Reviews Of The Top 30 Online Traffic Schools

Online Traffic School Reviews

Alright, so I’ve spent a ton of time doing these online traffic school reviews and getting together some discount codes and coupons. I’m not sure of anybody else who is crazy enough to review online traffic schools, but as a certified driving instructor and long-haul trucker, driving is a passion for me. I’ve gone through some of the major online traffic schools out there and narrowed it down to the best. Of course, for each driving school I recommend below, there is also a detailed review of the course so you know exactly what to expect. Now that I’ve been running this site for almost 10 years, I’ve reviewed a LOT of traffic schools!

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My friendly warning to you…

I just want to prepare you real quick. There is no such thing as a fun or exciting traffic school. These online traffic school reviews aren’t meant to tell you which one is the most exciting. It’s going to be boring no matter who you go with. However, these are the most bearable online traffic schools around. These are also schools that I can personally vouch for as I’ve gone through them myself. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of certified online traffic schools out there and most of them are very low quality. However, I’ve covered the top 30 best online traffic schools in this guide.

Reviews Of The 30 Best Online Traffic Schools In 2022

Listed below are reviews for the 30 best online traffic schools out there. While I tried to list them in order of my favorite one down, after about the 10th school it doesn’t really matter.

Also keep in mind that just because I may think the top 10 listed here are the best in my personal opinion, the best online traffic school for your specific needs and learning style may be further down on the list. A good online traffic school should be found on this page no matter what your learning style or budget is. All of these online traffic schools listed below are legit and will verify your eligibility based on your ticket and location.

While taking traffic school isn’t exactly fun, you can at least sign up for a good course and before you know it, you’ll be done!

#1: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely Driving School

Approved In The Following States: AL, AK, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, ID, MI, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, ND, OH, OK, OR, TN, TX, VA, WA, & WI


  • Works well on mobile devices.
  • In business for over 20 years.
  • Approved in many states.


  • Some parts of the course are getting a bit outdated.
  • No dedicated app for Apple & Android devices.

iDriveSafely is one of the largest and oldest online traffic schools with more than 5 million customers that have completed the course (although I prefer to call them guinea pigs). They’ve been at this for decades now and have kept a very good reputation.

This was the very first online traffic school I ever reviewed way back in 2011, and as of this writing, they are still among my favorites. The school also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also have a nearly 5-star rating on TrustPilot, a service that asks for verified customer reviews as they are going through the coursework.

Their system will check to verify you are eligible for their course. Before online traffic school became available, iDriveSafely was one of the few companies that had a home-based course through workbooks and VHS tapes (remember those?!?). Now that technology allows us to do so much from our internet-connected devices, they have continued their home-based online traffic school courses with a mixture of videos, animations, and tracking software so you can use the course whenever, from wherever, using virtually any device with an internet connection.

iDriveSafely remains my top pick as the best online traffic school you can sign up for in 2022. They haven’t made too many changes to the course since I first reviewed them, but there are some notable improvements. For starters, iDriveSafely has made improvements so that it works even better on mobile devices. They have also made improvements to their “identity verification system”. Some states require online traffic schools to ask you specific questions or use other means to verify your identity. That way they know that you are really the one taking the course. This system was a little glitchy in prior years which locked people out of the course requiring a call into customer service, but as of 2019, they made substantial improvements.

All in all, I still believe iDriveSafely is the fastest and easiest online traffic school on the market. If you want to get this over as painlessly as possible, iDriveSafely is my top recommendation. Check out my more detailed iDriveSafely Review if you’d like to learn more.

Check Out iDriveSafely Here

#2: Aceable

Aceable Online Defensive Driving

Approved In The Following States: CA, FL, IN & TX


  • Best online traffic school for mobile devices (dedicated apps).
  • Good mix of text, video, animations, games, and interactive features.
  • Best user reviews of any other onlien traffic school.


  • Not approved in many states.
  • Shorter customer service hours than most schools & response times can be up to 48 hrs.

Aceable is one of the best online traffic schools in 2022 and many would argue it is the best of the best. While Aceable is one of the newer online traffic schools, having just launched in 2017 it is still considered the best because of how modern it is. While many people prefer to go with the older and more experienced traffic schools, I strongly suggest you still check out Aceable. Having just been built from the ground up a few years ago, Aceable is the most advanced online traffic school you can sign up for. But, what exactly does that mean for you?

For starters, this is one of the very few online traffic schools that I know of that has built apps specific for Apple and Android devices. While most online traffic schools have “mobile-friendly” versions of the course that use your web browser, Aceable has dedicated apps and platforms for each device. You can switch between devices anytime and you can still use your PC as well.

They provide audio, video, graphics, animations, and they even have a cool robot mascot named Ace, who I promise you’ll actually miss when it’s all over. The way they deliver the content is very unique and easily makes this one of the least boring traffic school options for 2022.

Their customer service, based out of Austin, Texas, is very good, although I do think they can improve on their customer service hours and response time. Their customer service hours are currently Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM (CDT) and 9 AM to 1 PM on the weekends. Emails can take up to 48 hours to be responded to. By contrast, some other online traffic schools have 24/7/365 customer support available.

Aceable is fast, cheap, easy, it’s modern, they have a money-back guarantee, and it’s the course I would personally use if I had to sign up for an online traffic school today. If you want to learn more about Aceable, you can check out this review.

Aceable is arguably the best online traffic school you can sign up for in 2022. The only reason I have them listed #2 is that they aren’t approved in many states yet. They’ve made great strides in the past few years and I’m sure that will continue into the future. If you plan on taking your online traffic school from a tablet or smartphone, I would probably recommend this course to you over all the others. It really is the most modern and easiest to use online traffic school on the market today.

Check Out Aceable Here

#3: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: AZ, CA, FL, GA, IN, KY, MO, NJ, NY, TX, & VA


  • Coursework is more entertaining than any other school.
  • Very good 24/7 customer support.
  • Approved in several states.


  • Course has an older feel to it and could use some modernization.
  • Works on mobile but other courses work better.

Improv Traffic School was created by the famous chain of Improv Comedy Clubs. Many years ago, a bunch of Hollywood Comedians became instructors for classroom-based traffic schools but focused on making it fun and easy. Their traffic school courses were a huge hit since it was more like entertainment than anything. They took something that was extremely boring and made it pretty fun.

Thankfully, Improv Traffic School decided to take this same approach to online traffic school. While most online traffic schools consist of boring full-length pages of plain text to read, Improv Traffic School is full of hilarious videos, pictures, animations, and even some games. Plus, when you sign up, they also give you 2 free tickets to one of their Improv Comedy Clubs. Whether you decide to use those tickets or not, chances are you’ll have a few laughs taking their online traffic school.

This is one of my favorite courses and my top recommendation for those with a good sense of humor. Not everyone likes the “slapstick” style of humor that they use though. Yes, it’s very cheesy and be prepared for lots of dad jokes, but I guess I’m a sucker for that kind of thing!

As of 2022, Improv Traffic School is as funny as it’s ever been. Their “edutainment” approach continues to be a hit. Let’s face it, traffic school is boring and you’re not doing this by choice, but if you can get a few laughs it does make things more tolerable.

There are a couple things I’d like to see them improve though. One thing I’d like to see Improv Traffic School improve is mobile usability. Don’t get me wrong, the entire course is fully mobile-friendly, but it just seems clunkier than some of the other courses listed here. For example, some of the page load times are a bit longer and there are a few pages in the course where some elements are outside the main viewing area so you have to do a little scrolling, pinching, or zooming.

The course in general is just starting to feel really outdated as well. While their main website is nice and modern, once you get into the course material it feels like a trip back to the early 2000’s. This in no way impacts the quality of the course material itself, it just “feels” old.

If you want to get a few laughs during your traffic school experience, Improv Traffic School remains one of my top recommendations. They’ve also added a “start now, pay later” feature (not available in all states) where you can start taking the course without entering any payment information. This enables you to take it for a test drive of sorts and since no credit card info is entered, it really is risk-free. You can get more info in my detailed Improv Traffic School review here.

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#4: Go To Traffic School


Approved In The Following States: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VM, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, & WY


  • Approved in most states.
  • Lowest price guarantee.
  • Take the course for free and with no payment info until the final exam.


  • Some test/quiz questions seem very odd such as asking which states border your or what sports teams you have.
  • Very high expedited shipping prices if you need a paper certificate fast.

Go To Traffic School is a very good option for the bargain hunter. They have been around for about 2 decades with millions of people having completed their course before you. The reviews they receive online such as Yelp and TrustPilot (verified customers) are very good with few negatives even after millions of students have gone through the program.

The main thing that sets this online traffic school apart from the rest is their lowest price guarantee. If you are able to find a price anywhere else that is cheaper than Go To Traffic School, they will match or beat that price. Some states set a mandatory minimum price for all online traffic schools and Go To Traffic School prices their course at the minimum allowed by law. If you are simply looking for the lowest possible price to complete your ticket dismissal requirements, this is the course you want to sign up for. And don’t worry, you can start taking the course for free just to make sure you like it. No payment info is required until you take the final exam. This course is also approved in far more states than the first few options.

Of all the online traffic school reviews here, Go To Traffic School is the one that has made the most improvements over the past couple of years. This course hasn’t ever been better than it is in 2022. They have completely revamped their entire course along with the user interface. Recently, for example, they redid the entire user interface to make it work much better on mobile devices. They also updated their old outdated videos with new interactive ones.

For this being the guaranteed cheapest online traffic school option, I’m quite impressed with the improvements they have made. It might just be my imagination, but I also feel like the quizzes/tests got much easier although some of the questions are a little weird like asking what sports team plays in my states. Most states require a quiz after each section (usually 6 sections) with a “final exam” and the questions that Go To Traffic School asks seem ridiculously easy. I’ve never been more confident in recommending Go To Traffic School and I’m strongly considering moving them up on this list of reviews.

You can check out my more detailed review of Go To Traffic School here.

Check Out Go To Traffic School Here

#5: Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: AZ, CA, MI, & TX


  • Over 13 million customers served.
  • Unique 3D video animations.
  • Certificate of Completion sent to you or the court at no charge.


  • Not approved in many states.
  • Limited customer support hours.
  • Some parts of the course feel a bit outdated. is a school I normally recommend for online drivers ed courses, although they are approved in several states for online traffic school as well. This company is huge with drivers ed programs and repackages the material from drivers ed courses into an online traffic school. The advantage of this is, the quality is very high because there are more quality checks for drivers ed programs.

The graphics and animations they use are high quality and have a cool 3D look that’s easy on the eyes, although some of the videos and pages are starting to feel outdated as they haven’t really been updated since the early 2000s. With that said, this course does work very well on mobile devices as they offer apps specific for Android and Apple devices. I found the course material itself to be easy to follow, the quizzes are simple to pass, and it’s one of the fastest online traffic schools I was able to get through.

I really don’t think has changed their traffic school courses at all in probably the past 5 years. However, this isn’t really a big issue as the course is pretty much fine the way it is aside from looking a bit outdated which is just aesthetics. They were one of the first online traffic schools to allow you to use a smartphone or tablet and everything has worked well for years. The only improvement I could really see them making is updating some of their videos as they are becoming a little outdated, but is still a good choice to fulfill your traffic school requirements.

Check Out Here

#6: Traffic School 101

Traffic School 101 Online Traffic School Reviews

Approved In The Following States: CA, FL, NV, TX


  • 100% text-based course for those who don’t like watching videos.
  • Best course for slow internet connections.
  • Every 100th customer takes the course for free.


  • Course is getting pretty outdated.
  • Doesn’t work the best on mobile devices.

While many people enjoy an interactive online traffic school course filled with games, comedians, videos, and animations, other people just like the most bare-bones course available. This is where Traffic School 101 comes in handy.

This course has no frills, no thrills, and no attempts at using cheesy humor. Instead, the course is set up very similar to a standard ebook with just plain text throughout (along with some photos here and there). They simply present you with the info, provide the testing platform to complete your required quizzes, and you’re done.

But don’t worry, you still get the benefits of most other online traffic schools. You can still log in and out whenever you want and you get access to 24/7/365 technical and customer support. Unfortunately, this online traffic school will not work as well on mobile devices/tablets as other courses here. Sure, you can still access the course on mobile devices, but the quality just isn’t there. I recommend this course for those using a laptop or computer. If you want a straight forward course without all the extra bells and whistles though, this is a good traffic school to consider.

Unfortunately, Traffic School 101 is really starting to get outdated. I keep waiting for them to update the course, but the updates never come. I think this course has remained exactly the same over the past 10 years. I’m considering moving this traffic school down the list a bit in the near future if they don’t update the course. However, I still receive positive feedback from people who take this course from their laptop or PC, so I’ve decided to leave this course on the list for now. It is still a good option for those who actually prefer a text-only online traffic school course. You should just know up front that it is best to take this online traffic school from a PC instead of a mobile device. As long as you’re willing to do that, and you know this is a text-based online traffic school, it’ll be just fine for you. Still on the fence? Learn more in my full Traffic School 101 review.

Check Out Traffic School 101 Here

#7: Get Defensive

Get Defensive Online Defensive Driving

Approved In The Following States: TX


  • Lowest price allowed by law.
  • Fastest course allowed by law.
  • Course offered in both English & Spanish.


  • Only available in the state of Texas.
  • Videos have low resolution.

I decided to include this school for one main reason – they also guarantee to have the cheapest pricing. This course is very similar to Go To Traffic School and the school is actually operated by the same owners. However, the course is set up slightly differently as it is specific just for the state of Texas.

Since you are able to start taking the course for free, you might want to go through a chapter or two and see how it compares with some of the other online traffic schools listed here. It really comes down to personal preference, so sign up for free and see what you think. This is a course that has been around since 2004 with millions of people that have taken it. You have two different options for this traffic school. You can take the text-based course (which still has some videos mixed in), or you can take the 100% video-based course. This defensive driving course does not have a final exam, which is also a nice touch. Overall, this is one of the best options to fulfill defensive driving requirements in Texas.

While Get Defensive has been around since 2004, they frequently update their course material. They have made some very nice improvements over the past year, especially by improving how mobile-friendly the course is. They’ve also updated almost all of their videos, but unfortunately, the videos are pretty low resolution which isn’t ideal. If you live in the state of Texas and want to take a defensive driving course that is both cheap and specific to your state, I would strongly consider Get Defensive.

Check Out Get Defensive Here

#8: Comedy Traffic School

Comedy Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: CA


  • Over a 99% student pass rate.
  • Don’t pay until you pass.
  • 4 free comedy club tickets included.


  • Hidden fees at the end of the course.
  • Free comedy club tickets only available in Los Angeles and Sacramento.
  • Course isn’t all that humorous.

Comedy Traffic School is one of my most recent online traffic school reviews. I’m still a bigger fan of Improv Traffic School, but this is certainly another great option to look into if you like the comedic approach. I personally didn’t find the course as funny as Improv Traffic School, and other reviews online tend to agree with me.

There are several things that make Comedy Traffic School stand out. For starters, they have a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee. This is also the fastest course allowed by California state law. This course also has videos from famous people like Erik Estrada, Jerry Seinfeld, and David Spade. This course is free to take and you only pay at the end.

Comedy Traffic School is pretty diverse in how it delivers content and lets you choose. You can get a text-only course, a text with audio read along course, or a 100% video course. They are all different prices with text being the cheapest, but you can basically choose a course based on your own personal learning style.

While Comedy Traffic School is a good option if you want a 100% video-based traffic school, there’s a catch. The state of California no longer requires course timers to be used. In many states, you must stay on each page for a specific amount of time. That way, a 6hr traffic school course will actually take you at least 6 hours. California got rid of that. If you sign up for the video-based traffic school, I feel it takes longer than if you simply take the text-only version. You can essentially go from page to page as fast as you want and take the quizzes until you pass. If you’d like more info, you can read a more detailed review here.

Check Out Comedy Traffic School Here

#9: The Online Traffic School, Inc.

The Online Traffic School Best Reviews

Approved In The Following States: CA


  • No course timers or time requirements.
  • In business since 1996.
  • Works well on mobile devices.
  • Free certificate submission to the court clerks office.


  • Identity verification system can be tricky.
  • Long hold times for customer support has been frequently reported.
  • Court completion certificate can take up to 2 weeks to process.

The Online Traffic School, Inc. is another well known online traffic school. They’ve been around for so long that they have had over 4 million people pass their online traffic school course so far. That’s a lot of traffic violators! Believe it or not, they’ve existed since 1996, making them the very first online traffic school approved in California.

You get everything you’d expect from a higher quality online traffic school like 24/7/365 customer support and a money-back guarantee. They also have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (recently downgraded from an A+ rating) and a decent online reputation. Unfortunately, there have been several complaints about long hold times or response times from customer service, so even though it is offered 24/7, make sure you’re aware you may be on hold for a while.

The Online Traffic School, Inc. is mobile-friendly, there are no course timers, they automatically send your completion certificate to your court after completion (can take up to 2 weeks to process), and it’s a very easy course to pass.

The Online Traffic School, Inc. hasn’t really made any changes over the past few years, but no updates are really needed. This remains a good option for those in California that want to sign up with the original online traffic school on the market in California. Their pricing remains among the cheapest you’ll find and it can be completed quickly. After all the years they’ve been in business, I still think The Online Traffic School, Inc. is a good place to fulfill your California online traffic school requirements. Want to learn more? Check out my full review here.

Check Out The Online Traffic School, Inc. Here

#10: Traffic School Online

Traffic School Online

Approved In The Following States: AZ, FL, CA, MI


  • Straightforward pricing without hidden fees.
  • Full 100% money back guarantee.
  • Modern course that works well on mobile-devices.


  • In some states, you are unable to access course material during quizzes or exams.
  • Videos make the course take longer than other courses.

Traffic School Online has been around for over 20 years now and they have been able to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (along with positive reviews on the BBB site which is rare for any company). When doing a Google search for online traffic schools, this is one of the very top schools that comes up. When I saw that, I knew I had to write a review for it.

The course has undergone some big updates over the past few years making it much more modern and mobile-friendly. Whenever I’m performing one of my online traffic school reviews or audits, one of the first things I look for is a money-back guarantee. Fortunately, Traffic School Online offers this. It’s always nice when a company actually stands behind their product. You get 24/7 customer support, several different interactive features to break things up, and you can log in or out of the course whenever you’d like.

One thing I wasn’t thrilled with is how some of their video content makes the course last longer than it needs to. In most of the states they cover, you’ll end up spending a little more time on this traffic school than some of your other options.

The big updates Traffic School Online has made aren’t minor at all. This is essentially a brand new course event though they’ve been around for decades. This course was starting to get painfully outdated a few years ago to the point I was going to remove them from my recommended online traffic school reviews list, but fortunately, the updates they made now has me considering moving them up on this list. It is now much more modern with fresh new videos and it works MUCH better on mobile devices.

They also are very upfront with their pricing. Many online traffic schools like to sneak in hidden fees at the end after you’ve already invested hours of your time, but not these guys. That makes them a good choice in my book. You can learn more in my full Traffic School Online review.

Check Out Traffic School Online Here

#11: No Stress Traffic School

No Stress Traffic School Review

Approved In The Following States: CA, FL, MI


  • Cheapest price guarantee with price matching.
  • Typically sends completion certificates faster than most schools (about 2 business days).
  • Every 100th customer signs up for free.


  • Course is starting to feel pretty outdated.
  • Could function better on mobile-devices.
  • Some parts of the course don’t load due to using Flash Player which is no longer supported by most browsers.

No Stress Traffic School is another traffic school that I’ve only reviewed pretty recently. As the name of the school implies, they do everything they can to take all the stress out of your online traffic school experience. From an easy sign-up process to a lowest price guarantee and automatically sending your certification to the courts, you can rest assured this certified school will fulfill all of your court requirements in California, Florida, or Michigan. Many online traffic schools take about 2 weeks to send your completion certificate, but No Stress Traffic School tends to send them out much faster.

As with most other modern courses, you can log in and out at anytime using any device, so you truly can do this at your own pace and from anywhere. One cool and unique feature of this online traffic school is that every 100th customer gets to take the course free of charge. Will you be the lucky one?

No Stress Traffic School hasn’t updated its course in quite a few years and it’s starting to show. I’d like to see them update the material and make the course a bit more mobile-friendly. While you can certainly take No Stress Traffic School from a mobile device, I think it could use some improvements. This is still a good option though especially if you want a lowest price guarantee, so I’ve decided to leave the school up on this list of recommended providers. If you live in California, Florida, or Michigan, this would be a good option to consider. You can learn more in my full review of No Stress Traffic School.

Check Out No StressTraffic School Here

#12: Traffic School To Go

Traffic School To Go

Approved In The Following States: CA


  • Expedited completion reporting to the court included for free.
  • Free re-registration if you fail the course.
  • Works well on phones and tablets.


  • Course material is more boring than other courses.
  • Long customer service wait times frequently reported.
  • Only a B rating with the Better Business Bureau

Traffic School To Go is operated by the American Safety Council. It was was one of the very first online traffic schools in the nation. Unfortunately, their BBB rating has slipped a bit recently. They maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for a long time, but they’ve recently been downgraded to a B+, which is among the lowest of the online traffic schools reviewed here. The biggest reason for this is because their “identity verification system” tends to malfunction. This is a system that is required by the courts to make sure you are really the one taking the course. If you get locked out due to the system not being able to verify you, hold times to gain access again can take 30 minutes or more.

The course itself is designed so you can complete it using any device and switch between devices anytime. The course material was a bit more mundane and boring than other courses I’ve reviewed, but of course nobody takes a traffic school to have. a good time.

This course is also guaranteed to be the cheapest with a price match guarantee. Even with their poor customer service response times, I still decided to include this school since many people like that they are owned and operated by the American Safety Council. It is a name people trust and their school has been licensed for well over a decade.

Traffic School To Go hasn’t seen any big updates over the past couple of years. It is starting to get a little outdated but I’ve seen much worse. Hopefully they will update this course in the near future. However, it is still operated by a legit organization and they have been around for a long time with mostly positive reviews from students who have taken the course. Learn more about this online traffic school in my full Traffic School To Go review.

Check Out Traffic School To Go Here

#13: Ticket School

Ticket School Online Defensive Driving

Approved In The Following States: TX, FL, VA, NY, MI, LA, TN, MO


  • Much more modern course than many other traffic schools.
  • In business for over 30 years.
  • Approved in several states.


  • No online reputation with very few customer reviews.
  • Some hidden fees at the end of the course. caught my attention because I kept seeing it pop up during Google search results when searching for online traffic schools. They have received approval in several states and seem to be of higher quality. When I first discovered Ticket School I was not very impressed and they were the lowest-rated program on my online traffic school reviews list. However, they have improved the quality of their course consistently every year they’ve been around.

This online traffic school is mobile-friendly, uses HD videos, has interactive features, and all the other things you’d expect from a higher quality online traffic school. While there isn’t a whole lot that makes Ticket School stand out, they are a legit program that has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, there isn’t much customer feedback out there so researching this school is more challenging than others. After going through the course myself, though, it does seem like a more modern online traffic school. It’s perplexing that a company who has been around for so long with such modern course material has such a small online reputation with essentially no reviews to be found anywhere.

In the end, though, Ticket School has made some nice upgrades over the past couple of years. As recently as just a few of years ago this course wasn’t even mobile-friendly. However, they have rebuilt the course to work well on mobile devices and have made the course much more modern, especially with their high-quality HD videos. It’s good to see this course being updated at the rate they’ve improved. You can learn more about this online traffic school in my full Ticket School review.

Check Out Ticket School Here


Traffic School Dot Com Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: AZ, CA, FL, NY, TX


  • In business since 1994 with a good reputation.
  • Quiz and test questions seem extra easy.
  • Low price.


  • Identity verification system issues.
  • Limited customer service hours on weekdays only.
  • Outdated course material. is yet another online traffic school that is becoming a victim of being outdated. These guys have been in business since 1994, so they’ve been around a very long time. Obviously, when they first started they weren’t offering online courses. At that time, they offered a booklet course that they sent to you through the mail. You’d complete the booklet and send it back. Believe it or not, they still offer that! So, if you’d prefer to do your traffic school at home using a booklet, this is a course you may want to consider.

Also be aware this isn’t the best course to use on mobile-devices. While it does work on phones and tablets, there are FAR better options on this list of online traffic schools you should choose from. The course material itself on is fine, it just works better on a laptop or PC.

One of the biggest issues with is their identity verification system. That system is prone to failing which will lock you out of the course. When that happens, you’ll need to call their customer service number which is only available on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. This can make it tough for people working on their traffic school at odd hours or on the weekends as no support will be available during those times.

However, has withstood the test of time. They’ve served millions of customers and their course content is very simple and straightforward. They do offer some video in their course, but it is mostly text so if you prefer to have a text-based course this is a good option, especially if you plan to take the course from a laptop or PC.

Check Out Here

#15: Best Traffic School

Best Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: CA, NV, VA



  • Course can be very glitchy.
  • Outdated and dry material.
  • Coursework is displayed on a very small window on PC & isn’t very mobile-friendly.

Best Traffic School, which also just goes by the name BEST, has been around for a long time, and it shows, but not in a very good way! I personally was not very impressed with this online traffic school for several reasons, but most of those reasons are simply due to the fact it is quite outdated.

This online traffic school doesn’t work all that great on mobile-devices, but what’s worse is that it doesn’t work very well on PC, either! It can get very glitchy by freezing up the screen and even changing test scores. I’ve verified with other customers that they will receive a certain score, but when they log in again, the score is completely different sometimes even failing them in the course!

Fortunately, customer service at Best Traffic School seems to be above average. While they don’t have 24/7 support, their response times seem to be better than most and the issues are usually resolved pretty easily.

It should also be noted that I may not share the popular opinion. Best Traffic School has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and also receives VERY positive reviews on Yelp. At first, I thought those Yelp reviews were fake, but upon further research, they do appear to be legit.

If you do plan on signing up for Best Traffic School, I highly recommend you search for coupons online. I unfortunately don’t have any to share with you myself, but they frequently have good deals on Groupon that can lower the price quite a bit. Never pay full price for Best Traffic School.

And finally, Best Traffic School seems to be faster to complete than most other courses. Even with the glitches and the fact it’s outdated, I was able to get through this course very, very quickly.

Check Out Best Traffic School Here

#16: Funny Bone Schools

Funny Bone Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: TX


  • Approved by all Texas state courts.
  • 100% video content for those that don’t like reading.
  • Classroom courses also offered.


  • Videos tend to freeze, making this course take longer than necessary.
  • Some videos are very old and outdated.
  • Some addons and hidden fees at the end of the course.

Funny Bone is another “comedy style” online traffic school. I think Improv Traffic School is more funny and entertaining, but humor is pretty subjective so I can’t speak for everyone.

Funny Bone is best for those who want their Texas defensive driving course to be 100% video. Some people prefer to read text, some people prefer the audio read-along versions, and some prefer 100% video.

One thing I noticed while taking the course, though, is that sometimes the video would freeze up. While that’s not too terrible, the only way to fix this issue was by completely logging out of the course and logging back in. This added a substantial amount of time to the course by probably an hour or more. That’s why I’d only recommend Funny Bone to those who only wish to do 10 or 15 minutes of the course per day. If you plan to hammer out the entire course in one or two days, this might get too annoying for most people. I initially thought it was my computer causing the issues so I tried other computers on different internet connections but had the same issues. I then discovered through reading reviews that many other people were having the same issue.

Speaking of reviews, Funny Bone is an interesting case. While they have really poor reviews on Yelp, they have exceedingly positive reviews on Google. It’s also strange how there are only a few dozen reviews on Yelp when there are hundreds on Google. Keep in mind the reviews are also diluted by those who took classroom courses instead of the online traffic school they offer.

Speaking of which, Funny Bone does also offer classroom courses in some parts of Texas, so if you decide you actually want to take your traffic school in a classroom instead of online, that is available to you through Funny Bone.

Check Out Funny Bone Defensive Driving Here

#17: EZAZ Traffic Schools

EZ AZ Online Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: AZ


  • Exceedingly high quality customer service.
  • Offered in both English & Spanish.
  • Very high customer ratings and reviews.


  • Spelling & grammar during the course could use some improvement.
  • Course material is bland and consists of almost all text.

EZAZ Traffic School is only approved in the state of Arizona, but this online traffic school has perhaps the best and most helpful customer service I’ve ever experienced doing these reviews. This is such a rare thing to come by just about anywhere these days, but especially with online services.

This online traffic school is pretty simple. It’s basically just a text-based course and doesn’t offer much in the way of video or interactive features. Unfortunately, the state of Arizona requires that each page throughout the course be timed. You are not allowed to move forward until the timer reaches zero. I found that most of the time when I was done reading a page, there were still several minutes remaining on the timer. This is not really the fault of EZAZ Traffic School as it is a requirement the state of Arizona requires, but it is still very frustrating nonetheless.

Another impressive aspect of EZAZ Traffic School is the very high reviews from customers. They have a 5-star rating on Yelp, a 4.5 rating on Google reviews, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind EZAZ Traffic School also offers a lot of classroom courses so their reviews are diluted with those reviews, but I personally checked the reviews and almost all reviews for the online traffic school were positive.

While the online traffic school they offer is pretty boring and just page after page of text, customers seem happy and it works just fine on mobile-devices as well. While I didn’t find this to be the most fun online traffic school ever, their customer service more than makes up for it.

Check Out EZAZ Traffic School Here

#18: MM Traffic School

MM Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: CA


  • Small business owned with superb customer service.
  • Over a 99% student success rate.
  • Home study booklet course also offered.


  • Some of the course content is pretty bland.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Only offered in California.

MM Traffic School is a very unique online traffic school on this list. Based out of San Diego, this is a small business only operated by a few people. Due to their small size, they only offer online traffic school in the state of California. I was initially worried that they would not provide high-quality customer support since they don’t have a large staff, but I was very wrong. These guys go above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen at any traffic school before.

It’s not just me, either. MM Traffic School has the highest customer reviews out of any online traffic school on this list. No matter which review service you look at, MM Traffic School has a perfect or near-perfect rating. As some examples, they have a perfect 5-star rating on Google reviews with nearly 300 reviews. They also have a perfect 5-star rating on Yelp. What about Facebook reviews? Yup, 5-stars! And just for good measure, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The actual online course at MM Traffic School is very easy and straightforward. I wouldn’t say it’s a very flashy course, but it’s simple to follow and doesn’t take long at all to complete. It also works just fine on mobile devices as well as a laptop or PC. The whole experience from start to finish just feels professional.

If you don’t want to take the course online, but still want to take your traffic school from home, consider signing up for their booklet home study course. With this option, they send you a booklet which you complete at home then send back to them.

I’m a big fan of MM Traffic School and think they are doing a great job. The overwhelming number of 5-star reviews they receive is only further proof that sometimes small businesses do things better. If you live in California, I would seriously give MM Traffic School a strong consideration.

Check Out MM Traffic School Here


DmvEdu Traffic School Defensive Driving

Approved In The Following States: AZ, CA, FL, NV, NJ



  • Very bland course material.
  • Some glitches throughout the course.
  • Lack of online reviews. is a lesser-known online traffic school, and because of that, the amount of reviews that can be found for this course online is pretty lacking. The only site where I found a decent amount of reviews from is Shopper Approved, a site that surveys students currently taking the course. However, the reviews are very… odd. I’m not saying they are fake reviews, but most of the reviews, no matter the rating, are very short one-word reviews or very short sentences. Some of the reviews even make it seem like the person doesn’t realize they are making a review at all. With that said, they do receive a 4.7 rating which is very high. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and no customer complaints are listed.

I found this course to be pretty boring and bland. It is 100% text-based which I find to be cumbersome, but some people prefer it. This online traffic school also works well on smartphones and tablets. However, I noticed some pages had some errors on both mobile devices as well as my laptop. For example, some of the quiz pages would have a glitch that would scroll the page back to the top any time I chose an answer, so I’d have to scroll back down for each question. Not a deal breaker, but a bit annoying.

Another issue I discovered is some of the grammar throughout the course just seemed a bit off. Due to this, it was difficult to understand some concepts and could cause incorrect answers on quiz questions.

One final concern is their customer service. To be fair, I never did attempt to contact their customer service team, but they don’t have any hours listed or any information about how they can be reached other than a phone number and contact form.

Finally, be sure to check out coupon sites such as Groupon. It appears obtains a large amount of its business from those coupon sites, so it probably doesn’t make sense to pay full price on this traffic school.

Check Out Here

#20: 2 Cool Traffic School

2 Cool Traffic School Logo

Approved In The Following States: FL, TN, WI


  • Small business owned with excellent customer support.
  • Available in states most other traffic schools aren’t.
  • Videos and narration included.


  • No Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Lack of online reviews.
  • Some glitches throughout the course.

2 Cool Traffic School is an online traffic school operated by a small business based in Florida. I usually prefer the small business operated traffic schools over the big corporate guys because the customer service is almost always better. This is the case with 2 Cool Traffic School as well. Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons you may need to contact support when going through a traffic school. Sitting on hold for hours at a time has been reported with some online traffic schools never even responding to emails. With 2 Cool Traffic School, you’ll get a good customer service experience in the event you need to contact them.

The course content at 2 Cool Traffic School is pretty good and they include features that many other online traffic schools charge for. For example, they include videos and audio narration as you go through the portions of the course that only have text. I like the mix they have in terms of delivering content. Text, videos, animations, and even some games are thrown in.

The site does work well on phones and tablets, but I did find some errors on both. There are sections where images don’t load so all you see is html code. There are also some formatting issues where text might be off to one side of the screen. And finally, some of the pictures and videos take a bit longer to load than they should, which tacks some time onto how long it will take to complete the course.

2 Cool Traffic School also doesn’t have much in terms of an online reputation. They have no Yelp reviews, only 1 Facebook review, no Better Business Bureau rating, and only 1 review on TrustPilot. It looks like they survey their own students using Shopper Approved in which they do receive a high score of 4.6 out of 5. I personally thought this was a pretty good course though and it also helps a small Florida based business. If you’d like to learn more, check out my more detailed review of 2 Cool Traffic School here.

Check Out 2 Cool Traffic School Here

#21: Highway Traffic School

Highway Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: AZ, CA, FL, ID, PA



  • Very few pictures and no videos.
  • Course timer is too long for each page.

Highway Traffic School has been in business for over 20 years. While they aren’t the most popular or well-known online traffic school, their coursework is very similar to may other schools out there. Highway Traffic School doesn’t have much of an online reputation as they have no Yelp reviews or Facebook reviews. However, they do use TrustPilot as a way to survey their own students and receive a very good 4.8 rating. The biggest complaint about the course is how long it takes which isn’t really their fault since most states they are offered in require course timers. There are also some complaints that the course is too boring as there are very few images and no videos in the entire course. However, their traffic school course is broken up into easily manageable sections and you can log into or out of the course anytime you want.

One issue I noticed is with their course timers. If you’re lucky enough to live in California, you don’t need to worry about this as no course timers are required. However, for those of you in Arizona, Florida, Idaho, and Pennsylvania, you will need to deal with a timer on each page before you can move ahead. I was able to read the entire page with time still left on the timer, so I’d end up just sitting there waiting for the timer to tick down. I feel they could make the pages longer, that way the timer will be finished once I’m done. However, this could be part of a state requirement on how long pages can be, I’m not too sure.

While I did not attempt to contact the customer service department at Highway Traffic School, they do offer extended hours which is nice to see. They are not 24/7, but they are open most of the day as well as on Saturdays. If you want a text-based course that is very simple and works on phones and tablets, Highway Traffic School is a pretty good option to go with.

Check Out Highway Traffic School Here


Defensive Driving Dot Com

Approved In The Following States: CA, FL, NJ, TX


  • In business since 2000.
  • Text and video courses offered.


  • Shady customer reviews.
  • Course content is getting very outdated.
  • Hidden fees during registration and at the end of the course. has been around for over 20 years and has had more than 2 million students complete their courses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really seem like their course has been updated much since they launched in 2000. It is nice that they offer both text as well as video courses so students can choose what they prefer, but even the video course is pretty outdated.

One big red flag I see with is their online reviews. For a company that has been around for so long with millions of students, there is quite a lack of online reviews. The reviews they do receive are very poor. For example, they recieve a 1-star rating on Yelp. They have no Facebook or Google reviews, and while they do have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, there are several customer complaints on that page as well. They do receive positive ratings on the Shopper Approved site, which is a site that surveys current students. However, those ratings are extremely misleading. They ask students to leave a review right after registration before any coursework has even been completed, and students are forced to leave a review. This, in my opinion, is very dishonest.

Another issue many customer have are hidden fees. Some fees they are upfront about, such as the video-based course being $10 more than the text-based course. This is outlined during course registration. However, other fees are not disclosed until the end of the course. For example, if you need to expedite certificate processing, they charge $25 even though you can print it at home.

However, has been around for a long time and have had millions of students go through traffic school, so they must be doing something right. It is historically one of the more popular and widely used online traffic schools around.

Check Out Here

#23: Approved Course

Approved Course Defensive Driving

Approved In The Following States: TX


  • Small business owned with excellent customer service.
  • Text and video courses available.
  • Positive online reputation & reviews from students.


  • Some videos are a little cheesy.
  • No Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Only available in Texas.

Approved Course is another small business operated online traffic school. As full disclosure, I personally know the owner of this defensive driving course, so hopefully, my bias doesn’t show through, but I feel the need to make that known. I’ve seen the owner and his father put their blood, sweat, and tears into making this a very high-quality defensive driving course in Texas. Fortunately, you don’t have to just take my word for it. Approved Course receives very positive ratings online. For example, you can check out their Google reviews here. About 1,000 reviews and a 4.9 rating isn’t too shabby at all! They also receive good reviews on their Facebook page.

The content itself at Approved Course was developed by just a few people. This traffic school does not feel corporate and that is either a good or a bad thing. The good is that you know you’re helping a small business and the videos are just fun and goofy like you’d expect from a very small team of producers. The bad is that some of the videos can feel a bit cheesy. However, I’d rather sit through some cheesy videos than reading page after page of plain text or watch corporate made videos that are just a voiceover and stock video footage.

I also think Approved Course has some of the best customer service in the industry. If you need to give them a call, chances are very good you’ll either be speaking to the owner or someone in his family. That’s something you won’t find at just about any other online traffic school. If you live in the state of Texas, this is a very good course to consider. You can learn more in my detailed Approved Course review here.

Check Out Approved Course Here

#24: A Sense Of Humor

A Sense Of Humor Driving Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: TX


  • Small business owned with extended customer service hours.
  • Humorous course with funny videos.
  • Video & text course available.


  • Some parts of the course are getting outdated.
  • Could work better on mobile-devices.

Here is yet another small business owned traffic school. This online defensive driving course is only approved in the state of Texas, but if you live in Texas and want to help out an actual Texas owned small business instead of one of the corporate owned courses, you should give them a look.

A Sense Of Humor, like most other small business owned traffic schools, offers excellent customer service. While they do not have 24/7 support, they are open 365 days per year 12 hours per day. Even most of the larger traffic school companies don’t offer those hours.

This is yet another defensive driving course that focuses on comedy. They offer both a text-based course with free audio read along, or you can sign up for the 100% video-based course which costs an extra 10 bucks. Free certificate processing is included and there are no hidden fees at the end of the course like some other courses have. I did find a few errors on the smartphone version of the course, but they were minor such as some text being off-screen forcing me to scroll to the side. These were few and far between.

They don’t have much of an online reputation with only one rating on yelp although it’s 5 stars. Most reviews fro them are on Google reviews in which they receive a respectable 4.5 rating. If you’d like to learn more about this online traffic school, you can check out my full review of A Sense Of Humor here.

Check Out A Sense Of Humor Driving Here

#25: Safe2Drive

Safe2Drive Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: AK, AZ, CA, DE, FL, ID, IN, ND, NJ, NM, NV, OH, TX, VA, WA


  • Very positive customer reviews & online reputation
  • Course offered in both English & Spanish.
  • Good mix of course content.


  • Each section takes a long time to complete.
  • Some portions of the course is getting outdated.

Safe2Drive is a very well established online traffic school approved in many states. This is one of the larger and more popular schools with good reason. Safe2Drive receives positive ratings online such as their Yelp reviews and Google reviews. They are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have maintained an A+ rating with no customer complaints.

The course content itself is pretty good. Some of the content is feeling a bit outdated, but I like how Safe2Drive offers several different learning methods throughout the program such as text, video, images, animations, etc. The quizzes and tests are very easy and for the most part you can get through this course in the minimum time allowed by whatever state you’re taking it in.

Customer service at Safe2Drive is also on point. They offer extended customer service hours and respond to requests very quickly. You can see here that their average response time is under 1 minute and people are satisfied with their customer service experience 99% of the time. This is pretty rare when it comes to online traffic schools.

And finally. Safe2Drive is offered in both English and Spanish. Not enough schools offer traffic school in multiple languages but they do. If you’d like to learn more about Safe2Drive before signing up, you can check out my more detailed review of Safe2Drive here.

Check Out Safe2Drive Here

#26: Ticket Toaster

Ticket Toaster Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: CA


  • Certificates processed within 1 day of course completion.
  • 100% price match with a lowest price guarantee.
  • Only pay after you pass.


  • Some “hidden messages” need to be found in order to get quiz answers.
  • Some reviews are biased paid reviews.

Ticket Toaster is one of the higher quality online traffic schools available. One thing that really sets Ticket Toaster apart is their exceedingly high reviews. The high reviews they receive is very uncommon for any online traffic school, but they have been receiving exceedingly high reviews year after year. Just check out their Yelp reviews where they have a 5-star rating with hundreds of reviews submitted. They also get 5-stars on Trust Pilot, a review service that surveys actual verified students taking the course. But what about Facebook reviews, you might ask? Yup, 5-stars there too!

Now, one thing I. have an issue with is some of their reviews are from people looking to get paid. They will leave a positive review, then leave a promo code to save you money when you sign up. The kicker is, if you use their promo code, they also get paid. This leads people to be a bit biased in their 5-star reviews. However, I do still think this is a very good online traffic school and the majority of reviews are legit.

The course content itself is mostly text and images. One weird feature they have are “hidden messages” with information that you are required to know in order to pass the quizzes. This is supposed to be an entertaining feature, and it kind of is, but it can also get a little annoying, too. The trick here is, almost all of the “hidden messages” are in the images, so pay attention to those.

If you live in California, Ticket Toaster should be one of the schools on the top of your list. They really are one of the best online traffic schools out there.

Check Out Ticket Toaster Here

#27: 5 Dollar Traffic School

5 Dollar Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: CA


  • Truly $5 with no hidden fees.
  • Extremely positive reviews & online reputation.
  • 24/7 technical support.


  • Periodic website server issues.
  • No video course available.

5 Dollar Traffic School has been a favorite online traffic school in California for decades. The reason is pretty obvious, right? The price really can’t be beat. In case you’re wondering, yes, 5 Dollar Traffic School really is just $5! You also might expect that this online traffic school is of lower quality, but it’s not! People are actually very happy with this online traffic school. There are some optional upgrades such as audio read along and duplicate completion certificates, but these are all things you can find upfront. There really are no hidden fees with this course.

The reviews for 5 Dollar Traffic School are exceedingly good. They have 5-stars on YelpFacebook, and Google reviews. After going through the coursework myself, I can also say I would give this course 5 stars. While it isn’t the most technically advanced online traffic school, it is simple, easy to use, and of course CHEAP!

The course content is pretty standard. 5 Dollar Traffic School mostly consists of text but they have some images mixed in too. The tests and quizzes are very easy to pass and nobody should have a problem is you actually pay attention. It would be nice to see a video option, but honestly for $5, this online traffic school exceed expectation in almost every way. Heck, they even offer 24/7 technical support which schools 3 times the cost doesn’t even offer. Everything considered this is probably the online traffic school that gives you the best bargain. If you live in California, you should seriously consider this one.

Check Out 5 Dollar Traffic School Here

#28: Fast Lane Traffic School

Fast Lane Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: CA


  • No hidden fees.
  • Offered in both English & Spanish.
  • Home study booklet course also offered.


  • Text & images with no video content.
  • Limited customer service hours.

Fast Lane Traffic School doesn’t boast about having millions of past students, nor are they one of the more widely known online traffic schools, but if you live in the state of California you should still consider this one. They receive very positive reviews on sites like Yelp and Google reviews, but unfortunately, most of the reviews are pretty old with very few reviews from the past few years. This is mainly because it’s not one of the more popular schools, but the underlying reason doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. In fact, Fast Lane Traffic School is pretty good in several ways.

For starters, Fast Lane Traffic School does not have any hidden fees. This is a huge trick that many online traffic schools use on customers. People sign up, spend hours going through the course, then are hit with hidden fees at the very end. Obviously this is a frustrating experience and most people just end up paying the hidden fees as they don’t want to start all over with another online traffic school. It’s a pretty unethical process, so I’m glad to see Fast Lane Traffic School does not partake in this shady business practice.

The course is very simple as it is mostly just plain text and some images thrown in. There is a version available in Spanish as well. You can also opt to receive a home study booklet course instead of taking your course on the internet. Many people still prefer this method but few schools still offer it. It’s nice to see Fast Lane Traffic School giving students this option as well.

Their customer service hours are a bit shorter than preferred. They close up about 4:30pm so if you get off of work at 5pm then go home to take the course and have issues, there will be nobody around to help you out. Overall, though, this is a good quality online traffic school.

Check Out Fast Lane Traffic School Here

#29: Driving School Express

Driving School Express

Approved In The Following States: AZ, CA, FL, NV, TX


  • Text & video courses available.
  • Works well on mobile devices.
  • Easy to navigate.


  • Lack of an online reputation.
  • Uses some third party schools for content.
  • Third party customer service.

Driving School Express is an up and coming online traffic school that isn’t very well known yet. Since they are so new, there are essentially no reviews from prior customers. They also farm out some of the content to third parties or other schools. In other words, you sign up through Driving School Express, but the course content you’re taking is actually through another online traffic school. This is common practice as new traffic schools get started, but is also a bit deceitful as well.

You can take Driving School Express in several states and each state sort of offers their own pros and cons. However, in all of the states they are approved in, the content is delivered in multiple formats including text, video, animations, images, and interactive features even including some games.

Another issue with Driving School Express is their customer service. Most online traffic schools that outsource customer service to an outside company is not nearly as good as online traffic schools that have their own customer service team. I did not personally call their customer service line, but it is something you should be aware of.

Check Out Driving School Express Here

#30: Urban Traffic School

Urban Traffic School

Approved In The Following States: CA, MO, NV, VA


  • Very high reviews & a good online reputation.
  • Course content delivered through multiple formats.
  • Free audio read-along.


  • Hidden fees at the end of the course.
  • Background music & sound effects make videos difficult to hear.

Urban Traffic School has been around for quite a while and has really become one of the larger and most popular online traffic schools in the states they are offered. They have earned a very good online reputation and have very positive reviews from customers. Just take a look at their Yelp reviews. While there aren’t many reviews on Yelp, they do have a 5-star rating. An even better indicator is their hundreds of Google reviews where they also have a 5-star rating. They also get 4.9 stars on their Facebook pageShopper Approved, a service that surveys current students taking the course also has a near 5-star rating. And finally, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Urban Traffic School offers course content in several different ways including text, video, graphics, animations, and more. Some of it does feel a little outdated, but I’ve seen much worse. One issue I did run into is with their videos. They have some background music and sound effects that are too loud and distracting. It really takes away from what is being said and I missed some info because of it, but this is a pretty nitpicky complaint. They do offer free audio read-along which most online traffic schools charge extra for, so that’s nice.

At the end of the course, I was a bit dismayed to see several hidden fees. Granted, these hidden fees are for “extra” services, but I like to know their full pricing all upfront. Some examples of their add-ons are getting an email of your certificate which is an extra $5, and also following up with the court for an extra $10. In other words, they will send your completion certificate to the court for free, but they won’t follow up and verify that the court actually received it. You either need to do that yourself or pay them extra to do it for you. Kinda rubs me the wrong way, but again, this online traffic school receives very positive ratings and these complaints are fairly minor. all in all this is a great school to consider.

Check Out Urban Traffic School Here

Additional Articles Related To Online Traffic School Reviews

More Helpful Advice For Choosing An Online Traffic School

I truly hope you find the above online traffic school reviews to be helpful. Be sure to check out the links I listed for the courses above as some of them include discounts. I was able to contact many of these schools and get special referral links that will save you some cash. While that wraps up the reviews of traffic schools, below I included a bit more information I thought you might be interested in.

How I Performed These Online Traffic School Reviews

It’s pretty simple, really. First, I research the company that runs the online driving school and read as many reviews as I can. I make sure they are a real company and are legitimate. If the company isn’t legit, I don’t even take the course. Anytime I enter personal information, I only go with secure websites on secure servers with secure companies that are well established. So rest assured, these schools are safe in that aspect.

Once I’ve determined the traffic school is legit, I take the course for myself. Yeah, it’s boring. But I’m happy to sacrifice my time and sanity for my fellow speeders and for the success of this website (I’m addicted to building websites – it’s fun!). After I complete the course, I write up my review. That’s it! I mean really, besides taking the course for you, there isn’t much more I can do to help, is there? After about 10 years of doing this, I’ve managed to complete a decent amount of courses.

Anymore Online Traffic School Reviews?

I’ll try to get this page updated as frequently as possible, but I haven’t found any other online traffic school courses worth mentioning yet. Seriously, those are the best online traffic schools out there. As long as you stick with one of the online traffic schools I listed above, you’ll be in good shape.

I do, however, have some online traffic school reviews listed by state. It’ll mostly be repeated information, but check it out if you’re interested.

How Long Does Online Traffic School Take To Complete?

This depends entirely on your state. Check out my online traffic school reviews by state for more detailed info. In some states, there are programs you can take with no course timers, and that’s awesome. What’s a course timer, you might ask? Each page of your online traffic school must be timed in most states. For example, if your state normally requires a classroom traffic school to last 6 hours, the online driving course alternative must take you 6 hours as well. To ensure it takes that amount of time, there are timers in the course to prevent you from skipping ahead and finishing the entire thing in 10 minutes. Sorry, no way around this one. Although sitting in front of the television while simultaneously “taking the course” seems to act as a nice remedy (you didn’t hear that from me).

What Happens When I’m Finished Taking My Online Traffic School?

Once again, this depends on the state you’re from. In some states, such as California, it is up to the traffic school themselves to electronically send your completion certificate directly to the courts for you. However, in other states such as Texas, you will need to receive a paper copy of your certificate in the mail, then personally deliver that to the court or, in some cases, mail it in to the court yourself.

Watch Out For Online Traffic Schools And Their “Expedited Shipping” Charges

Most online traffic schools require up to 7 days for “processing time” before your completion certificate is shipped. Then, they use the slowest mailing method possible with delivery times estimated at 7 to 10 days. In order to receive your certificate quicker, you have to pay ridiculous expedited processing fees. Do not procrastinate taking your online traffic school! If you do, you’ll pay for it in the way of overpriced shipping and handling fees. Just get it done.

Beware Of State Requirements

Different states and in some cases, different municipalities have different requirements that online traffic schools must abide by. What are those requirements? Well, most areas require a course timer as I mentioned earlier. In addition, in order for an online traffic school to maintain their state certification, things like “identity authentication” systems are required. Basically, they want to make sure the person taking the course is the person that actually got the traffic ticket. This authentication system can take many forms including:

  • Question / Answer Format: At the beginning of the course, you may be asked several personal questions that only you should know (do you have a mortgage, what are the 3rd and 4th numbers of your social security number, what is your mothers maiden name, what year was your father born, etc.). Once you have answered these questions, you will be asked throughout the course randomly to answer those questions again. If you get too many wrong or don’t answer within the amount of time allowed, you get locked out of the course. In addition, they may ask you new questions throughout the course that only you should know the answer to. You are allowed to get some of these wrong, but get too many wrong and you are locked out.
  • Voice Authentication: You may be required to authenticate your voice. This is usually done through the telephone. Basically, they call your phone number to get a “baseline” recording of your voice. After that, they will call you randomly throughout the course and ask you to give a secret code that is currently shown on the screen. If you do not get the code right or it is not your voice being used, you may get locked out of the course. Some courses require a microphone to be used and plugged in / active while taking the course.
  • Smartphone or webcam verification: In some cases, a court will require you to have a smartphone. The webcam will need to be on and active throughout the course and/or the cam will take pictures at random times. If you are not clearly visible and identifiable, you may be locked out of the course. Note that this is a rare form of authentication and voice authentication is much more widely used.

What happens if you get “locked out” of a course? Normally, it’s a simple phone call to customer service. This is part of the reason why 24/7/365 customer support is necessary for online traffic schools. Most of the time when people get locked out of a course, it is due to a simple error and not due to any attempts at cheating.

Keep in mind, if you do get caught cheating or having somebody else take your online traffic school for you, it is a criminal offense. Granted, I’ve never heard of anyone actually getting fined or going to jail over this, but it’s probably best to simply complete the course yourself and not risk it. This is just a traffic school, not a prison sentence!

Don’t Sign Up For Online Traffic School Until You’re Ready

Along the lines of state requirements, online traffic schools can only keep your account in “active” status for a certain period of time. Usually, this is 3 to 9 months, depending on the state. If you have not completed the course in this timeframe, you will get locked out of your account. In order to re-activate, most online traffic schools we reviewed charged a fee to re-activate. Don’t sign up until you are ready to take and complete the course.

Well, I hope you found these online traffic school reviews helpful and I hope this is the last time you ever have to take an online traffic school! But hey, at least you don’t have to waste your time sitting in a stuffy classroom with a bunch of other traffic law criminals (hey, technically you’re a criminal!). Online traffic school isn’t so bad in comparison. So take one last look through all of the online traffic school reviews listed above, feel free to use our coupon codes and discount links, and get it done! It’ll all be over soon!

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