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California online traffic schools can be used for several reasons, but chances are, you want to get points removed from your driving record, dismiss a traffic ticket, or lower your insurance rates. Here’s the problem… There are hundreds of online traffic schools run by over 80 companies approved and certified in California. You probably don’t have time to research all those different online traffic schools to find the easiest and fastest one. That’s where I come in to save the day!

I am a certified driving instructor and have helped to create online driving courses, so I’m sort of “in the industry” so to speak. I’ve also been reviewing online traffic schools for many years including reviews of California online traffic schools.

After personally going through dozens of traffic schools, based on my experience, here are the top five fastest online traffic schools in California.

The #1 Fastest Online Traffic School in California is: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely Online Traffic School Review

iDriveSafely is arguably the fastest online traffic school in California as they do not have a course timer. That means you can just skip through each page over and over again until you get to one of the quizzes. Since the quizzes are so simple, you should breeze right through it without having to read anything. If you fail a quiz, don’t even worry about it. You just have to take a different version of it over again. You can’t fail this traffic school so there’s really not much to be worried about. Just make sure you don’t upgrade to their video-based course as the text-based traffic school course will be much faster. Oh, and in case you’re worried, they are a certified course in California for every county, they’ve had more than 5 million people “graduate” from their courses, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, they offer 24/7/365 live customer support, and you can log in or out of the course whenever you want. So yeah, it’s pretty legit.

iDriveSafely Video Demo

iDriveSafely is mobile friendly so if you plan on taking your online traffic school from a mobile device like your smartphone, it’ll work just fine. You can also log into or out of the course whenever you want. They keep your place automatically, so you can either hammer the entire course out all at once or split it up over the course of several days or weeks. It’s really up to you. All in all iDriveSafely is a super easy, fast, and affordable way to complete your traffic school requirements in California. If you want to learn more you can check out my full iDriveSafely review here.

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The #2 Fastest Online Traffic School in California is: Aceable

Aceable Online Traffic School Review

Aceable’s online traffic school program just made it onto my fastest online traffic school list in 2018. While I’ve always thought Aceable had the highest quality online traffic school in California, this list is looking specifically for the fastest online traffic schools in California. One day, Aceable actually contacted me and asked for me to review their course again, as they believe they are now the fastest. Low and behold, they really are among the fastest online traffic schools in California now. Prior to April of 2018, the Aceable online traffic school was almost all video-based. While this may sound good on the surface, going through 6hrs of videos wasn’t ideal. So, what they did is made a text-based course for their traffic school program with OPTIONAL videos. Most people don’t really care about “high quality” when it comes to traffic school. They just want to get it done as quickly and easily as possible. Now you can get both worlds with Aceable.

Overview Of How Aceable Works

Another huge advantage of Aceable is the only online traffic school in California that I know of who has dedicated apps for Apple and Android devices. That means, they aren’t just “mobile-friendly” versions in your web browser, there is an actual app you’ll download to take the course. This creates a much better experience. Everything loads faster, it doesn’t have glitches, there’s no pinching & zooming, etc. If you plan on taking the majority of your online traffic school from a phone or tablet, Aceable should probably be your top choice. Check out my Aceable review to learn more about them.

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The #3 Fastest Online Traffic School In California Is: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School Review

Everyone knows traffic school is boring and my guess is, you’re not taking this course by choice. Luckily, Improv Traffic School exists. It was created by a group of Hollywood comedians and their main goal was to make the course entertaining by mixing in some comedy. It was a good idea because it worked pretty well! Here’s a video below that gives a little snapshot into the type of humor they use:

Funny Commercial By Improv Traffic School

But the heck with that, is it FAST?! Yes, it is. There are no course timers with this online traffic school and they broke it up into 6 simple sections. You can complete it all at once or split it up over time since they keep track of your place. But why split it up when you can have it done in an hour (easily!). As with every other course on this list, you can take your course from a mobile device, they have 24/7/365 customer support, and more importantly, it’s super simple to pass. If you have a low attention span and a goofy sense of humor, Improv Traffic School is a great option for you. Check out more about this online traffic school in my full Improv Traffic School review.

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The #4 Fastest Online Traffic School In California Is: Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School Review

Go To Traffic School took a different approach than many of the other traffic schools on this list. They don’t have Hollywood comedians or dedicated apps, but they are the cheapest online traffic school in California. They guarantee it. If you find another online traffic school for a lower price, Go To Traffic School will match or beat the lowest price you can find. So, if you don’t really care about all the bells and whistles but would rather pay the least amount of money to fulfill your online traffic school requirements in California, this would be a great choice.

Even though they are the cheapest online traffic school in California, that doesn’t mean it’s low quality. You get pretty much all the same benefits as any other traffic school on this list. It’s the fastest course allowed by law, it’s super easy, it’s mobile-friendly, and they just updated all of their content recently so it isn’t outdated. Of course, you also get 24/7 customer support, they have a good reputation with an A+ BBB rating, and all that other good stuff. Go To Traffic School should absolutely be on the list of online traffic schools you consider. Check out my more detailed Go To Traffic School review here.

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The #5 Fastest Online Traffic School In California Is:

DriversEd Com Online Traffic School Review

While is mostly focused on providing online driver education programs, they also have online traffic schools available in California. This online traffic school is about as good as they get. For the most part, it is a revamped and very shortened version of their online driver’s ed course. Some of the videos can take a little time to get through, which slows this course down a little more than the other traffic schools I’ve shared here, but it is still fast and having some videos instead of page after page of text certainly helps to break things up a little bit. This is also an extremely easy online traffic school in California with simple quizzes throughout. Video Demo

The reason I like the videos so much is that they are 3D interactive videos. For example, you’ll be presented with a driving hazard and you’ll have to make the correct decision on how to handle that specific hazard. They also have interactive games to help you retain some of the info you’ll need to know to pass your quizzes. For example, instead of memorizing roadsign colors and what they mean, you’ll go through a quick interactive game that will help you remember all the info. This alone can make it a faster online traffic school since you will be more likely to pass the quizzes and the final exam, which of course you’re guaranteed to pass. is a great option to consider.

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So, there you have it. The top 5 fastest California online traffic schools. If you’re not satisfied with these five schools, no worries. Check out my official California online traffic school reviews page for even more recommendations and a full list of every online traffic school currently approved in the state of California, or compare courses below.

Good luck! Oh, and slow down! 🙂

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  • I took the iDriveSafely online traffic school course. It was boring but I was able to get it done in less than two hours so I can’t complain. Last time I took traffic school I sat in a classroom for 6 hours. Taking traffic school online is the way to go for sure. Thanks for these reviews!