California Online Traffic Schools – 28 Fastest & Easiest Courses (2024 Update)

California Online Traffic Schools

California online traffic schools can be used for several reasons, but chances are, you want to get points removed from your driving record, dismiss a traffic ticket, or lower your insurance rates. Here’s the problem… There are hundreds of online traffic schools approved and certified by the California DMV. The DMV can’t make recommendations and you probably don’t have time to research all those different online traffic schools to find the easiest and fastest one. That’s where I come in to save the day!

I’m a certified driving instructor and have helped to create online driving courses, so I’m sort of “in the industry” so to speak. I’ve also been reviewing online traffic schools for many years including reviews of California online traffic schools.

Reviews & Comparisons Of The Top 28 California Online Traffic Schools In 2024

I began this site over 10 years ago. During that time, I have gone through 28 California online traffic schools and reviewed each of them. Listed below are the top 30 California online traffic schools you can sign up for in 2024. I tried to list these from the best to worst, but honestly, after about the 10th school, they all are about the same. I highly recommend you at least check out the top 5 courses I listed below. Whichever one you’re most comfortable with will work just fine. Any of the top 5 is the best of the best.

These are the 28 fastest and easiest California online traffic schools for 2024…

#1: Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School Review


  • Lowest price guarantee.
  • No payment information is needed until the end.
  • Very good reviews and online reputation.


  • Isn’t the most interactive course.

Go To Traffic School took a different approach than many of the other traffic schools on this list. They don’t have Hollywood comedians or dedicated apps, but they are the cheapest online traffic school in California. They guarantee it. If you find another online traffic school for a lower price, Go To Traffic School is willing to remove $1 from their total price (making it even cheaper). So, if you don’t really care about all the bells and whistles but would rather pay the least amount of money to fulfill your online traffic school requirements in California, this would be a great choice.

Even though they are the cheapest online traffic school in California, that doesn’t mean it’s low quality. You get pretty much all the same benefits as any other traffic school on this list. It’s the fastest course allowed by law, it’s super easy, it’s mobile-friendly, and they just updated all of their content recently so it isn’t outdated. Of course, you also get 24/7 customer support, they have a good reputation with an A+ BBB rating, and all that other good stuff. Go To Traffic School should absolutely be on the list of online traffic schools you consider. Check out my more detailed Go To Traffic School review here.

Check Out Go To Traffic School Here

#2: Best Online Traffic School

Best online traffic school


  • Pay ONLY when you take the final exam
  • Can study the material through text or audio
  • The course is available in Spanish and Chinese too


  • Not the cheapest course out there

The Best Online Traffic School is an excellent option with a variety of standout features and benefits.

Despite being new in the industry, the Best Online Traffic School offers a fresh and user-friendly design that sets it apart. Navigating through the course is a breeze! Plus, the course is presented in a clear and easily digestible manner. 

This modern approach to course presentation injects interactivity and engagement into the learning experience, making it far from the typical boring traffic school ordeal.

What’s even better is that you can start the course without spending a dime! 

Yes, you heard that right – Best Online Traffic School offers their courses 100% FREE. 

You only need to pay the $19.99 fee when you need to take the final exam. This risk-free trial allows you to explore the course content before making any financial commitment.

While it may not be the absolute cheapest option available, Best Online Traffic School lives up to its name with its comprehensive offering. 

So, if you’re considering enrolling in traffic school, make sure to check out my detailed Best Online Traffic School review for more insights. 

Watch out for discounts the Best Online Traffic School might be offering!

#3: Aceable

Aceable Online Traffic School Review


  • Excellent dedicated apps work well on mobile devices.
  • Very high reviews & ratings from verified students.
  • Content delivered in multiple formats.


  • Watching optional videos makes the course take longer than it should.

Aceable’s online traffic school program just made it onto my fastest online traffic school list in 2018. While I’ve always thought Aceable had the highest quality online traffic school in California, this list is looking specifically for the fastest online traffic schools in California. One day, Aceable actually contacted me and asked for me to review their course again, as they believe they are now the fastest. Lo and behold, they really are among the fastest online traffic schools in California now. Prior to April 2018, the Aceable online traffic school was almost all video-based. While this may sound good on the surface, going through 6hrs of videos wasn’t ideal. So, what they did is made a text-based course for their traffic school program with OPTIONAL videos. Most people don’t really care about “high quality” when it comes to traffic school. They just want to get it done as quickly and easily as possible. Now you can get both worlds with Aceable.

Another huge advantage of Aceable is the only online traffic school in California that I know of who has dedicated apps for Apple and Android devices. That means, they aren’t just “mobile-friendly” versions in your web browser, there is an actual app you’ll download to take the course. This creates a much better experience. Everything loads faster, it doesn’t have glitches, there’s no pinching & zooming, etc. If you plan on taking the majority of your online traffic school from a phone or tablet, Aceable should probably be your top choice. Check out my Aceable review to learn more about them.

Check Out Aceable Here

#4: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School Review


  • Most humorous comedy style traffic school available.
  • 4 free tickets to an IMPROV comedy club.
  • Millions of students with very high reviews & ratings.


  • Some typo’s in the course.
  • Might not be everyone’s style of humor.

Everyone knows traffic school is boring and my guess is, you’re not taking this course by choice. Luckily, Improv Traffic School exists. It was created by a group of Hollywood comedians and their main goal was to make the course entertaining by mixing in some comedy. It was a good idea because it worked pretty well! It might not be everyone’s style of humor, but I think it is the best comedy style traffic school you can sign up for in California.

But let’s get to the important things. Is it FAST? Yes, it is. There are no course timers with this online traffic school and they broke it up into 6 simple sections. You can complete it all at once or split it up over time since they keep track of your place. But why split it up when you can have it done in an hour (easily!). As with just about every other course on this list, you can take your course from a mobile device, they have 24/7/365 customer support, and more importantly, it’s super simple to pass. If you have a low attention span and a goofy sense of humor, Improv Traffic School is a great option for you. Check out more about this online traffic school in my full Improv Traffic School review.

Check Out Improv Traffic School Here

#5: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely New York I-Pirp Traffic School Online


  • Has a great user experience.
  • Very easy quizzes and tests.
  • Low price with “extras” included for free.


  • Some course content is pretty boring.
  • Has course timers (even though it isn’t required anymore).

iDriveSafely has arguably the best user interface, with spacious words and plenty of white surroundings. That means you can quickly read and find information.

Since the quizzes are so simple, you should breeze right through them without having to read anything. If you fail a quiz, don’t even worry about it. You just have to take a different version of it over again. You can’t fail this traffic school so there’s really not much to be worried about. 

Oh, and in case you’re worried, they are a certified course in California for every county, they’ve had more than 5 million people “graduate” from their courses, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, they offer 24/7/365 live customer support, and you can log in or out of the course whenever you want. So yeah, it’s pretty legit. iDriveSafely is mobile-friendly. So if you plan on taking your online traffic school from a mobile device like your smartphone, it’ll work just fine. You can also log into or out of the course whenever you want.

They keep your place automatically, so you can either hammer the entire course out all at once or split it up over the course of several days or weeks. It’s really up to you. All in all iDriveSafely is a super easy, fast, and affordable way to complete your traffic school requirements in California. If you want to learn more you can check out my full iDriveSafely review here.

Check Out iDriveSafely Here


DriversEd Com Online Traffic School Review


  • Unique 3D video animations.
  • Test and quiz questions are very easy.
  • Guaranteed to pass.


  • Some videos make the course take longer than it needs to be.

While is mostly focused on providing online driver education programs, they also have online traffic schools available in California. This online traffic school is about as good as they get. For the most part, it is a revamped and very shortened version of their online driver’s ed course. Some of the videos can take a little time to get through, which slows this course down a little more than the other traffic schools I’ve shared here, but it is still fast and having some videos instead of page after page of text certainly helps to break things up a little bit. This is also an extremely easy online traffic school in California with simple quizzes throughout.

The reason I like the videos so much is that they are 3D interactive videos. For example, you’ll be presented with a driving hazard and you’ll have to make the correct decision on how to handle that specific hazard. They also have interactive games to help you retain some of the info you’ll need to know to pass your quizzes. For example, instead of memorizing roadsign colors and what they mean, you’ll go through a quick interactive game that will help you remember all the info. This alone can make it a faster online traffic school since you will be more likely to pass the quizzes and the final exam, which of course you’re guaranteed to pass. is a great option to consider.

Check Out Here

#7: MM Traffic School

MM Traffic School


  • Small business owned with fantastic customer support.
  • Excellent student feedback & positive reviews online.
  • Home study mail-in booklet course also available.


  • No money-back guarantee.
  • Some parts of the course are very boring.

Most of the online traffic schools listed here are owned by large corporate companies, but MM Traffic School is a bit different. This online traffic school is owned by a small company based out of San Diego. Sometimes the large corporate-owned schools are better, but in this case, being a small business works to the advantage of MM Traffic School. While only available during normal business hours, their customer service is among the best in the industry. Most online traffic schools outsource their customer service to a 3rd party. These 3rd party services are just awful and hardly ever resolve anything above the most basic of issues. With MM Traffic School, you’ll actually speak directly with one of the employees or even the owner.

Their online reputation gives them even more confidence that this is a high-quality school. While the majority of online traffic schools receive very poor ratings on review sites, MM Traffic School is just the opposite. Their high customer reviews are almost unbelievable. They get a perfect 5-star rating on Google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. And just as the cherry on top, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The course is easy, straightforward, and it’s the fastest allowed by California state law. So, if you want to help a small business with an excellent reputation and above-average customer service, MM Traffic School should be a top consideration.

Check Out MM Traffic School Here

#8: Safe2Drive

Safe2Drive Traffic School


  • Above average reviews & ratings from customers.
  • Well established with a long history of good service.
  • Available in both English and Spanish.


  • Some parts of the course are getting outdated.
  • Some pages and videos take a long time to load.

Safe2Drive is one of the most well-known online traffic schools in California as well as several other states that they operate in. These guys have been providing online traffic school for over a decade, and in that time, they’ve been able to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as very good Yelp and Google reviews. Customer service at Safe2Drive is also one of the best in the industry. As you can see here, their customer service response time is usually less than 1 minute. By comparison, many other online traffic schools will have you wait on hold for upwards of an hour and sometimes with no response for days. Customer service is not a highlight of most online traffic schools, but Safe2Drive does it right.

I would like to see this course updated soon as parts of it are getting a little outdated, but it’s still more modern than most courses. Some pages and videos also take a bit longer to load than they should, leading to a little extra time spent on the course. They offer content in multiple formats such as text, video, animations, and more. These multiple ways of learning help to make the course a little less boring. You can also take Safe2Drive in either English or Spanish. If you’d like to learn even more about this online traffic school, check out my more detailed review of Safe2Drive here.

Check Out Safe2Drive Here

#9: Ticket Toaster

Ticket Toaster Traffic School


  • FAST certificate processing.
  • Lowest price guarantee.
  • No payment info needed to start taking the course.


  • Online reputation tainted by paid biased reviews.
  • Some quiz answers are derived from “hidden messages.”

Ticket Toaster is yet another online traffic school in California that has outstanding customer reviews. There are hundreds of 5-star reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Trust Pilot (a service that surveys verified students as they are taking the course). The only thing I don’t like about these reviews is the biased reviews mixed in. Ticket Toaster offers an incentive for students to leave positive reviews as students can leave discount codes that give them a commission for recommending the service. Any review you see with a discount code is likely a biased paid review. Even still, this course is above average in quality and would still deserve a good reputation.

Ticket Toaster doesn’t have much in the way of videos, but they do break things up with text and images. They also do some unique things like having “hidden messages” in their course (usually those hidden messages are in the images). While this does make the course a bit less boring, it can also get frustrating having to answer quiz questions that have the answer “hidden” in the course content.

If you’re on a budget, Ticket Toaster offers a 110% money-back guarantee, so if you find an online traffic school at a lower price, they will not only match that price, they will beat it. All in all, this is a great course to consider.

Check Out Ticket Toaster Here

#10: Urban Traffic School

Urban Traffic School


  • Some premium services included for free.
  • Course content delivered in multiple formats.
  • Very good online reputation and student reviews.


  • Some hidden fees and add-ons at the end of the course.
  • Some videos are difficult to hear and understand.

Urban Traffic School is among the most popular online traffic schools in California and for good reason. This is one of the highest-quality traffic schools out there which their reviews prove. Check out their Yelp reviews where the overwhelming majority of reviews are 5-star ratings. They also have hundreds of reviews on Google reviews and have a near-perfect rating there, too. They fall a little short on their Facebook page with a 4.9 average student rating (I’m being facetious that’s still very good!). And finally, this online traffic school uses a service called Shopper Approved. That service gets ratings and reviews from students actually going through the course, and those reviews are also very positive. Of course, they have also maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The course itself is better than most. Urban Traffic School delivers the course material in multiple formats so you’re not just reading page after page of text. One thing I didn’t like was some of the videos, though. They use background music and play sound effects that can make it difficult to hear what the narrator is actually saying. Also, while Urban Traffic School does offer some features for free such as audio read-along, they do have some hidden add-on fees at the end of the course which I’m not a big fan of. I do not recommend paying for any of the add-ons at the end of the course. Customer service hours are not 24/7 but they offer extended hours with a good reputation for providing good service when it’s needed. As one of the most popular California online traffic schools, it should be a top consideration.

Check Out Urban Traffic School Here

#11: Traffic School 101

Traffic School 101 Online Traffic School Reviews California


  • Every 100th customer gets the course for free.
  • Very simple “no-frills” coursework.
  • Works well on slow internet connections.


  • Coursework is very boring.
  • Doesn’t work well on mobile devices.
  • Lots of outdated material.

Traffic School 101 has been around for decades. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because they’ve built up a positive online reputation and are absolutely legit with above-average customer service. However, it’s bad because this course hasn’t been updated in probably 10 years or more. I do not recommend this online traffic school for those who wish to take the coursework from a phone or tablet. This is best on a PC or laptop. It’s also best for those that want a 100% text-based course. Some people aren’t into flashy videos and animations. If you want more of an e-book-style traffic school, Traffic School 101 is a course you may want to consider. This is also the best course for those of you who are still on a slow internet connection such as satellite internet or rural slow-speed connections.

As long as you don’t mind this course being outdated and text-only, Traffic School 101 does a good job in most other areas. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to sign up for this traffic school for free as every 100th customer doesn’t have to pay. This is also one of the few online traffic schools left that offers 24/7 customer and technical support.

I personally find Traffic School 101 to be too outdated for my tastes and a bit too boring, but I still continue to receive positive feedback from students that want a “no-frills” type of course. If you’d like additional information about how this online traffic school works, you can check out my full Traffic School 101 review which goes into more detail.

Check Out Traffic School 101 Here

#12: Comedy Traffic School

Comedy Traffic School


  • No payment info required until you pass.
  • Free comedy club tickets included.
  • Over 99% of students pass.


  • Hidden fees at the end of the course.
  • Video course takes way too long.

Comedy Traffic School has had over 2 million students complete their traffic school course, so they are absolutely legit and well-known. If you’re going to take a comedy-based traffic school, my recommendation is Improv Traffic School which I listed above. I think that course is far more entertaining. However, humor is subjective some of you might find Comedy Traffic School better. It’s free to sign up with Comedy Traffic School as they don’t require payment info until the end of the course, so you can always give the first chapter a try to see what you think without any risk at all. They receive good reviews on Yelp, Site Jabber, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Comedy Traffic School offers two separate courses. the first is a text course and the second is a 100% video course. DO NOT sign up for the video course unless you want to spend at least 6 hours going through all the videos. The text course can be completed much faster with some students completing it in just a couple hours or less. If you don’t mind the extra time and money the video course costs, you might enjoy it as they have some famous comedians such as Erik Estrada, Jerry Seinfeld, and David Spade that will be in the videos. If you like the idea of a comedy-based online traffic school though, Comedy Traffic School was the first one to come up with the idea and they’ve been doing it for a long time with good reviews from former students. If you want to learn more about them, you can read a more detailed review here.

Check Out Comedy Traffic School Here

#13: The Online Traffic School

The Online Traffic School Best Reviews


  • Works very well on mobile devices.
  • The first online traffic school in California.
  • Very quick and easy to pass.


  • Poor customer service with long hold times.
  • Long processing time for completion certificates.
  • Identity verification system glitches.

The Online Traffic School has been around since 1996 (if you can believe that). This is the original and very first online traffic school approved in California. If it’s experience you’re after, you will not find an older online traffic school than this one. But does being the oldest make them the best online traffic school to sign up for? Unfortunately, even though this company has been around for decades, there is a serious lack of online reviews from students. They have also been downgraded to an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (from an A+).

While I do think this is an above-average online traffic school, I have some issues with them, too. For starters, their customer service is not great. Many people report hold times for hours. The reason people typically need to call customer service is due to their “identity verification system” failing. This is a system that is required by the state of California to make sure YOU are really the one taking the course. This system makes routine checks throughout the course. Unfortunately, if you can’t be verified, you’ll get locked out and need to call customer service. Well, both their identity verification system and customer service is below average quality, which is not a great combo. My final gripe is the amount of time it takes them to process completion certificates. It takes longer than most other online traffic schools as they bank on people procrastinating, then needing to spend extra money on expedited processing. This is a shady tactic in my opinion.

It’s not all bad, though. You can’t be around this long without doing some things right. This is a very easy-to-pass online traffic school that works well on mobile devices and has a long-standing history in the state of California. I have a more detailed review of The Online Traffic School here.

Check Out The Online Traffic School Here

#14: Traffic School Online

Best Traffic School Online Review


  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Instant certificate delivery to the court.


  • Course takes a little longer than other traffic schools.
  • Some videos take too long to get through.

Traffic School Online is yet another California state-approved online traffic school that has been around for decades. Over the past few years, they’ve made some dramatic upgrades to this course, making it one of the most modern online traffic schools available today. I really appreciate them not having hidden fees like so many other online traffic schools have. They even throw in some free bonuses. For example, most online traffic schools take days or weeks to process your completion certificate. If you are a procrastinator, you might have to pay an additional $10 (or even sometimes $20 or more) in order to expedite processing. Traffic School Online doesn’t do that to its customers. Instead, they offer instant certificate processing and immediate digital delivery to your court at no extra charge.

One thing I don’t like is some of the videos they have. I usually enjoy having a mix of content such as text, pictures, videos, etc,. but some of their videos make the course take longer than it should. In California, there are no course timers required, meaning you can get through the course as fast as you can read and take the quizzes. The videos offered in this course seemed to slow me down a bit.

All things considered, though, this is a great modern online traffic school with a solid reputation and they have good customer feedback. As of this review, they get a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot which surveys actual verified students, as well as an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau that includes positive reviews as well. If you’re still on the fence, consider reading this more detailed review of Traffic School Online.

Check Out Traffic School Online Here

#15: No Stress Traffic School

No Stress Traffic School Review


  • Lowest price guarantee with price matching.
  • Quick certificate processing times.
  • Same-day certificate processing included.


  • Outdated course material and technology.
  • Doesn’t work well on mobile devices.
  • Lack of reviews.

No Stress Traffic School is an online traffic school I saw come up quite frequently in search results, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to have much of an online reputation. Customer reviews are very hard to come by, even on popular review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Even their Facebook page only has 1 review and that’s from several years ago. It seems a bit odd for a company that has been around for so long. They also don’t seem to have any rating with the Better Business Bureau.

However, after going through the coursework myself, I can tell you that this online traffic school is getting pretty outdated. Not only is the material itself outdated, but the technology they use is pretty bad, too. Even as I reviewed No Stress Traffic School in 2024, there are parts of the course that require flash player. That won’t even be supported at the end of this year and is already very glitchy. This course also doesn’t work well on mobile devices, so if you plan on taking your traffic school from a phone or tablet, this probably isn’t the best choice.

With that said, No Stress Traffic School is absolutely legit and fully approved for every county in the state of California. The course is interactive and offers a 2-day certificate delivery for free. Most other online traffic schools in California charge extra for that. While I wouldn’t say it’s my top choice, some people seem to enjoy it. You can learn more in my full review of No Stress Traffic School.

Check Out No Stress Traffic School Here

#16: Traffic School To Go

Traffic School To Go Review


  • Operated by the American Safety Council.
  • Free re-registration if you fail the course.
  • Simple and straightforward coursework.


Traffic School To Go is owned and operated by the American Safety Council. It is one of the oldest California online traffic schools as it was established in 1997. But once again, it seems being one of the oldest online traffic schools doesn’t necessarily make you the best. Traffic School To Go is certainly a legitimate and state-approved online traffic school for ticket dismissal and point reduction in California, but the course itself is pretty boring. It’s mostly just plain text, but some people prefer that, especially in the state of California where no course timers are required. You can also re-register in the event you fail the course, but it’s pretty easy to pass.

One concern I have are the online reviews. For starters, this company has been around for almost a quarter of a century, and yet, they have almost no customer reviews online. They only receive 1 star on Yelp, but there are less than 20 reviews. They also only get a 2-star rating on Google reviews, but again, there are less than 10 reviews available. On a site called Shopper Approved, a service that surveys students going through the course, they get a very high 4.7 rating. So what gives? Unfortunately, the Shopper Approved reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. Students are generally surveyed after just a few minutes of the course, and they can’t move forward until the survey is completed. If you’d like to get a very detailed and unbiased review, check out my more detailed Traffic School To Go review here.

Check Out Traffic School To Go Here


Traffic School Dot Com Traffic School


  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • In business since 1994 with positive customer reviews.
  • Pass or don’t pay.


  • Identity verification issues.
  • Limited customer service hours.
  • Course material getting outdated. is one of the oldest online traffic schools in existence. They officially launched way back in 1994, so to say they are experienced is an understatement. Even though I feel the course is getting a little outdated, they have been able to maintain very good reviews and a positive reputation online. You can see their very positive reviews on Yelp as well as Shopper Approved. Most California online traffic schools use Shopper Approved to get verified reviews before students have even gone through much of the course, but asks students to review them at the end of the course, making the reviews much more trustworthy than usual from that source. While not accredited, they also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

By far the biggest gripe I have with is their identity verification system. This is a system that is required by the state of California, but the system uses seems extra prone to error. If you get locked out of the course due to the identification system failing, you’ll need to call customer service which is only available during business hours Monday through Friday. I’d also recommend a different course if you plan on taking it from your phone or tablet as it works much better on a PC or laptop. This is an online traffic school that has been around for a long time with very good reviews though, so they must be making most customers happy!

Check Out Here

#18: Best Traffic School

Best Traffic School


  • Discounts & coupons usually available from coupon sites.
  • Very fast and easy course.
  • Excellent customer reviews.


  • Frequent glitches in the course.
  • Boring and outdated material.
  • Doesn’t work well on mobile-devices.

Best Traffic School is a perplexing case for me. Usually, my opinion of a traffic school usually lines up with what others think, but in this case, there seems to be a divide. I personally found the course to be very boring, outdated, and glitchy. It didn’t matter which computer, phone, or tablet I used, some pages would simply freeze up and even my quiz scores would change after logging out and back in! So, in my own personal opinion, I wouldn’t recommend this as the actual best traffic school in California. But like I said, my opinion doesn’t seem to line up with what others are saying.

Best Traffic School receives excellent reviews online. You can see their very high reviews on Yelp here. They also have good reviews on their Facebook page. It’s also no surprise they’ve maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So while I personally don’t think it’s a very good course, obviously many others do.

Another advantage of Best Traffic School is you can almost always find discounted pricing. Never pay full price for Best Traffic School. Make sure you go on Groupon or any other number of coupon sites to find discount codes.

Check Out Best Traffic School Here


DmvEdu Traffic School Defensive Driving



  • Glitches throughout the course.
  • Untrustworthy reviews.
  • Poor spelling and grammar. is one of the more interesting California online traffic schools that I’ve researched. While they are fully approved in the state of California, I noticed some glitches as I went through the coursework. For example, on some of the quizzes I would select an answer, then the page would automatically scroll to the top and force me to scroll back down. Not a huge issue, but still annoying. There are also a surprising number of spelling and grammar errors throughout the course. Some of the errors are so bad the sentence doesn’t even make sense. However, 10% of proceeds from this course go to charity and it’s a very simple and easy course, so there are positives to this traffic school as well.

I also have a lot of suspicions about their online reputation. They only have 2 reviews on Google, 1 review on TrustPilot, and no reviews on Yelp or Facebook. However, they have about 3,000 reviews on Shopper Approved with a staggering 4.7 rating and these reviews are from verified students. But as you go through the reviews, you’ll see that they are very strange. It’s as if the people leaving the reviews don’t even know they are leaving one, and have obviously completed very little of the course (maybe only the signup and registration portion). You’ll have to come to your own conclusion, but I felt it necessary to point out these oddities.

Check Out Here

# 20: Highway Traffic School

Highway Traffic School



  • Course material is very boring.
  • Lack of online reviews.

Highway Traffic School isn’t one of the more well-known California online traffic schools, but they’ve been around for 20 years. Since they aren’t one of the more popular courses, they don’t really have much of a reputation online. They do receive very good reviews on TrustPilot, a service that surveys actual students going through the course. Highway Traffic School also receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Other than those reviews, though, there isn’t much in the way of customer feedback that can be found online.

I personally went through the coursework at Highway Traffic School and thought it was pretty good for those that just want a text-based course. They don’t have videos, animations, comedians, or anything fancy. It’s just a simple course broken up into 5 sections with quizzes mixed in. While the material is bland and boring, many people prefer this approach over flashy courses. I think the only real reason this course isn’t more popular is a lack of marketing like some of the other courses do. If you just want a simple course that works well on all devices, though, Highway Traffic School might be the one for you.

Check Out Highway Traffic School Here


Defensive Driving Dot Com


  • Text and video courses offered.
  • In business for over 20 years.
  • Mask your ticket or get up to $250.


  • Shady online reviews & reputation.
  • Very outdated course.
  • Hidden fees at the end of the course.

While I try to stay as positive as I can in these reviews, I wasn’t particularly impressed with They certainly have been around for a long time, and they also offer a video course if you prefer to learn that way, but the course is extremely outdated. I also don’t recommend the video course anyway since it will take much longer to complete than the text course. They also have some hidden fees at the end of the course which is my biggest pet peeve.

The reviews for are interesting, to say the least. They have very few online reviews for a company that has been providing traffic school for 20 years. However, you can see many complaints in their Yelp reviews. While they do receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can see some customer reviews posted there that aren’t great, either. However, check out their insanely positive rating on Shopper Approved. Unfortunately, those reviews can’t be trusted. Customers are asked to rate the course right after the registration process and they can’t move forward until a review is left. Most people simply leave a positive review but they haven’t even gone through the coursework yet.

There are just too many red flags with this online traffic school. However, they are fully accredited by the state of California and can legitimately dismiss your speeding ticket or most other traffic citations.

Check Out Here

#22: 5 Dollar Traffic School

5 Dollar Traffic School


  • Really is $5 with no hidden fees.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Very positive reviews and online reputation.


  • Coursework is pretty boring.
  • No Better Business Bureau rating.

5 Dollar Traffic School is a very popular online traffic school in California and for good reason – it’s cheap! I know what you’re wondering, and yes, this online traffic school really is only $5! There are some optional upgrades that you can purchase but those upgrades are all presented at the beginning of the course. You can upgrade to have an audio read-along, duplicate certificate of completion, a course printout, as well as being notified of your case status. None of these upgrades are necessary, but they are available if you choose to purchase one or all of them.

You might also be wondering if this course is any good. Most California online traffic schools are at least twice as expensive, so do they really deliver? Actually, yes! This online traffic school doesn’t have anything fancy. You won’t be getting free comedy club tickets, there aren’t fancy videos and animations, and it’s mostly just text with some pictures thrown in. However, most people that sign up for this traffic school don’t care about that. They just want to get it done fast, easy, and cheap. As you can see in their YelpFacebook, and Google reviews, this online traffic school really does deliver. The vast majority of online reviews from customers are 5 stars. They also receive near 5-star perfect ratings on Verified Reviews and Trustpilot. Both of those services survey actual students going through the course. This is an excellent California state-certified online traffic school for those on a budget.

Check Out 5 Dollar Traffic School Here

#23: Fast Lane Traffic School

Fast Lane Traffic School


  • No hidden fees.
  • Course offered in both English and Spanish.
  • Home Study booklet course also available.


  • Boring coursework consisting of mostly text.
  • Customer service hours are limited.

Fastlane Traffic School is a lesser-known online traffic school in California, but they are still a pretty good one. There isn’t much that really makes Fastlane Traffic School unique, however, there are much worse traffic schools you can sign up for. This online traffic school is mostly just a text-based course and doesn’t offer much in the way of videos or entertaining features. They do offer a home study booklet course that can be mailed to you if you prefer to complete your traffic school that way.

Reviews are a bit tough to come by for this online traffic school, mostly because it isn’t one of the more popular courses. The reviews they do have such as on Yelp and Google reviews are positive with very few complaints. One thing I love about Fastlane Traffic School is the lack of hidden fees. Far too many online traffic schools in California tack hidden fees on at the end of the course, which Fastlane Traffic School does not do. They also offer the course in multiple languages. While I wouldn’t say Fastlane Traffic School is anything special, they offer a very simple and easy way to get your traffic school requirements done fast.

Check Out Fast Lane Traffic School Here

#24: California Online Traffic School

California Online Traffic School Dot Com



California Online Traffic School is owned and operated by the American Safety Council which operates many online driving courses including online driver’s ed across multiple states. Unfortunately, this exact course does not have much in the way of reviews online. The only real reviews that can be found are from the Better Business Bureau in which they only receive a B+ rating. This may seem pretty good, but anything less than an A rating usually indicates there are several unresolved issues with customers. They do, however, offer 24/7 U.S.-based customer support as well as a pass or don’t pay guarantee.

The course itself is nothing really unique. It’s mostly a text-based program and doesn’t have much to spruce things up or make it entertaining. While the price isn’t too expensive, it is more expensive than other courses that basically offer the same thing such as 5 Dollar Traffic School. After going through the course myself, I can’t say there’s anything necessarily wrong with California Online Traffic School and it is a perfectly legitimate traffic school certified in California, but there just isn’t much to make it better or worse than any average online traffic school in California.

Check Out California Online Traffic School Here

#25: Traffic School 4 Busy People

Traffic School 4 Busy People


  • Very positive reviews and customer feedback.
  • Guaranteed to pass.
  • Easy open-book tests.


  • Course is mostly just pages of text.
  • Several grammar and spelling issues.

While Traffic School 4 Busy People is a fully legitimate California online traffic school course, it’s of pretty average quality. The majority of online traffic schools in California consist of page after page of plain text. Traffic School 4 Busy People is no exception. This is a run-of-the-mill text-based traffic school with a few pictures thrown in. However, they do receive very positive reviews online. They have a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, good reviews on Google Reviews, nearly 5 stars on Facebook, and very good feedback on customer survey sites like Trustpilot and Shopper Approved. While not accredited, they also have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating with no customer complaints. I also have to say their customer service is also very good. I received a follow-up from them after going through the course just to make sure I was perfectly satisfied.

One issue I had with the course is the number of spelling and grammar issues. I’m not saying every word needs to be perfect but the number of errors was noticeable and distracting. This course was also very repetitive. They repeat the same things over and over again. In a way, this does help to pass the easy open book tests as they tend to repeat the most important stuff, but the repetitiveness does get old after a while. However, this course will get your California traffic school requirements done quickly, easily, and without hassle.

Check Out Traffic School 4 Busy People Here

#26: Defensive Drivers Group

Defensive Drivers Group


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Some upgrades included for free.
  • No hidden fees.


  • Lack of reviews or an online reputation.
  • No audio read-along or entertaining features.

As we get towards the end of this list of traffic schools, you’ll notice a common theme. Most California online traffic schools are bland, boring, and just consist of plain text. Defensive Drivers Group is no different. This course consists of page after page of text with some quizzes thrown in and a final exam at the end. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many people don’t want videos, games, or anything like that. They just want to get through their traffic school as quickly and as easily as possible. All I’m saying is there isn’t much to differentiate Defensive Drivers Group from any other run-of-the-mill online traffic school. The course isn’t bad, it just isn’t unique in any way.

Defensive Drivers Group doesn’t have much of an online reputation, but they do have some reviews that are almost universally positive. They receive a perfect 5-star rating on Yelp and a near 5-star rating on Shopper Approved which surveys verified customers. This is also an online traffic school that doesn’t tack on hidden fees at the end of the course like so many others do. They have some free features that others charge extra for such as confirmation that your completion certificate has been sent to the court. However, it would be nice to see some other features at least offered such as audio read-along. This online traffic school isn’t anything all that special, but it’s a perfectly legit way to complete your California state requirements to dismiss points, a traffic ticket, and lower insurance rates.

Check Out Defensive Drivers Group Here

#27: One Day Traffic School

One Day Traffic School


  • Easy not navigate.
  • Coupons and discounts usually available.
  • 100% guaranteed to pass.


  • Confusing pricing packages.
  • Essentially no online reviews or ratings.

One Day Traffic School is another text-based online traffic school in California that is basically no-frills. There are a few pictures thrown in here and there, but for the most part, it’s just page after page of text with some tests thrown in. Due to this simplicity, it is very easy to navigate and you can get through the course quickly. I wouldn’t say this online traffic school is anything special, but it certainly isn’t bad, either. Unfortunately, there aren’t any reviews to be found for One Day Traffic School. While not accredited, they are at least in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

One thing I really don’t like about One Day Traffic School is the confusing pricing packages. They advertise one price, but you must use a coupon code to get that price. Then, when you go to purchase, there are 5 different packages available and the coupon code only works for one of them. All of the packages have different features and it can be hard to decide which one is the best. I do have to commend them for being upfront with the pricing instead of having hidden fees at the end like so many other online traffic schools have, but it could be a little more straightforward. This isn’t a unique traffic school in any way, but it is fully legit and you can finish the course pretty quickly.

Check Out One Day Traffic School Here

#28: Adrianas Traffic School

Adrianas Traffic School


  • Content delivered in multiple formats.
  • Booklet course also offered.
  • Can finish the course quickly.


  • Lack of online reviews.
  • No Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Uses third-party course.

Adrianas Traffic School is not one of the more popular online traffic schools in California, but this is a course that delivers the course content in multiple formats including text, video, animations, and more. This is a nice change from the text-only courses. However, Adrianas Traffic School uses a third-party course. They do not develop and maintain the course themselves, they simply resell a third-party course that dozens of other California online traffic schools use. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but since they are a reseller, their price is a bit higher than many other online traffic schools. Adrianas Traffic School also offers a home study booklet course if you prefer to take your traffic school that way.

While I think the course is pretty decent, there is a big lack of any sort of reviews or ratings for this course. No Yelp reviews, no Facebook reviews, no Google reviews, and not even a rating with the Better Business Bureau. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it makes it hard to verify the level of customer service and whether other people had any issues with the course. If you’d like a traffic school that offers content in multiple formats, though, this is a good course to consider.

Check Out Adrianas Traffic School Here

So, there you have it. The top 5 fastest California online traffic schools. If you’re not satisfied with these five schools, no worries. Check out my official California online traffic school reviews page for even more recommendations and a full list of every online traffic school currently approved in the state of California, or compare the courses below.

Good luck! Oh, and slow down! 🙂

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  • I took the iDriveSafely online traffic school course. It was boring but I was able to get it done in less than two hours so I can’t complain. Last time I took traffic school I sat in a classroom for 6 hours. Taking traffic school online is the way to go for sure. Thanks for these reviews!