Florida Online Traffic School Reviews

Florida Online Traffic School Reviews

Got a traffic ticket in Florida? Below, you’ll find my Florida online traffic school reviews and discount codes. These are the most popular Florida online traffic schools and driver improvement courses (you can find our online drivers ed reviews here). Instead of simply listing the top courses, I decided to give you my recommendations first. 

As a certified CDL driving instructor, I actually enjoy going through these online traffic schools, so I decided to go through them personally and give my thoughts on how reputable certain courses are. 

For the online traffic schools I recommend, you can read my full and extremely detailed reviews, complete with screenshots and user reviews. I have also obtained exclusive discount codes that you can only get through this site. If you use my coupon links, not only do you get to save a few bucks, but they give me a few bucks for the referral. 

If you don’t want to sign up for one of my recommended online traffic schools, no problem! I’ve listed several high-quality courses below the ones I recommend which I receive no referral commissions for. I’d sure appreciate it if you use my discount links, though. It helps to pay for this website! 🙂

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How I Reviewed These Online Traffic Schools

Admittedly, I can’t review every online traffic school approved in Florida. While the list of approved courses isn’t too incredibly long in Florida, I also review courses for other states as well. I’m just one dude so I can only review so many. However, the courses I recommended below are the most popular courses available, they have been around for more than a decade, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have had at least 1-million customers (I call them guinea pigs). If you’d like to read full and detailed reviews of the courses I recommend, including screenshots of the course, I will provide that for you below.

WARNING: Online Traffic School Is Boring!

Most of the online traffic schools in Florida are pretty interactive with images, graphics, and some videos thrown in. However, traffic school in general has always had the reputation of being boring. Just because you are taking traffic school online doesn’t mean it’ll be super fun. So don’t take my reviews below as a recommendation of which one will be fun and exciting. I am simply listing courses that are of higher quality with a good reputation and proven history. The rest is out of my control!

What to Look For in an Online Traffic School

I’ve already mentioned a few. And, since I’ve already taken the time to look into it for you, you can rest assured that my recommended schools have all the qualities I’m listing below. I’m adding these factors to consider here because I don’t want to limit your options to what I can recommend. There are a lot of online traffic schools in Florida so I wanted to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge of what to look for in an online traffic school. So here we go.

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

Firstly, a school that obtained and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau will assure you that the school takes customer experience seriously. Online traffic schools that received several customer complaints won’t get this rating with BBB. So it’s always a good indicator if you are looking for a reputable online traffic school that can take care of your needs.

Customer Service Reputation

Another thing that you should look into is the schools’ customer service reputation. It’s always wiser to choose one that can provide customer support that is well above and beyond expectations. You might think this is not as important. But keep in mind that despite the convenience, online classes are more likely to encounter technical glitches and bugs. The absence of a physical facilitator will mean no one can help you get through the trouble, so you will at least need to have reliable customer support that you can get in touch with 24/7. Chat or phone support is always better, but the representatives themselves should be knowledgeable enough to provide immediate assistance when needed.

Course Quality

With regards to the quality of their course materials, don’t just settle with what’s fun or engaging. Always consider your preferred learning style. Some of you may retain more information if you see a lot of visual images, while some like learning through interactive games and driving simulations. But there are still some of you who are more comfortable reading through a lot of text. So make sure to check which school offers the course materials that fit your learning style.


Finally, take time to consider the value of education that you are paying for to ensure that you won’t be spending extra cash for something that you don’t really need. Similarly, it would be unfair if you miss out on an added benefit by paying a few more bucks. So don’t just settle with the more affordable options. Instead, find the best deal.

Beware of State-Mandated Requirements

There will be some “features” in these online traffic schools that you probably won’t like. For instance, there will be a course timer. You can’t just blaze through your traffic school in 5 minutes. You are timed and forced to wait on certain pages for a certain amount of time before you can proceed (I recommend doing this course with a television close by to help wind down the timer). You will also be required to verify your identity. Some courses do it through voice recognition, some of them will call you on the phone, and some will simply ask a series of questions at random that only you should know the answer to (and the questions are timed). They get annoying, but you’ll get this with any certified online traffic school in Florida. They are state requirements.

My Recommended Florida Driver Improvement Courses

Without further blabbering from me (sorry, I go a little overboard), for the state of Florida, I have two recommendations. Yap, just two (although I provide a list of other quality schools below my recommendations). Why just these two? I simply find them to be in a category of their own. The other courses listed below will definitely fulfill your requirements, but do they offer 24/7/365 customer support through phone, chat, and email? Do they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau? Has their certification ever been revoked? Are there a lot of complaints about them in online forums and blogs? I’ve done all the research for you. Hands down, the below two courses rank well above any others.

Review #1: Improv Traffic School (My Top Recommendation)

Improv Traffic SchoolHands down, my favorite online traffic school is Improv Traffic School. This is the least boring of all online traffic schools I’ve reviewed and they are now available in the state of Florida. Improv Traffic School began offering classroom-based courses many years ago. Their main goal was to turn a boring traffic school course into something fun and entertaining. Each course was lead by a stand-up comedian. They have taken this same concept to the internet and it is working wonders! From hilarious videos to interactive games, this is about as entertaining as traffic school can get. To top it all off, if you use their course, you get 2 free tickets to one of their Improv Comedy Clubs. If you use the tickets, the course essentially pays for itself. If you don’t use the tickets, you’ll still get a few laughs going through their online traffic school. As a certified driving instructor, I must say, I’m very impressed with what they put together and I’m happy to recommend them. Besides, you can sign up for free without giving up any credit card information, so it’s as risk-free as it gets. Check out this video below. If you don’t think this is funny, you should probably skip down to my next recommendation.

Goofy Commercial For Improv Traffic School

Review #2: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafelyiDriveSafely is one of the oldest online traffic schools around with more than 4 million customers who have completed the course already (I like to call them guinea pigs). Since they are one of the largest courses around, they’ve got some money to put into their program (unlike some of the other schools that are available). Everything is of high quality on this course as well – the graphics, animations, and videos are good, as is the entire interface. They check out with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, you can start taking the course for free (no credit card info required), and there is a full money-back guarantee until you take the final exam. You can also go at your own pace, starting and stopping the course whenever you want to (they keep track of your spot). If you aren’t into the goofy humor that Improv Traffic School uses, this is a great option for something a bit more “serious”.

Review #3: The Online Traffic School, Inc.

OLTS Online Traffic SchoolOLTS is one of the oldest online traffic schools in existence. They began operation in 1996 and have kept a pretty darn good reputation. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have had more than 4 million graduates, so they are a very trustworthy school. As with my other recommended Florida online traffic schools, this school has a money-back guarantee, 24/7/365 customer support, and you can log in and out of the course anytime you want. They have also just released an app for smartphones and tablet devices. This school also uses the state minimum time of 4 hours and since the course has videos and graphics mixed in, the time goes by pretty quickly. In short, this is another high quality course.

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List Of Certified Florida Online Traffic Schools & Driver Improvement Courses

While I think the above 2 courses are your best bet, there are several other options. All of the schools below are approved and certified Florida online traffic schools. My only word of caution is this – just because a school is certified doesn’t mean they are high quality. Some of the below schools either tack on hidden fees at the end of the course or are simply poor-quality programs. If you’d like to shop around, though, here is what you have to choose from. This list was taken directly from the Florida Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles website.

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