Traffic School Online Review, Comparison, And Ratings

Traffic School Online Review, Comparison, And Ratings

Traffic School OnlineIf you got a traffic ticket, chances are you can have it dismissed by taking a traffic school online. When searching for online traffic schools, you’ll probably notice that comes up near the top of your search result. But does that make it the best online traffic school? As a certified driving instructor, I periodically review online traffic schools and this time, I created a review. Keep reading my Traffic School Online review to find out what I thought of this course.

Do I Recommend

Since this traffic school is always ranked so highly in search results related to online traffic schools, I thought it might be the best one out there. However, I still think the iDriveSafely online traffic school is better and my favorite remains Improv Traffic School (hey, I’m a sucker for humor). Not that this traffic school is “bad” or anything like that, but I don’t find it to be as good as some others that are available, especially for the price they are asking.

Oh, and remember, I have reviewed a whole bunch of online traffic schools. You can compare them all by checking out my online traffic school reviews page.

But to answer the question, do I recommend signing up for Well, it’s a totally legit school and there’s certainly nothing bad about it, but I do think you have better options like the two schools I mentioned above.

Traffic School Online Company History was founded by Steve Soldis in 1996 after he received a traffic ticket. So, this traffic school has certainly been around for quite a while. They also have maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and are certified in several states, including California (one of the more popular states for taking traffic school online). A check of their online reputation and searching out complaints revealed very little. There are a couple stray complaints out there, but for the most part, it looks like most “graduates” of are satisfied.

Customer Service At

Traffic School Online offers customer service via phone or chat. While I do know this customer service is available 7 days per week, I’m not sure if it is 24/7/365. If anyone knows for sure, feel free to leave a comment in the commenting area on the bottom of this page. With 15 years of service and counting, it appears customer service is adequate. The lack of complains found online speak to this.

Is Traffic School Online Mobile / Tablet Friendly?

Not really. Can you complete the course using a smartphone or tablet? Sure, you probably can (I think). But as of this review (March 2014), the course and the website in general is NOT set up for different screen sizes. I find it interesting that they tout on their homepage how they consistently update the site to use the best technology available, when their site doesn’t even have a mobile friendly version yet. Also, you’ll notice in their course demo, that you need to have flash installed. That means, if you plan on using an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, you should probably pass on this traffic school. By the way, their “course demo” is just a cheesy video. It’s not a demo at all.

My Major Issue With – Deceitful “Reviews”

I found something very deceitful on This is the nail in the coffin for me and I can definitely say for this reason alone, I would recommend you do not sign up. You’ll notice on the Traffic School Online website there is an entire page dedicated to customer reviews.

Now, on first glance, everything looks legit. Traffic School Online touts a 4.7 out of 5 average customer rating. Now, I don’t know if those reviews and ratings are fake or not, but I know the dates they use are definitely fake. This traffic school basically has a database of “reviews” and simply changes the date to make them seem like new reviews that were just posted. This is deceitful and wrong! If they can’t just post real, unedited reviews, that tells me they are cherry picking reviews and falsely updating the dates for each review. Not good. Do you really want to sign up for an online traffic school that uses these deceitful tactics? I wouldn’t.

My Recommended Alternatives

Instead of signing up for, I highly recommend you choose another school. To see my recommended list of online traffic schools for your specific state, just go to my online traffic schools by state page. Pick you state and you’ll see all of my top recommendations along with a list of all online traffic schools approved in your specific state. Further, you’ll get screen shots, discount codes, and a full write-up just like you’re reading here.

What to Look for in an Online Traffic School?

I’m adding a section here that might help you in finding a better alternative. Here’s a checklist of the factors that you need to consider.

Convenience. Why are you taking a course online in the first place? Isn’t it for convenience? So make sure that you’ll get this from your chosen online traffic school. The course must be accessible to you 24/7 using any device – that should be a given. School providers that have designated mobile apps should be your priority – it makes things a lot easier than accessing the course through your mobile web browser.

Affordability. You don’t have to choose the cheapest course you’ll find. Choose wisely. Affordability takes into consideration the quality of service that you’ll receive. In this case, the quality of education they promise to offer. And don’t forget about the features offered at their basic price. Some schools may trick you into signing up cheaply then, later on, you’ll find that you’ll need to pay extra for an add-on feature that you need.

Credibility. Another important thing to check is the school’s reputation. If the school has state approval, that’s the best indication you’re signing up for a legit course. But for others, check their ratings by Better Business Bureau if available. Review customer feedback and ratings from reliable third-party platforms like Trustpilot and Yelp, among others. Some websites will include their own reviews from former students, better check them as well but don’t forget to cross-check.

Conclusion For My Traffic School Online Review

While this is a legit online traffic school and should fulfill your traffic school and ticket dismissal requirements, I think there are many better options available. I hope this Traffic School Online review was helpful and please let me know your thoughts!

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