Best Oregon Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Best Oregon Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

In the state of Oregon, defensive driving courses are also commonly referred to as traffic school. The classes promote safe driving and allow qualified motorists to avoid having convictions added to their records. Some people may choose to willingly participate while others are mandated to do so by the court. To be able to get a ticket dismissed, the driver must not have…

  • Participated In A Traffic School Within The Past 3-Years
  • A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Been Involved In A Driving Incident Of 100 MPH Or More
  • Had Other Moving Violations Within The Last Three Years

There are two different ways to take traffic school in Oregon. One of them, which most people are not fond of, is attending an in-person class sponsored by a commercial driving school. Why don’t folks like this tried and true method? After all, it works and gets the job done. The primary reason is that they have to spend hours on end stuck in a stuffy classroom with strangers. Students have to listen to the instructor preach about inappropriate driving practices, and the entire ordeal often feels like Saturday detention in high school.

The other option, which is becoming the method of choice, is utilizing the internet for taking traffic school in Oregon. After enrolling in one of the best Oregon online traffic schools, the student gets to do things on his or her schedule and in a comfortable environment. They can do the work at home, a friend’s house, a public library, or virtually anywhere. Plus, there is no sacrificing when it comes to the curriculum as both methods teach the same data. Things you should expect to learn include but are not limited to…

A Warning About Siging Up For Oregon Online Traffic Schools

It is vital for everyone in Oregon to research their traffic school of choice, regardless of whether it is one of these top recommended Oregon online traffic schools or another.

Online traffic school in Oregon is approved on a case-by-case basis and you MUST receive permission to take a defensive driving course.

Not every online traffic school in Oregon is approved by the state to be a defensive driving course provider. Hence, if the person picks wrong, the coursework won’t count toward their requirements. Then, he or she will have to do everything all over again with an accepted organization. So, don’t do double the work by just doing the legwork and finding the appropriate company in the first place.

Reviews Of The 4 Best Oregon Online Traffic Schools

If you receive permission from a court to take an online traffic school in Oregon, these are our top recommended options.

1. iDriveSafely

idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2018

iDriveSafely knows the ins and outs of the traffic school game. It has been around for years, even before the online craze. In fact, iDriveSafely used to provide at home courses via VCR tapes and workbooks. Luckily, things have changed since then. Now, students get to choose the type of exercises they want. The text and video-based materials are affordable, but the latter option costs a bit extra. However, many folks feel like it is worth the additional fee as the lessons are more engaging.

iDriveSafely is by far one of the best Oregon online traffic schools for other reasons too. For instance, the work can be done on any device, and pupils have access to it 24/7. Thus, they can study how and when they like. If an issue or question arises, the customer support team is in a league of their own. The representatives are available by phone or email 7-days a week, and they will be more than happy to assist in resolving the problem promptly. Hence, if you are searching for Oregon online traffic schools, make sure this name is at the top of your list. You can check out our full iDriveSafely review here.

Check Out iDriveSafely Here

2. Go To Traffic School


Go To Traffic School rounds out this list of the best Oregon Online Traffic Schools. It features the standard materials that you would expect out of a defensive driving course such as animated videos, audio clips, and 3D driving simulations. This company has been around for over a decade, and its website boasts of over 4-million satisfied users. However, what really sets the organization apart from the rest is the lowest price guarantee. If a student finds the course offered by a competitor for a lesser fee, Go To Traffic School will match or beat the rate. Do your part in finding the perfect fit, but any of these Oregon online traffic schools can prove to be a suitable selection.

Even though Go To Traffic School is cheaper than most other Oregon online traffic schools, they still offer the same benefits as any other high-quality defensive driving course. For example, they offer customer service 7 days per week, you can log into or out of the course anytime, and they have fast certificate processing. Find out more about Go To Traffic School in our Go To Traffic School review.

Check Out Go To Traffic School Here

3. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is an excellent choice for anyone that likes fun, enjoyment, and laughter. The masterminds behind the Improv Comedy Club created the lessons, which means there are hilarious videos, audio clips, and animations. These items help make the user experience better. After all, defensive driving courses are often bland, dull, and boring. Don’t worry about having to pay more for the entertainment though. Improv Traffic School’s prices are comparable to other Oregon online traffic schools. It has been around for a while, and over 3-million drivers have made it their institution of choice. In fact, in the last month alone, it assisted 20,958 people.

Improv Traffic School also has customer support 7 days per week and it works well on mobile devices as well as on a traditional desktop or PC. So, if you’re looking for a great online traffic school in Oregon that might even give you some laughs, you should check them out. Want to know more? Read our full Improv Traffic School review.

Check Out Improv Traffic School Here

4. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable continues to expand on the names of the states that accept it. Therefore, it is worthy of being called one of the best Oregon online traffic schools. The organization is newer than some of the others here, but it has already graduated over 400,000 students. It is the ideal solution for drivers that want to complete defensive driving on smartphones. A lot of places say they are mobile-friendly, but Aceable’s apps and programs take things to a whole new level. They are designed for specific devices to give them maximum functionality and smooth operation.

The cost of the program is fair, which is big, as most people don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money on defensive driving. Also, Customer Experience Heroes are available 7-days a week by phone, email, or chat to answer your questions. Check out the many 5-star reviews on their website and see for yourself why Aceable is one of the best Oregon online traffic schools. Learn more about Aceable in our full Aceable review.

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