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Ticket School Review

Ticket School Reviews
This Ticket School review is an online traffic school review for Since I’m so closely involved with the traffic school industry, I started to notice this online traffic school creeping up in Google search results, especially when I searched for online defensive driving courses for Texas. However, Ticket School is also approved in Florida and Virginia as well.

When I first checked out the homepage, I was a little taken back. Right away, I noticed that their website is getting pretty outdated. The red flags didn’t stop there. Keep reading to find out what my thoughts are on this online traffic school. As a certified driving instructor and creator of various online training courses, I knew what to look for.

My Recommended Alternative Online Traffic Schools

While Ticket School is definitely approved by the states of Texas, Florida, and Virginia, I must say I am not impressed one bit with them. I think you’re much better off going with one of my proven high quality schools like the Improv Traffic School or the iDriveSafely online traffic school course. And remember, you can always read all of my online traffic school reviews so you can compare a bunch of schools all in one place. I’ve even conveniently ranked them for you and put them in order from my favorite to least favorite.

Party With Like It’s 1995!

As of this review (March 2014), has a website that looks like it’s straight out of the mid 1990’s. Sure, they claim their course is “mobile friendly” but if they can’t even keep their sales pages updated, do you really expect the highest quality mobile friendly courses? Don’t bank on that. It’s interesting that an online traffic school that ranks so highly in search results has kept their website so outdated. Quite frankly, I am not impressed by my initial impressions.

History Of

Want to know more about how got started or who owns the school? I’d like to know, too! One of the first I check for whenever reviewing an online traffic school is the “about” page. Most of the legitimate online traffic schools I’ve reviewed are more then forthcoming with who owns the school, how long they’ve been in business, how to school got started and why they are better than everyone else. Not with Ticket School. There is no about page and very little information provided about this online traffic school. Just another red flag.

Outdated Course

It’s not just their homepage that is outdated, the course is outdated as well. Sure, it’s “interactive” and includes videos and animations, but that doesn’t mean it’s high quality or up to date. The entire course is behind on the times and can’t even compete with other online traffic schools that are out there. Just check out their course demo. You can access it on their homepage. If you’re like me, you’ll notice the spelling errors and annoying sound effects. If this is in their course demo, do you expect much from the course itself? You shouldn’t, or you’ll be let down.

Lack Of User Reviews

Ok, but maybe I’m being too hard on them. Maybe everyone else is happy with the course and I’m just being a grouch. Well, if you find any other reliable reviews for Ticket School online, I’d love to see them! It’s as if nobody ever takes this course. The world wide web is silent when it comes to No praise, no complaints… just an eerie silence. I should not they do have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, but note they are not actually accredited.

Social Media Following

The next thing I did was turn to social media to see what’s going on with customer engagement. Here’s another baffling piece to the puzzle. Their Facebook page is loaded with daily posts and sometimes more than one post per day. They are quite active. Yet, they have ZERO followers! Say what?!

My Overall Thoughts About

I’m not going to tell you Ticket School will rip you off or anything like that. I did check and they are in fact certified in Texas, Florida, and Virginia. So in that sense, this is a “safe” course to take. However, I highly recommend you check out some of my other online traffic school reviews as I think you can do much better.

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