The Online Traffic School, Inc Review

The Online Traffic School, Inc Review

OLTS Online Traffic School
The Online Traffic School, Inc and its sister companies have been in business since 1996, graduating over 4 million students

nationwide. With state approvals in over 25 states, they definitely have you covered. These licensed, legitimate courses can

remove points from your driving record, lower your insurance costs, and reduce future traffic violations.

The company features 24/7 Call Center Customer Support staff, multiple chances to pass the courses, and a free course

completion certificate submission. You can access text and video based course content easily online; all you need is an

internet connection and you can take advantage of the courses virtually anywhere.

They offer courses in the following states:

Getting Started

The company makes sign up and registration incredibly easy! Fill out their form with your personal details, enter payment

information, and you are interacting with course materials before you know it. They even offer a “Pay Later” option which

allows users to begin the driver improvement course, delaying payment until completion.

  • Log in or out of the course as many times as you please. The program automatically tracks your progress andencourages users to move through the material at their own pace.
  • Course information is grouped into concise chapters which are easy to navigate by topic.
  • Once you complete the online course, pass the online exam and you’re done!
  • Upon graduation, the staff automatically handles the processing of your completion.

Fast and Friendly

Although The Online Traffic School, Inc sets its course lengths based on state-mandated times, their programs do not bog you

down with useless information. That being said, traffic school isn’t exciting or interesting to most people, but the company

does a good job of covering a wide array of topics without becoming too wordy or boring. Their courses allow you to move at

your own pace, which is exponentially better than attending a classroom course where an instructor controls the tempo.

The material flows along at decent pace; the cogent organization of driving-related topics helps the user interact with the

material, distill the key insights, and achieve success on the final examination.

Traffic School Eligibility

Eligibility for the courses vary by state. Their staff recommends that you contact your court and verify that you are in fact

eligible to take traffic school for your specific violation. If your traffic violation crosses the line between infraction and

misdemeanor, it is best to contact your local court to see if your violation disqualifies you from traffic school.


Ranging from $14.95 to $49.95, the different courses offered by The Online Traffic School, Inc and its sister companies are an

incredible value. The company also price matches quotes from other online schools within the same court and county. For

most courses, reference books are also available in electronic and hard copy forms for an additional charge. They also add

text message reminders and submission notifications for a minimal extra charge. There are no hidden, extra fees and all major

credit cards are accepted. The company also offers various discounts for their schools depending on the state and course


Overall Impressions

The courses and websites are straightforward and easy to use. It is simple to navigate through the programs and the company

boasts a 24/7 Live Chat agent and 24/7 Call Center support should you run into any snags. These customer service agents were

helpful and professional when I had questions about the course.

Although the programs throw a large amount of driving information at you during the course, the quizzes and final exams

are geared towards your completion and graduation. The company does not try to “trick” you with difficult exam questions.

Overall, the courses offered by The Online Traffic School, Inc and its sister companies were fantastic experiences.

The Online Traffic School, Inc FAQs

Got any questions? Check these frequently asked questions about Online Traffic School below.

Who are eligible to attend this course?

The eligibility requirements depend on the court or department that issued the notice for you to take the program. If required, you will receive documentation from your court that you can enroll in the program.

Take note though that you can take the course anytime for supplemental learning. Some states may even reward point reduction if applicable – you may check with your local DMV or court to confirm.

How often can I take this course?

Usually, if you are taking the course for a DMV or court credit, you can only take the course once for a certain period, depending on the state (around 12 months to 18 months). This period is calculated starting from the day you receive your traffic citation/violation date.

Again, you can take the course as often as you want if you only need to refresh your knowledge. 

Is there a deadline for me to complete the course?

Normally, you’ll have 90 days to complete the course after you are approved to take it for ticket dismissal. This may still vary depending on your state so make sure to check your court’s instruction carefully when you receive their notice. 

If in case you’ll need to extend your deadline, you’ll have to contact your court directly for instructions because The Online Traffic School won’t be able to request it for you.

How can I get my Certificate of Completion?

Most online traffic schools will send your certificate of completion directly to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Online Traffic School does this within 72 hours (Mondays through Fridays) after you complete their course, free of charge. 

The DMV will be the one to notify your court and your court will send you a notification via email when your ticket dismissal has been processed.

Meanwhile, if you want your own copy, you may download a certified version of your certificate for a small fee.

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