Improv Traffic School Review

Improv Traffic School Review

Improv Traffic School is a very unique online traffic school course and has been approved in several states as a substitute for classroom-based traffic school. What sets this course apart from the rest is the fact it is owned by the nationwide Improv Comedy Club chain.

They coined the term “edutainment” and believe in educating while entertaining. This is accomplished by providing stand-up comedy, cartoons, and including funny images into the traffic school course. They know traffic school is boring, so they make it as least painful and as most entertaining as possible.

There are quite a few things I like about Improv Traffic School and a few things I don’t, but overall, this is a solid option for getting rid of that moving violation or reducing points on your driving record. This is a course I would personally sign up for.

In the remainder of this Improv Traffic School review, I will go over what the course is like, how it is set up, how to get a discount code or coupon for Improv Traffic School, and a few extra tips and tricks to get through the course quickly.

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The Good Stuff

As with every other course I recommend, Improv Traffic School can be done at your own pace and on your own time. You can stop and come back to the course whenever you want from any computer. The quality of the course is pretty good. It’s simple, but very entertaining, just as they claim.

Since course timers are required by many court jurisdictions, they include some videos and even a few games to help pass the time as the timer counts down. If you’re lucky enough, your court jurisdiction won’t require the use of timers. This includes the entire state of California!

Improv Traffic School has a Triple A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and they have also been voted the best online driving school by several media outlets. You can also start the course for free in many states and pay later on. You don’t even need to give up your credit card number to start, so it’s literally no risk. Some jurisdictions will require payment up front, so if this is the case, you will still get a money back guarantee up until you take the final exam.

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The Bad Stuff

Well first of all, this course isn’t available in all states. To see if you’re eligible for this course, click this link and select your state. You also have to remember that this is still traffic school. While Improv Traffic School does a great job in making it more entertaining, there are still things you would rather do with your time. All in all, however, this is about the best online traffic school you can sign up for and there aren’t a whole lot of negatives other than the fact it is still traffic school.

Course Duration

This depends entirely on where you got your ticket. If course timers are required, it might take you 6 hours or more. If no course timers are required, as is the case in California, you could literally blow through this thing in 30 minutes.

I’d recommend using a laptop or tablet and sitting in front of your TV while you do this course. The longest part is simply waiting for the timer to count down so you can move on. Timers are sometimes required and Improv Traffic School has no way to get around that. If a timer is used in the Improv course, it’ll be used in any other course you sign up for.

Course Difficulty

Improv Traffic School is the easiest traffic school I’ve taken. It might be different for you, but most of the quizzes I had to take consisted of 2 questions and I only had to get one of them right. It’s super simple. Not only that, but the hardest part about most traffic schools is the boredom factor. They really help make it fun with their videos, games, and cartoons.

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Sign Up Process

Sign up is quick and easy. They’ll ask for all the usual stuff like your name and address, then they will ask for your ticket information. From there, you have a choice. You can either pay the right away, or you can elect to pay them later. They actually let you go through the entire course, up until the final exam, without giving them any payment info in many jurisdictions.

Identity Authentication System

Some courts will require that your identity is authenticated. Usually, this consists of answering personal questions at the beginning of the course, then being asked those questions again throughout the course. They’ll ask you thinks like “what was the first street you grew up on” or “what was the name of your first pet” and other questions like that.

I didn’t have to use any authentication for my course, so I don’t really know what it’s like through the Improv course. But generally, those authentication systems are a bit of a pain. Fortunately, Improv Traffic School offers 24/7/365 customer support so if you have any issues with this system, you can get it taken care of quickly. Many of the lower quality traffic schools have terrible customer service.

Taking The Course

Improv Traffic School is broken into 10 separate sections followed by a final exam. I really like the way they set this course up because if you are stuck using a course timer, you only have to deal with the timer once for each section.

A lot of online traffic schools will split their sections up over dozens of pages, but it takes longer to complete that way. You have to wait for the timer on each page, which gets super annoying. So what Improv did is made each chapter one really long page.

That way, when you’re finished with the page and waiting on the timer to catch up, you can go get a haircut or surf the web for a while and just wait it out. I’m sure that’s not exactly what the courts had in mind with the timer requirements, but there’s no reason to waste any more time than you already have to, right? Improv Traffic School scored some major points with me on this feature.

Section Quizzes

After each section, there is a “quiz” that you’ll be required to pass. The reason I put “quiz” in quotes is because it’s the easiest thing in the world to pass. The “quizzes” I were given were 2 questions in length.

As long as I got one of them right, I was allowed to move on. Maybe it’s more strict for other court jurisdictions, but for me, it was a complete joke! Even if you do manage to fail it, you just review the page and retake it, although they will be 2 different questions.

Course Quality

There were a lot of things that set this course apart from any other course I’ve seen. In terms of quality, it was recently updated and is better than it has ever been. Their videos are all in-house and created by real Hollywood comedians.

I like that these guys know that traffic school is boring and the only reason you’re doing it is because you have to. They also know that a certain percentage of people will have to sit and wait for a timer to count down until they can move forward. That’s why they stuff their pages with cartoons, videos, funny pictures, and all sorts of stuff to keep you occupied and entertained.

Starting And Stopping The Course

As with any other decent traffic school, you’re able to complete the course at your own pace. It’s super simple to pause and restart the course. Simply click “Save” and you can come back to it later.

Waiting For The Course Timer

This course does not have a timer in many locations. If that’s the case, you’ll be finished with your traffic school requirement in about 30 minutes, tops! If you’re unfortunate enough to have a timer, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out. Again, Improv Traffic School used a really great system to combat this.

Each page is really long and they also include videos and games to help pass the time. All else fails, just go make yourself dinner and come back to it. Course timers are unfortunately required by a lot of courts.

The Final Exam

Once you’ve completed all 10 sections and passed all the mini quizzes, you’ll have to take a final exam. Before you take the final, they’ll confirm payment with you. This is when you get finally get charged. The final exam is simple and in many places, you aren’t even able to fail it. If you do fail, you can just take it again. No big deal. After you pass the final exam, you’re done!

Receiving Credit And Notifying The Courts

Once you pass the final exam, they will begin processing all the paperwork for you. There really isn’t anything more you have to do as they will notify most courts automatically. You can also get a copy of the certificate as you may be eligible for an insurance discount. Improv Traffic School has same day certificate processing where most other programs process after 24hrs.

Improv Traffic School FAQs

Does Improv offer courses for seniors with insurance discounts?

It varies by state. But yes, Improv offers courses that allow you to get an insurance discount. Some states provide this to drivers who are 55 years of age and older if they complete the course. 

However, since rules and regulations vary depending on where you live, it’s best to check with your insurance provider first if they can honor the completion of the Improv traffic school course for an insurance discount.

Can I get a refund if I don’t want to complete the course anymore?

Improv offers a money-back guarantee. So yes, you can cancel the course at any time if you’re not happy with it – that’s how confident they are about their program.

In any case, if you find their course not suited to your needs, you can submit a request for a refund as long as your Completion Certificate is not yet issued.

If you qualify for a refund, the funds will be credited back to the original credit card or payment method you used to pay for the course. It will be issued within 10 days after the school receives your cancellation request. 

How to reset my password?

You can easily recover your forgotten password by making a request online, on the Login Page.

The password reset link will be sent to the valid email address you have entered when you registered for the course.

In case you also lost access to the email or you have forgotten which one you have entered, you can simply reach out to their contact customer support at 800-660-890 and request for the password to be reset. Prepare to answer a few security questions to verify your identity.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Improv Traffic School processes payments made using a credit card, bank debit card, or Paypal.

Improv accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

If you are uncomfortable submitting your payment online, you can also contact their customer service at 800-660-8908 for further instructions on how to send your payment.


Chances are, signing up for Improv Traffic School is not something you’re doing by choice. Traffic school sucks! But I do consider Improv Traffic School to be one of the best options available.

It’s fun, fast, and easy. It certainly beats taking a defensive driving course at your local community college and wasting a Saturday being lectured to about things you probably already know. If you’re thinking about signing up for this school, I’d just go ahead and do it. They are as good as they come.

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