What Is The Best Comedy Traffic School Online?

Comedy Traffic School Online

Improv Traffic SchoolComedy traffic school was popular before you could complete traffic school online. So naturally, finding the best comedy traffic school online can be a chore, when so many of them exist. Unfortunately, a lot of these “comedy” traffic schools are just plain dumb. 

Not just that, there are several other issues you need to be aware of before deciding on the best comedy traffic school online. I’ll go over a few of those things with you so that you can make your own educated decision on which traffic school to sign up with.

If you don’t want to take the time to read this article or doing research, just take my word for it. This online traffic school is the funniest traffic school you will find online and they guarantee it. They are owned by the Improv Comedy Club chain and I’ve personally taken the course, so I can vouch for them.

Make Sure The Online Traffic School Is Certified In Your State

Before signing up for any comedy traffic school online, make sure it is certified in your state. You can ask your local DMV or BMV for a list of certified traffic schools in your area. You can also check out my online traffic schools listed by state to get a list of my recommendations, state specific reviews, and in some cases an entire list of every online traffic school approved in your state. Whatever you do, don’t take the traffic school’s word for it. Do some research and make sure you’re not about to waste the next 6hrs of your life on a traffic school that isn’t even certified in your state. How much would that suck!?

Don’t Sign Up For An Online Drivers Ed Course By Accident

The majority of online traffic schools also offer online driver’s ed courses for teens who are studying to qualify for their learner’s permits. And a lot of people accidentally sign up for online driver’s ed courses and this is an enormous mistake. These courses are usually more expensive, take much longer to complete, and definitely do not count towards your online traffic school requirements. 

Some schools may provide you with a refund, of course. But you can never get back the time that you wasted fretting over your mistake and trying to contact the customer support service to assist you.

By the way, I have a bunch of online driver’s ed reviews if that’s what you’re actually looking for.

Cheap Isn’t Always “Best.”

While saving a few extra bucks on your traffic school enrollment is great, it’s not worth sacrificing the quality of the materials you receive over. Yes, there are plenty of online traffic schools that offer cheap enrollment fees. But most of what these schools give you are badly-made cartoon instructional videos, narrated by a monotonous computer-generated voice. (Honestly, who wants that?)

Getting mid-range online courses is a good rule of thumb for anyone taking classes for the first time.

Sign Up For A Traffic School With Great Online Or Phone Support

As you’re probably aware, these online traffic schools need to verify your identity in various ways due to strict government requirements. These “online identification verification systems” are prone to causing false alerts that you aren’t really the one taking the course. When this happens, your course gets “locked” until your identity can be verified. This is usually a very simple issue to take care of – provided high quality customer service is available 24/7/365. The whole point of taking traffic school online is so you can do it on your own time instead of theirs. If customer service isn’t offered 24/7/365, you should probably pass.

Make Sure They Have An App or A Modernized Web Portal.

Most people taking online traffic school classes are busy with other things going on in their lives. Which is why portability and complete accessibility is an important feature to consider when looking for a comedy traffic school online. 

Some schools have a companion app that students can use to access their lessons and study materials whenever it’s convenient. But there are also some schools that just haven’t taken the time (or the effort) to upgrade their website and features. 

Make sure the school that you choose has either a dedicated app or a modernized web portal to make it easier for you to take and complete your lessons. After paying the costs, this is the least you deserve from the school you choose. 

Does Your State Require Course Timers?

Some states, such as the state of California, do not require course timers if you take a comedy traffic school online. Yes, that pretty much means you can just blast through the entire thing in under an hour (by the way, for those of you living in California, none of these California traffic schools require course timers). So if your state doesn’t require timers, you obviously don’t want to sign up for any traffic school that will force you to use them.

The Best Comedy Traffic Schools Have Been Around For A While.

Don’t sign up for some brand new online traffic school that just got started last week out of some guys bedroom. The best comedy traffic schools online are ones that have been around for a while. Millions of people receive traffic tickets each year (check out my traffic ticket advice and my top 11 ways to get out of a traffic ticket). As such, established online traffic schools have had millions of people go through their courses and they should have a good online reputation. Signing up for a brand new online traffic school is a disaster waiting to happen.

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So, What IS The Best Comedy Traffic School Online?

After reviewing lots of online traffic schools, I’ve determined that the best comedy traffic school online is the Improv Comedy Club Online Traffic School Course. Not only is a hilarious since the creators are actual Hollywood comedians, but they have had millions of people go through the course (including me), have a great reputation online, do not require course timers in places that don’t require it (I’m lookin’ at you California), and I also found this $5 off coupon code that you can use. So while there are plenty of choices out there, that is my personal favorite.

Have your own opinion about which online comedy traffic school is best? Let us know in the comment area!

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