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With its stretches of desert and open roads, Nevada beckons drivers to explore. Of course, if you explore too quickly through speed traps or get into a fender bender in cities like Reno or Las Vegas, you might have a driving record that is less pristine than the state’s wilderness areas. It’s a smart idea to obtain your Nevada driving record to ensure that your traffic mishaps are documented properly. Moreover, even if your Nevada driving record printout looks perfect, you should monitor it periodically to ward against identity theft, which can be a problem in the state. If you want to obtain your driving record, the following tips can help.

What Information Does a Nevada Driving Record Printout Contain?

The Nevada driving record or printout, as it is sometimes called, contains a driver’s history. Included in the record are items such as car accidents, citations, DUIs, and suspensions. Along with this information, the record also shows the points against your license. Points are generated by citations, accidents, and so forth. Naturally, some personal information is typically contained on the report like address and birth date.

What Type of Nevada Driving Record Should I Request?

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles offers a 3-year driving record and a 10-year driving record. The 3-year report contains citations, accidents, suspensions, and demerit points that occurred in the past three years. This is typically the report that insurance providers and employers will access. The 10-year report includes a decade’s worth of tickets, demerit points, and so forth, but it also retains some information about your driving record indefinitely. For instance, if you have not reinstated a suspended or cancelled license, it will remain on your record. All states can access your Nevada driving record to obtain information about your driving.

Obtaining Your Nevada Driving Record by Mail

The Nevada DMV allows drivers to obtain their Nevada driving record printout by mail, over the internet, and in person. Certified copies must be ordered by mail. To order a copy of your Nevada driving record by mail, you should fill out and submit the DMV’s Application for Individual Record Information (Form IR002). The DMV states it’s important to fill out the packet in its entirety. Be sure to read the directions located on the first page of the packet. Along with your form, you should also send a check or money order made out to the Nevada DMV for $7. You can mail your request to this address:

Nevada DMV Records Section
555 Wright Way
Carson City, Nevada, 89711

If you need a certified copy of your Nevada driving record, you should add the additional fee of $4. Again, the only way to obtain a certified copy of your driving record, often required for court or your employer, is through the mail and by paying the additional fee.

Obtaining Your Driving Record Online

To obtain your driving history online, you can visit Nevada’s online driving records page. You will need to fill in the requested information such as your date of birth, driver’s license number, social security number, email address, and credit card information for paying the $7 processing fee. Drivers should note that the report must be printed at the time you access the online service. You do not retain access to the report in any other way. Should you wish to view the online report again, you will have to go through the request process and pay the fee all over again.

Obtaining Your Driving Record in Person

To obtain your Nevada driving record printout in person, visit any DMV or a DMV self-service kiosk. The kiosks are known as a “DMV in a box” and allow drivers to conveniently handle various transactions including the printing of driving records. If you pay at a kiosk, the fee is $8. You can pay via cash or major credit card. If you visit the DMV, the fee is $7.

Check Your Nevada Driving Record for Accuracy

When you obtain a copy of your driving record, be sure that all information is reported accurately. Check your personal information as well as the information pertaining to your driving. While errors are not widespread, they do occur. Be sure that demerit points are reflected accurately too. If you find mistakes on the report, you should report them to the DMV right away. They will instruct you about the process to correct them.

Because your employer or insurance provider is likely going to access your Nevada driving record, you should know exactly what they are seeing. This report impacts your insurance rate as well as your job, particularly if part of your responsibilities includes driving. Since Nevada offers various ways to obtain your report, you should be able to access your driving record with no problems.

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