No Stress Traffic School Review

No Stress Traffic School Review

No Stress Traffic SchoolThe days of taking time off from work to sit in a traffic school class in order satisfy the court requirement of an 8 hour course is no longer necessary. No Stress Traffic School makes it possible to complete the course online any time of the day. You can even complete the course from a mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection. There’s no need to leave the house and the certification of completion is sent on your behalf electronically.

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About No Stress Traffic School

No Stress Traffic School is an online company that began in 2012 in Costa Mesa, CA. Their education program can eliminate points and costs associated with traffic tickets. You’ll learn the most current driving regulations, which can help prevent traffic violations in the future as well. This service is a convenient way to complete traffic school to meet court requirements. They are licensed by the California DMV, so you can rest assured it’s legitimate and will solve your traffic citation needs.

Getting Started

Signing up for online traffic school is pretty easy and painless. Simply fill out your personal information, fill in your driver’s license information, then add the specifics about the traffic ticket. You’ll need to know the citation number, county, and completion due date to continue. Then create a user name, make the online payment, and begin the course.

How It Works

The website has a step-by-step video that explains how to sign up and go through the process, which is incredibly simple. Once you sign up, you get unlimited opportunities to log in and out from the course.

  • Watch the video instructions to learn what you need to pass the final. Take a short quiz after each video clip about the effects of alcohol, accident prevention, defensive driving, and more.
  • Work at your own pace. Your progress is saved so each of the three chapters can be done at your convenience.
  • There are no timers currently for California courses, so there’s no need to play games or use other time killers to meet a minimum time requirement. You can complete the course as quickly as you can get through the text and take the test.
  • Complete the 25 multiple choice questions with accuracy in order to pass the course. A 70% score or better is necessary to pass and complete. A one-time retake is allowed if you fail to pass the first time.(applies to CA courses).

Fast and Friendly

Even though the online class is fast and doesn’t require timers, the information provided isn’t exactly full of fun and excitement. As with any traffic school class, the topic is a little dry and learning about it seems to drag a bit. Consider the alternative, however, where you would have to use an entire day to go in person and complete an instructor-led course. Besides, watching the videos is more entertaining than simply reading it to yourself.

The best way to get through the course is to quickly scan through the information and gather the gist of it. Be careful not to skip over too much, however, as you can miss out on important stuff that could be on the exam at the end.

Traffic School Eligibility

Keep in mind that you can only attend traffic school once every 18 months in CA. There are other limitations, as well. You are not eligible for the course if:

  • You have a moving violation for going 25 miles or more over the speed limit.
  • The ticket is worth more than one point.

Note: It’s always best to contact your court and verify that you are eligible for traffic school.


You can’t beat the value. The basic cost of the online traffic school is just $19.95. A separate course with a booklet option is available for $26.99. There are no extra fees and all major credit cards are accepted. No Stress Traffic School also has a low price guarantee. They will meet or beat a quote from another online school in the same court and county.

Overall Impressions

The website was very simple to navigate, without all the frills. The format is straightforward and super easy to follow. The basic design and ease of use explain the low cost of the course. The traffic school can be completed fairly quickly. The questions on the quizzes and the final exam seemed very straight forward and they did not try and trick you. Overall it was a good experience.


Meanwhile, if you feel that No Stress Traffic School is not for you, here are some options for other affordable online traffic schools for you to choose from:

  1. iDriveSafely. This online traffic school has always been one of our most recommended. It’s not just because they’ve been in the business for more than twenty years already, but that it is also approved in most of the states. In addition, their platform is very easy to navigate. Plus, they have several resources that can help students complete their courses. What’s more, they offer auto insurance discounts and free delivery of your certificate of completion.
  2. GoToTrafficSchool. This online school offers the most affordable online traffic school course. They combine text lessons with animated videos, audio clips, and other visual resources to make learning more interesting and engaging. Also, if you are not satisfied with their course, they offer a money-back guarantee. You can request a refund in the unlikely case that you do not want to complete their course anymore. Just like iDriveSafely, you can avail of auto insurance discounts (terms and conditions apply) with GoToTrafficSchool.
  3. MyImprov Traffic School. If you want to have some fun while learning, try MyImprov’s “edutainment” style of teaching. They combine science with humor to keep their lessons interesting. You’ll get to enjoy watching mini comedy skits and hilarious jokes in between your lessons. And, if you finish their course, you can get 4 FREE Tickets to the Improv Comedy Bar.
  4. Aceable. I also recommend Aceable a lot, even if it was only established in 2013 and can be considered as a newbie in this field. They’ve been receiving a lot of positive customer reviews and satisfaction ratings despite only offering traffic school courses in 4 states currently (CA, IN, TX, and in Miami-Dade County in FL). You can check out their mobile app which customers love. I’m sure you’ll agree that they offer the most modern course out there.

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