Is Aceable Legit? Find Out If Aceable Is Worth Signing Up For

Find Out If Aceable Is Worth Signing Up For

Thinking about signing up for the Aceable online drivers ed course? The first thing you are probably wondering is, is Aceable legit?

As a certified driving instructor, I will help you determine whether Aceable is your best choice and other options you have for taking drivers ed online.

Getting your driver’s license can be one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. When you have the freedom to drive your car to school, drive to see a movie, or simply drive to the grocery store, it makes a world of difference.

If you’re like most teenagers, you probably like to listen to music while you drive. If you drive to school, you might be rushing to eat your breakfast before you pull into your parking spot.

Of course, we know that you surely don’t sneak a look at your text messages when driving, right?

By now, your parents have probably nagged you about what to do and what not to do behind the wheel, and you’ve heard them warn you about distracted driving.

But what exactly is distracted driving?

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Yes, Aceable Is Legit

So you’re wondering, is Aceable legit? It’s a fair question because unfortunately there are a lot of low-quality online drivers ed programs out there.

With that said, yes, Aceable is totally legit and is actually an excellent choice when signing up for drivers ed online.

While you have many different options available to you which I’ll get into a bit more later in this article, Aceable is entirely legit and in fact, is probably my highest recommended online drivers ed course that I recommend to both teens and parents as well as adults for completing online traffic school.

The Great Things About Aceable

State-approved and certified, Aceable provides you with fun-sized lesson plans and proven teaching methods.

And Aceable is the first online driver’s ed for California, Texas, and several other states that have a mobile app; you can take classes on your iPhone, Android, or on the web. The lectures are transformed from boring to scoring; the content is face-paced so that it not only holds your attention, it gets to the heart of what you need to know.

One of the best things about Aceable is the cost. If you want to impress your parents to no end and pay for the course yourself, this one is very affordable.

The real reason I like Aceable, though, is how they go ‘above and beyond’ what they need to do.

The course is very modern, updated, and many students even get attached to the mascot, Ace.

Their customer service is available by phone, email, live chat, or even through one of their many social media pages where they run contests, promotions, and make things a lot of fun.

Many of the older and more established online drivers ed courses are just fine, but as a driving instructor, the interactive and entertaining nature of Aceable is refreshing.

What About Behind The Wheel Training?

Aceable specializes in helping you pass your written driving test and obtain your permit.

From there, you have several options to complete your behind-the-wheel training.

Some states allow your parents to be the instructor while in other states, you can choose from a long list of local driving schools to sign up for and complete your required driving hours.

If needed, Aceable can recommend you to a behind-the-wheel training center that they partner with and maybe even get you special pricing deals.

Exciting Updates to Aceable Driving Course!

I was browsing through Aceable’s website when I came across this exciting news about the updates to their driving course.

The changes mainly apply to the overall look and feel of your course. I’m going to walk you through it so that you can get the most out of their course.

If you’re taking the course on a computer, you will now be able to see an overview of your lessons. 

If there are some tasks that you need to complete, you will see them on their “To Do’s List”. It will include all of your important action items! You just have to make sure that you complete them before you can move on to the next part of the course (you’ll see a lock icon next to a chapter or level, which means you have pending tasks to complete).

Meanwhile, the same feature is also available if you are taking your course using an app. It will just be displayed differently due to a smaller screen. Since Aceable’s website is responsive, the display adapts to your device’s screen resolution. 

Is Aceable Better Than A Classroom?

So, you wanted to know, is Aceable legit? We’ve just established that it is, but is it really the best way to go? What

So, you wanted to know, is Aceable legit? We’ve just established that it is, but is it the best way to go? 

What about the traditional classroom-based methods of learning drivers ed? 

For most students, I very strongly recommend taking the written portion of their driver education online. It is fun, interactive, contains videos, animations, quizzes, and uses many methods to help students retain the information. 

Online training makes sense when learning rules and regulations. 

Learning this stuff in a classroom is no fun at all and thus, retention rates are terrible. 

Taking your driver’s ed online through a service like Aceable is a great way to go.

The school created a dedicated app for your online education, and aside from being intuitive, the app gives a modern vibe that suits the image of a young generation driver. It makes you look cool taking the course on a mobile app anywhere you are. 

You’ll also fall in love with Ace, your robot course companion who will be there to guide you all throughout – like a pet, this robot stays with you to answer any questions you might have about how to navigate the app.

A Plan And A Purpose

Now that you have a plan in place to avoid driving distractions, a plan for your cell phone while you drive, and online driver’s Ed on the horizon, you’re ready to go.

Remember that driving is a privilege, a responsibility, and great joy. We hope you enjoy it for many, many years to come.

But the bottom line for this article: is Aceable legit? Absolutely.

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