How To Get Your Wyoming Driving Record

How To Get Your Wyoming Driving Record

The state of Wyoming contains lots of blue sky and open spaces – and more than its fair share of roads. From fast superhighways that crisscross the country and run through Wyoming to back roads that have yet to see any blacktop, the state is home to lots of choices. Unfortunately, every mile of Wyoming roadway is another opportunity for drivers to get a speeding ticket, citation or other moving violation. Every one of those infractions will make its way to your Wyoming driving record, and that could haunt you for years to come.

Why Do I Need a Copy of My Wyoming Driving Record?

Your Wyoming driving record is a detailed account of all your driving history. Plus, it includes your current license status, a list of your traffic tickets and convictions, and a record of all accidents you got involved in.

There are third-party and government entities who will have access to the information on your driving record. For example, insurance agencies, employers, government agencies, or courts view your record to assess your reliability as a driver.

If you have a copy of your driving record, you’ll be one step ahead of these entities – you’ll know what’s in there – so you’ll be able to use it to your advantage.

Avoid Higher Insurance Costs

One unpleasant consequence of a poor driving record is higher insurance premiums. 

Even if the state of Wyoming and your parents do not care how well you drive, your insurance agent certainly does. 

A series of moving violations, speeding tickets, and other infractions on your Wyoming driving record could send your insurance premiums skyrocketing.

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Protect Your Job

A poor driving record could also cost you the job you want and need. Whether you want to get a job as a delivery driver, courier or truck driver, a few bad marks on your driving record could cost you the opportunity you need. Companies routinely consider the driving records of applicants for certain jobs, and a poor driving history could destroy your chances of landing the position.

What are the Types of Wyoming Driving Records?

There are three types of driving records that you can request at the Wyoming DMV. These types depend on the duration of information that you need to acquire.

You can request a driving record with information from the past three years – this is called the “three-year driving record”. It will include all information on your moving violations, proof of financial responsibility withdrawal, administrative per se and refusals, uninsured accidents, compulsory insurance violations, and non-resident violator compact violations.

A “five-year driving record” will include the past five years of your driving history, including records of driving under the influence, reckless driving, accident judgments, vehicular homicide. It will also include the instances where you leave the scene of an injury accident, if you got charged with a felony as a result of the manner of driving, and instances when you are caught transporting liquor to minors.

Well, sounds like these are not something you’ll see on average driving history, right?

Meanwhile, there are employers and other third-party entities who will need your record for the past ten years that consists of all the information mentioned above. If you getting this “Ten-year driving record”, you’ll need to be specific when you submit your written request.

How To Get Your Wyoming Driving Record in Person

There are several ways to get a copy of your Wyoming driving record. No matter which option you choose, you will need to cough up a cool $5 to see where you stand. That is a small price to pay given the importance of the information, so the fee should not stop you. 

If you want to get your record in person, just show up at any Wyoming driver examination station and give the clerk your driver’s license or official identification card. 

The clerk will verify the information and ask you to complete a Release of Driving Record and Personal Information form. This form helps ensure that your driving record goes only to you or another person authorized to receive the information.

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How To Get Your Driving Record by Mail

If a trip to the Wyoming DMV is not your idea of a good time, you can request the information you need via U.S. mail. Just send a written request for your driving record to the following address:

Wyoming Department of Transportation

Driver Services

5300 Bishop Boulevard

Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340

You will need to allow at least 3-5 business days for the forms to arrive, so schedule your correspondence accordingly. You will also need to download an official release form or include a formal request with your full name, driver’s license number, or Social Security number and date of birth.

Obtaining Your Wyoming Driving Record Online

You cannot currently obtain a copy of your Wyoming driving record online, but you can obtain the form you need via the Internet. 

Once you have the form, you can download it to your computer, print it out, complete it and mail it to the address listed above. If you prefer, you can take the completed form to a local driving examination office and obtain an official copy of your driving record.

If you do not need an official copy, you can obtain your driving history report online through a reputable 3rd party service, such as this one.

Check the Accuracy

Whether you obtain a copy of your Wyoming driving history in person at a driver’s examination location or through the mail, you will want to examine the document carefully. 

Your driving record might look like a harmless, or even boring, document, but it is very important. 

With everything from your insurance premiums to your employability on the line, you want to make sure the information listed is accurate.

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