How To Obtain Your Driving Records

How To Obtain Your Driving Records

About every one or two years, there are a couple things you should check. Your credit report, and your driving record. Everyone should keep a close watch on their credit report to try and catch identity theft or false credit reporting. With data flying around the world via the internet and computers, just a couple incorrectly pushed buttons and you could get dinged with a bad credit report totally by mistake.

For similar reasons, you’ll want to check your driving record as well. First of all, if someone has borrowed your vehicle, you never know what may have happened while they were driving it. Maybe they got a bunch of parking tickets but through them in the trash instead of paying them. Or maybe they got some red light camera tickets but through away the evidence. As the registered vehicle owner, your driving record is on the hook!

Each state also issues different types of driving records. Some states employ strict privacy laws. Getting hold of a copy of an individual’s driving record will be limited to what the state considers as public information – so they have separate record types for personal use and employment and insurance purposes. In some states, you can access driving records that contain information from within a specific time frame (i.e. three-year driving history). So it’s really important to know which type of driving record you need before submitting a request.

And of course, just like credit reporting errors, sometimes information gets entered into a computer incorrectly. Someone with your same name may have received a traffic ticket, but it was put in under your name and address. Someone with a license plate number off by only one digit may have been pulled over, but your license plate number was entered by mistake. There are countless ways you could be incorrectly dinged with a poor driving record. This could effect everything from your car insurance premiums to your credit report and even your criminal record.

Below, you’ll find some articles to help you find the best way to obtain your driving record.



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How To Get Your DMV Driving Record

Getting Pulled Over

Getting your DMV driving record is pretty easy these days, but there are a few different ways to go about it. Not only that, but each state has its own methods of allowing drivers to obtain their DMV records. 

In most states, you can request your driving records online, through the mail, at a driver services facility, or through a 3rd party. However, the costs and processes will be different for each individual state.

On this page, you can simply choose your state and I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to obtain your driving record for your specific state. Doesn’t get much easier than that!



Find Out How To Get Your DMV Driving Record


Obtaining A Free Driving Record?

Traffic Ticket Courses
Finding a free driving record isn’t easy and unfortunately, depending on your state, it might be impossible. Back in the day, it was as easy as walking into your local Department of Motor Vehicles. But that’s all changed. Hopefully this helps you in your pursuit. Since you’re here, that means you’re probably trying to obtain your driving record for free on the web. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you.



Find Out If You Can Get Your Driving Record For Free


How Driving Records Influence Hiring Decisions

Beating Traffic TicketMany people are aware, of course, of how important driving records are in their personal life, but not everyone is aware that those records can often play a critical role in whether or not they land the job they need. The truth is that many employers routinely check the DMV and MVR records of their job candidates, even if the jobs being filled do not require the use of a company vehicle. These DMV records, driving records, MVR records, motor vehicle records and other records provide employers with a wealth of information not only about the individual’s driving record, but about past brushes with the law in the form of DUI arrests and other legal problems.



Find Out More About How Driving Records Influence Hiring Decisions


How To Get your Texas Driving Record

Cop In Rearview
If you need to get a copy of your Texas driving records, there are two simple ways you can do it.

Drivers can order their certified driving records in Texas online or by mail.

If you get your Texas driving record online, there are a couple of different ways you can go about it. I will explain all of the ways you can get the job done below. But first, let’s go over the different types of driving records that are available in Texas.

Continue Reading About How To Get Your Texas Driving Record


How To Get Driving Records In Alabama

Driving Records In AlabamaThe Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act allows individuals to request the disclosure of certain personal information contained in driver license and vehicle records be restricted. The Alabama Department of Public Safety may disclose that information to any person providing that the requester plans to use the information for an approved purpose or if the requester has obtained written permission from the subject. There are two ways to obtain a driving record in Alabama.



Find Out How To Get Your Driving Records In Alabama


How To Get A Driving Record In Each State

Again, the process of getting your driving record will vary per state. Although in most states driving records can be obtained online, through the mail, at a driver services facility, or through a 3rd party, there will be differences in costs and processes. So if you’d like to get full information, click on the link to your state below to access our state-specific guides for obtaining a driving record.

Note: none for Maryland and the District of Columbia

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