records, non-certified motor vehicle records, and certified motor vehicle records.

If you choose to spend time waiting in line at a local DMV location, you can access either a non-certified or certified motor vehicle record. In order to obtain a copy of your Kansas driving record in person, simply fill out the Request Form provided by the state and bring it to your local Kansas DMV location.

For those who are in no rush, you can also obtain a non-certified or certified motor vehicle record through the mail. Simply fill out the same request form mentioned above, and mail it to the following address:

Kansas Department of Revenue
Driver Control Bureau
P.O. Box 12021
Topeka, KS 66612-2021

Kansas provides access to an online copy of your driving record, but it is a limited version of the non-certified and certified forms of a motor vehicle record. You can access this limited record online by visiting the Kansas Motor Vehicle Records website. All you need to do is provide the information requested and you will be able to view a digital copy of your limited driving record.

The state of Kansas accepts various forms of payment to cover the fees associated with obtaining a copy of your driving record. The fee for your online driving record is $8.70, and payment must be made with an e-check, credit card, or debit card. When obtaining a copy of your Kansas driving record in person or by mail, you’ll need to send a check or money order along with your request form.

What Information Do I Provide?

When you arrive at a Kansas DMV location, you will need to provide the staff with your driver’s license number and address. This information will be provided on the request form as well when requesting a copy of your Kansas driving record through the mail.

It’s important to check your Kansas driving record regularly. The information contained in your driving record can mean the difference between affordable insurance premiums, and sky-high rates. Inaccuracies on your driving record could result in legal ramifications if your license has been incorrectly suspended or revoked without your knowledge. If you have obtained a copy of your Kansas driving record and find inaccuracies, contact officials at your local Kansas DMV office as soon as possible to straighten up those issues.

Don’t Trust 3rd Party Background Check Services

There are many 3rd party private companies that will offer to get your Kansas driving record for a price, and it may even be a very low price. However, you should generally stay away from using those services. They do not provide official Kansas driving records and the records are usually very inaccurate or incomplete. You should only obtain your Kansas driving record from the state government directly or through legal representation.

How To Clear Your Kansas Driving Record

In many states, you are able to clear your driving record by taking online defensive driving or traffic school courses. In the state of Kansas, it’s usually not that easy. In most cases, you just need time for your traffic violations to come off your driving record. For some violations, you may be able to file for expungement or use an attorney to clear your driving record, but this is fairly rare.

It is often a better idea to speak with your insurance company about taking a defensive driving course. In some cases, completing a defensive driving class approved by your insurance company will lower your premiums enough to negate any increase due to a traffic violation.

If you do receive permission from a court or from your insurance company to enroll into a defensive driving school, these are some of the better and more popular online courses available:

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