Traffic Ticket Advice Every Motorist Should Already Know

Traffic Ticket Advice Every Motorist Should Already Know

This traffic ticket advice is brought to you by a guy who won’t judge you, even though you’re technically a criminal if you got a ticket. I mean, do you know how many lives you put at risk?! Think about the… Oh wait. I said I wouldn’t be judgmental. I apologize for my outburst.

If you go your entire life without getting a traffic ticket, you’re either a cop, really awesome at not getting caught, or you don’t drive. For the rest of us, we get tickets from time to time… Shame on us. With that in mind, do you know what to do before, during, and after you get a ticket? I’ve been on several ride-alongs with traffic enforcement officers and I learned one thing very quickly. Most people have no idea how to handle a traffic stop from the moment the cop gets behind them, even before he turns on the pretty flashing lights. That’s why I decided to write this section of the site.

Cops are trying to build a case against you from the moment they decide to pull you over. Be prepared to build your defense!

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Preventing A Traffic Ticket

Avoiding Traffic Tickets

This is where I explain your first line of defense. How do you prevent getting pulled over in the first place? There are some very basic things you can do to prevent getting pulled over. For instance, have you checked your license plate light lately? If it’s out, you’re just asking to be pulled over and I don’t know of any car that has a warning on the dash for that light.

How to Check Your Traffic Tickets Online

Misplacing the traffic tickets you received is sometimes unavoidable. And in the event you also fail to receive a notice in the mail, the only way to be sure about how much you owe and when it is due is online.

Most traffic courts have online resources that allow you to check traffic tickets online for free, but the question is how?

To know how to check your traffic tickets online, you need to look at the specific steps for the state you live in. 

Find out how you can check your traffic tickets online per state in this article

You can also find links on how to get a copy of your driving record and how to clear your record with a traffic school there.

What To Do During A Traffic Stop

Getting Pulled Over

When the cop turns those lights on behind you, what exactly is the best thing to do? Are you supposed to keep driving until you find a side street to turn down? Are you supposed to pull into a parking lot? Are you supposed to pull over immediately? What if you’re in the left lane, do you still pull to the right or is it ok to use the left shoulder? what about after you’ve pulled over… what do you say? How do you act? Gosh, you’ve got lots of questions. Since you obviously stay up all night worrying about this scenario so much, I created an awesome article to relieve your fears.

Top 11 Ways To Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket

In this list, I will explain the top 11 ways to get out of a traffic ticket. Who am I to have this super awesome knowledge? Well, cops surround my life. I have family members who are cops, I’ve been on numerous ride-alongs, and more importantly, I’ve asked them about this after buying them several rounds of shots at the bar to loosen them up.

What To Do After Getting A Traffic Ticket

How To Fight A Traffic Ticket

It ain’t over till it’s over! You did your best, but the officer still wrote you a ticket. Now what? Should you just pay it? Should you fight it in court? Should you hire a lawyer? Whether you actually broke the law or not, sometimes it makes sense to fight a traffic ticket but other times, you have other options available to you. Whatever you choose, the advice you find here will center more around the courtroom and how to come up with a winnable defense.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket: Types of Defenses

Who thinks that anyone can just walk in court and fight a traffic ticket? There is no fun at all here and most people end up leaving the courtroom feeling frustrated, wronged, and cheated. 

Meanwhile, nothing can be as effective in fighting a traffic ticket as solid evidence. Your defense matters in determining the decision of the judge. Even if you end up failing to argue your case confidently, if you can pull up hard evidence, it will be hard for the court to deny the facts. And, this can only mean getting a high possibility that you will win the case.

If you decide to fight that ticket, be prepared for an uphill battle. 

Check out the type of defenses that can help you fight that ticket here.

The Top 5 Speeding Ticket Defenses That Don’t Work

When it comes to beating a traffic ticket in court, everyone seems to think they are an expert, but coming up with a good speeding ticket defense isn’t a piece of cake. Judges hear excuses all day every day and most have heard it all. In addition, you are not “innocent until proven guilty” in traffic court. That’s how it works in criminal court, but in traffic court you need to prove your innocence. The problem is, most people go into traffic court believing they have a great defense, only to be shut down almost immediately by the judge. In this article, you’ll learn the top 5 most common mistakes people make when presenting a speeding ticket defense. Sometimes knowing a good defense is about knowing what NOT to do.

Online Traffic School Reviews

In many states, you can get that traffic ticket dismissed with very little stress and very little money. Remember the days when traffic school had to be completed in some hot, smelly classroom? Those days are over! Who wants to waste a perfectly good Saturday being lectured to about the dangers of driving? Lucky for you, the human race has made some incredible advancements recently. One of those advancements are online traffic schools. I rate it up there with the recent Mars rover landing, only this is more useful. You can fulfill all traffic school requirements right from your own computer. It might not be fun, but at least you can do it in your spare time from your own home.

Auto Insurance Discount

Ah yes, the lingering after effect of a traffic ticket. Will your citation increase your insurance rates? Maybe. But did you know that in some states, if you take an online insurance reduction course, your auto insurance company is actually required by law to give you a discount? Sometimes that discount can be as high as 15%. Yeah, seriously! This isn’t exactly traffic ticket advice, it’s more like insurance reduction advice. I’ll show you how to access these cheap online courses and you could actually end up reducing your insurance premium.

I’ll be adding more content in the coming months with even more traffic ticket advice and how to beat your ticket. So stay tuned and check back soon!

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  • I’m not sure about other states, but in Washington, most people hire traffic lawyers to get their tickets dismissed (I’ve had an 88% dismissal rate with mine over the last 8 years).

    There’s a service that just launched in Washington (soon to hit California) that lets you contest your ticket directly from your phone. Perfect for those of us who forget them in the car and miss the deadline.

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