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As with many of my other online traffic school reviews, I was contacted by Too Cool Traffic School in order to perform a review of their course. Usually, if an online traffic school actively asks me to create a review for them, I know it will most likely be of higher quality. Too Cool Traffic School gave me a free login and I was eager to check them out. In this Too Cool Traffic School review, I’ll go over my overall impressions of the course and give you an inside look at this course so you know what to expect prior to signing up. Also, be sure to check out the free Too Cool Traffic School demo here.

What Services Does Too Cool Traffic School Offer?

Here are the main online courses that Too Cool Traffic School is offering…

Ohio 4 hour abbreviated adult course

Too Cool Traffic School offers a 4 hour Ohio abbreviated adult course online. From what I’m told, it’s their most popular course. This is for adults 18 years and older who went to the Ohio BMV and failed either part (maneuverability or road test) of their driver’s test. This is fully narrated, which means I didn’t have to read anything, and there’s plenty of interesting videos and interactions to keep your attention throughout the entire course. The course is $74.99, which seems a bit pricey at first, but if you take into consideration all that it includes, it’s actually priced competitively. If you can find another course that offers everything they have at a cheaper price, then they’ll do a price match. That price includes:

  • Taxes and fees
  • Free USPS shipping with a free tracking number
  • Certificate of completion
  • Full narration
  • Videos
  • Activities

Overall, their Ohio abbreviated adult course was easy to get through. It’s self-paced, so it took me a little more than 4 hours to complete. There are 6 short chapters with a 20-question multiple choice test at the end where you need only need to get 15 questions right. Also, if you fail the exam, then you can retake it three times, but you have to wait 24 hours in between each attempt. If you fail a third time, then you have to take the course all over again but they won’t make you pay for it again which is nice. You just need to call their customer support team and they’ll hook you up with the course again for free.

I can tell they really made an effort to keep things interesting by including several videos and activities, which kept me engaged throughout the entire thing. It’s a great price for all that you get, but they also offer a unique family discount program. If you have more than one person in your family that needs this course, then you can buy each at a discounted price for $69.99 ($5.00 off per course).

Florida 4 hour Drug and Alcohol course

They also have a 4 hour Florida Drug and Alcohol course, but it’s also known as the Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course (TLSAE) and the DATA course. This course is for anyone who is getting their license for the first time ever. So if you have had a driver’s license in another state, then you don’t need to take it. Like their other online courses, the Florida Drug and Alcohol course is fully narrated and offers videos and activities throughout the whole thing.

The course is a flat price of $29.99 with free unlimited retakes. They also offer a free certificate of completion that you can download immediately once you’re done with the course. But their system automatically tells the Florida DMV that you’ve completed and passed the course, so you really don’t need to worry about anything after finishing it.

If you’re taking the TLSAE, then that means you also need to take the permit exam. Too Cool Traffic School takes your best interest into consideration by offering different bundles to suit everyone and their budgets. Whether you’re a teen or adult, you qualify for one of their unique bundles. If you want to save money and prepare well for your permit exam, you can buy the teen bundle if you’re under 18 or the adult bundle if you’re 18 or older.

  • Teen bundle: The teen bundle is a flat price of $75.00. It includes everything that’s required to get your permit and to prepare for the exam: 4 hour Florida Drug and Alcohol course, the Florida Driver’s Handbook course, the permit practice test, and the official online permit exam.

  • Adult bundle: The adult bundle is a flat price of $55.00. It includes the 4 hour Florida Drug and Alcohol course, the Florida Driver’s Handbook course, and the permit practice test. If you’re 18 or older, then you need to take the actual permit exam at a Florida DMV location.

Overall, their Florida TLSAE course was a great way to engage yourself in the course material while also satisfying one of the requirements to get a permit. Their animated guide takes you through all six of the chapters until the final exam at the end. The basic structure of this course is 6 short chapters with a 5-question chapter quiz at the end of each one and a 40-question multiple choice final exam where you only need 32 questions to pass. If you fail the exam for any reason, then you can retake it for free until you pass. So basically, you’re guaranteed to pass.

Florida 4 hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course

Too Cool Traffic School also offers an online 4 hour Basic Driver Improvement course in Florida. You can take this course if one of these apply to you:

  • Received a notice from the state that they need to take traffic school (All Florida)
  • Received a traffic ticket that want to prevent points from being assessed against their driver’s license which would otherwise lead to increased insurance rates (Hillsborough County only)
  • Received a court order to attend traffic school (Hillsborough County only)

Like all the other courses, it’s fully narrated and has a lot of videos and activities to keep things interesting. They offer the course for $29.99, which includes everything. You should also note that they have a lowest price guarantee. Basically, if you find a course that has all the things listed below, then they will price match by giving you an additional discount:

  • Full narration
  • Videos
  • Activities
  • All state assessment fees and taxes
  • A certificate of completion that is immediately available for download after you finish the course

Overall, their Florida Basic Driver Improvement course was pretty interesting and easy  because it was fully narrated. I didn’t have to read a thing. I just sat back while the “instructor” read everything to me. The structure of the course was simple with it being 10 chapters with a 5-question chapter quiz at the end of each one and a 40-question multiple choice final exam where you only need 32 questions to pass. It took me a little more than 4 hours to finish the course, but that’s the minimum time requirement anyway set by the state. The best part is that I didn’t have to do all 4 hours at once. I stopped and returned to it whenever I wanted, and it picked up where I left off every time.

Tennessee 4 hour Defensive Driving course

Too Cool Traffic School also offers an approved course in Tennessee. This course is for people who were court-ordered to take a 4 hour Defensive Driving course, but I’m told that others have taken it to save money on car insurance in the state of Tennessee. The course is offered at a flat rate of $34.99 which includes:

  • Taxes and fees
  • Downloadable certificate of completion
  • Full narration
  • Videos
  • Activities

Overall, their Tennessee 4 hour Defensive Driving course is easy to understand and kept my attention. Like all of their other courses, SAM, the animated guide will take you through each chapter. The structure of the course was simple with 6 chapters and the 25-question final test where you need to get 20 of them right to pass. The school promises you’ll pass by giving you free retakes until you pass the test. You’ll get your certificate as soon as you’ve passed and finished the course, which you can print out and take to the county clerk office in the county where you got the traffic citation or court order.

Wisconsin 2 hour Failure to Yield course

They also offer a course in Wisconsin called the 2 hour Failure to Yield course, also known as the Right of Way course. This is for drivers who were convicted of failure to yield in Wisconsin. Their course touches on the basics of safe driving and reviews several different scenarios where cars come to a 4-way stop, roundabouts and more. They offer it at a flat price for $28.99, which includes:

  • Taxes and fees
  • Downloadable certificate of completion
  • Full narration
  • Videos
  • Activities

Overall, their Wisconsin 2 hour Failure to Yield course is short and sweet. You can do it in one sitting or break it up however you’d like just like their other online courses. There’s only 4 chapters with a 5-question chapter quiz at the end of each one and a final exam with 25 questions. After you pass, you can download your certificate for your own records. Otherwise, the school takes care of everything for you by notifying the Wisconsin DMV of your completion.

My Initial Impressions of Too Cool Traffic School

Before logging into any online traffic school course, I take a look at their overall website including checking for site security, past uptime, and who the site is registered to. I then check for any issues and I’m happy to say I found no major issues with the ownership or security of Too Cool Traffic School. Prior to login, the site also appeared to be modern and updated. Here are a few other things I noticed…

  • Video based traffic school – Most of us already know how boring traffic school is and that’s why I was happy to see Too Cool Traffic School offering a video based course. Sure beats reading hundreds of pages of text! They have a demo available for potential students, so you can get an idea of what the course will be like.

  • Limited upsells – Many online traffic schools will promise a low price only to add on extras during the checkout process. While Too Cool Traffic School does have some upsells such as bundle options, none of their upsells are related to the quality of the course. Full video along with narration is included and so are free certificate tracking numbers for the Ohio course. Those would be “extras” at many other online traffic schools.

  • EASY certificate processing – A lot of online traffic schools claim they have a “10 to 14 day processing time” for certificates, but really all they want you to do is purchase their expedited shipping which is always very overpriced. With Too Cool Traffic School, they give you a digital download of the certificate (except for Ohio – Ohio DPS requires that all traffic schools send certificates to a physical location) and will even notify the DMV automatically for you.

  • Student ratings The courses have been extremely well-received by students. The school has a 4.6 overall satisfaction rating with Shopper Approved.


So far, my initial impressions of Too Cool Traffic School are positive, but let’s see if they actually deliver…

Logging Into The Course

Since I was given a free review account, I didn’t go through the entire signup process like you will have to do. With that said, it appears to be pretty straightforward and on par with other online traffic schools. During the signup process, there is an “identity verification system” that they will help you get set up. This is a state requirement that is required by all online traffic schools. Some online traffic schools have horrible identification systems which can lead to time spent on the phone with customer service, but the identity verification system with Too Cool Traffic School seems more streamlined and simplified as compared to other courses. All in all, it shouldn’t take you too long to get signed up. If you have trouble logging in or other technical issues, they offer a convenient technical support help page.

Getting Acquainted With The “Instructor”

Since Too Cool Traffic School is a video based course, the very first thing you’ll do is meet your animated instructor, SAM. He will go over the basic instructions for taking the course and you will start to get a feel for his unique personality. He makes it clear that this course is interactive and he will do the best he can to keep things somewhat interesting. Here’s a short video to help show you who your instructor will be!


Topics Covered In Too Cool Traffic School

You should know up front that Pretty much every online traffic school will cover the same topics. Each online traffic school must cover topics set forth by the state and will only receive approval if all of the required topics are met. Too Cool Traffic School has received certifications for several courses in Florida, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin. It isn’t really the topics they cover that sets Too Cool Traffic School apart from the other options out there, but HOW they cover those topics. With their animations, videos, games, and interactive quizzes, the information is more easily retained and isn’t quite as boring as other courses. A sample of their student dashboard and layout is shown below.

Too Cool Traffic School Dashboard

Time It Takes to complete the course

As with most other online traffic schools, Too Cool Traffic School has made it super easy to go at your own pace. You can log into or out of the course any time and they will save your place. Unfortunately, the state of Florida, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin require all online traffic school courses to be timed. That means, you are unable to move past a page until a predetermined timer has expired. Fortunately, Too Cool Traffic School has done a good job by creating their videos to be almost exactly the same length as the timer. In other cases, they may have you go through some interactive animations to help pass the time. While the course timer can definitely get annoying, it is something all online traffic schools will have and not to mention, it will keep you on track.

Difficulty of Too Cool Traffic School

Too Cool Traffic School is set up with multiple sections. As you go through each section, you’ll need to answer some questions and take a short quiz at the end of the section. There is also a final exam at the end of each course. All in all, these should be extremely simple courses to pass for most people.

Some FAQs about Too Cool Traffic School

After going through the traffic school course, I had a few additional questions for Too Cool Traffic School. I thought I would share that Q&A here…

Is Too Cool Traffic School mobile/tablet friendly? If so, can I switch between devices as I go through the course?

Yes and yes. Each of their courses works on mobile devices. Too Cool Traffic School has updated their systems to be fully optimized for mobile devices. As for switching devices, you can stop the course at any time and it will save your spot. You can then sign back on from a different computer or device and pick up from where you left off, which I find pretty easy and convenient.

Is customer service outsourced or in-house? If outsourced, is it based in the U.S. or elsewhere?

Too Cool Traffic School is a small, family-owned business and all of their customer support is done in-house. They operate out of Tampa, Florida and they are available via phone, email or contact form for customer support.

Is there a return policy or any other type of “satisfaction guarantee”?

Generally, no, but they said if there is some type of extenuating circumstance, they would do their best to make sure that the customer’s issue is resolved.

How long has been an approved provider?

I’ve made a list below to show how long Too Cool Traffic School has been an approved provider in each state. You can click on each link to see for yourself:

My Overall Opinion of Too Cool Traffic School

I think Too Cool Traffic School is a great option for the courses they are currently certified for. I would like to see their offerings expanded, but as an up-and-coming company they are clearly doing their best. Also, I usually like to see 24/7/365 customer service hours, but since they are a smaller operation, you may get better attention when you need help as compared to many other larger online traffic schools. Not to mention, since my initial review of the school, I found a new “Help” section that points out the most common tech issues and also new elaborate FAQ pages for each course. I can tell they really took the time to help students outside of regular business hours if they need it and do all they can for a small business. If you are thinking about signing up for Too Cool Traffic School I don’t see any reason to keep you from doing that. With their great video based training and lowest price guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

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