Best Alabama Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

Alabama Online Traffic Schools

Searching for the best Alabama online traffic schools? That can only mean one of a few things. Either you got a traffic ticket, you need to lower your insurance rates, or you just think taking an online traffic school in Alabama will be a fun time. My guess is you got a traffic ticket, so the remainder of this article will be focused on how to dismiss your Alabama traffic ticket by signing up for an online traffic school.

Unfortunately, the state of Alabama is a little complicated when it comes to taking a traffic school course. In most states that allow online traffic school, there are certain online traffic schools that are certified statewide. Alabama, though, approves online traffic schools on a court by court basis, making things much more complicated.

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WARNING: You MUST Receive Court Permission To Take An Alabama Online Traffic School

In some states, certain traffic violations are automatically approved for dismissal by taking an online traffic school. That’s not the case in Alabama. Most court districts in Alabama have very strict requirements on who may attend traffic school to dismiss their ticket. Most people to take traffic school in Alabama are those that received speeding tickets, generally less than 25mph over the limit. Other minor moving violations such as failure to stop at a stop sign may also be approved for traffic school. It will also still cost you. Generally, in Alabama, you still must pay for your ticket as well as extra fees for taking traffic school, but it will stay off your record, keeping your insurance rates lower.

Bottom line? You MUST receive written permission from a judge to take traffic school in Alabama, whether you want to take your traffic school online or in a classroom.

If you do not get written permission from a judge on your court date, you are not eligible to take any Alabama online traffic school. So DO NOT SIGN UP for any online traffic school, even if they say they are approved in the state of Alabama unless you have received permission from the court judge.

How To Get Permission To Take An Alabama Online Traffic School

If you want to sign up for an online traffic school in Alabama, you’re truly at the mercy of the court. Fortunately, as long as you’re not a CDL holder and you haven’t had any major traffic violations in the past 2 years, chances are pretty good the judge will approve online traffic school as a way for you to avoid having higher insurance premiums and a dinged driving record.

The best way to get approved for online traffic school in Alabama is to simply ask the judge. Many judges may want to have you take a local classroom-based traffic school, but if you specifically request to take your traffic school online in Alabama, you will often times be approved. Be prepared to give the judge reasons WHY you need to take traffic school online instead of in a classroom. Work, scheduling conflicts, and family needs are often good enough reasons.

You should also have specific online traffic schools in mind that you want to sign up for. Below are some of the best Alabama online traffic schools you can ask a judge to take. These online traffic schools are some of the most popular ones in Alabama, so asking to take one of these below courses shouldn’t be a big problem.

The Best Alabama Online Traffic Schools

Here are the best Alabama online traffic schools you can take. My suggestion is to check each of these traffic schools out, rank them based on your own guidelines, and show the judge your top 3 choices. As long as you choose one of these below online traffic schools, your judge should approve at least one of them, and probalby your top choice. I have also listed these online traffic schools in order of what I think is the best on down.


idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2018

iDriveSafely is easily my top recommended online traffic school for Alabama residence. The reason this is the best online traffic school in Alabama is simply because it’s fast and easy. It also tend to be one of the more common online traffic schools that gets approved by judges in Alabama courts. iDriveSafely has been in business for over 20 years with literally millions of “graduates” from their traffic school courses across the country. They are very well known and they are constantly updating the course. You can also take this online traffic school from any device as it works really well on mobile platforms. Everything being considered, I think iDriveSafely is the best option for anyone who got a traffic ticket in Alabama and wants to request traffic school. You might not want to tell the judge this, but we even have answers to iDriveSafely test questions here. You can also read our full review of iDriveSafely if you want more info.

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Go To Traffic School Coupon Code

GoToTrafficSchool is one of the oldest and longest running online traffic schools. In fact, GoToTrafficSchool even offered home-based traffic school courses in Alabama before the internet was around. Back then, they sent VHS tapes and workbooks to your home through the mail. So, they’ve been at this a little while and just about any judge in Alabama will be familiar with them. Another advantage to GoToTrafficSchool is their price. While the course material feels a little more outdated than some other online traffic schools, they make up for it by pricing their class to be one of the cheapest online traffic schools in Alabama. So, if you’re just looking to sign up for the cheapest online traffic school you can find, this is likely one a judge will approve for you while still helping to save a few bucks. You can check out the full GoToTrafficSchool review here.

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Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School might actually be my favorite online traffic school. This traffic school course was created by a bunch of comedians because they fully understand that traffic school is boring. Nobody takes traffic school by choice, so why not make it somewhat fun? Now, the humor used in Improv Traffic School might not be everyone’s style. Some might consider it to be stupid, but if you’re into the slapstick style comedy, you might just get a few laughs out of it. This is a very popular online traffic school in other states such as California and Texas. They don’t get a ton of students from Alabama, but if you’re able to get approval to take this online traffic school from the judge, consider yourself fortunate. It is the most entertaining of all online traffic schools in Alabama. If you have an Improv Comedy Club near you, there’s a good chance you can even score a couple free tickets to a show just for choosing this online traffic school. You can get my full review of Improv Traffic School here.

If you would like to see even more options, check out the main online traffic school reviews page.

How To Find The Best Alabama Online Traffic Schools For YOU

Based on my experience as a driving instructor, getting user feedback, and personally recommending the above online traffic schools myself, I am very confident any of the courses I listed above will work just fine for you. However, the best Alabama online traffic schools for one person might be different for you. Since taking traffic school in Alabama is approved on a case-by-case basis, you can essentially go out and find any online traffic school that is certified in any state and request that course to the judge. Finding the best online traffic school is really subjective, so if you don’t like the above recommendations and comparisons, feel free to do your own research and create your own list of online traffic schools that you can bring to the judge.

Alabama Traffic School FAQ

Now that you have a good list of online traffic schools to bring to your judge, let’s go over some of the more frequently asked questions about taking an Alabama online traffic school.

How Long Do Alabama Traffic School Courses Take?

While the amount of time to complete your traffic school course will vary, most online traffic schools will take about 4 hours to complete in Alabama. By contrast, taking your Alabama traffic school in a classroom is usually only 3 hours. Again, this will vary by your county and even individual court district, but you should expect to spend a minimum of 3 to 4 hours on your traffic school course. If you take your Alabama traffic school online, you can split this up and just do a little bit at a time. Any online traffic school will keep your place for you.

What Is The Process To Take An Alabama Online Traffic School Class?

The biggest thing is getting court approval. You are NOT automatically approved to take traffic school in Alabama, so make sure you receive special permission from the court. After you receive approval, it’s as easy as signing up and just following the instructions your online traffic school gives you. Spend 3 to 4 hours going through the course, then get your completion certificate usually sent through the mail. Finally, you’ll need to turn your completion certificate into the court clerks office to get full credit.

Are Online Traffic Schools In Alabama Difficult?

Boring? Yes. Difficult? Not really. Online traffic schools, no matter what state you take it in, are actually very easy. Nobody really fails them and if you do, honestly you probably shouldn’t be driving anyway. Online traffic schools are just boring, take your hard earned cash, and a moderate inconvenience for a few hours. If you’re worried about failing your online traffic school, though, you can put that fear to rest. Online traffic school in Alabama is pretty simple.

Are Alabama Online Traffic Schools Better Than A Classroom?

Again, this is just an opinion, but in my opinion, taking your Alabama traffic school online is WAY better than sitting in a classroom being lectured at about safe driving tips. Some people do like to show up to a physical location and just get it over with, but isn’t taking traffic school in your underwear while watching a Netflix movie a way better option? I sure think so!

Final Thoughts About Alabama Online Traffic Schools

The main thing you need to do is just make 100% sure that you are eligible to take an online traffic school. Get special permission from the court and get it in writing. The state of Alabama does not have a straightforward process to take traffic school, so you’ll need to work on an individual basis with your court.

Best of luck and please remember to drive safely!

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