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Colorado driver education programs are now approved for online study. Whether you’re a student or a parent, that’s some pretty good news! Why? Because not only are online drivers ed schools cheaper than traditional classroom based student driver classes, they are more efficient, too! Yup, these online courses are getting pretty cool. Lots of interaction, graphics, video, cartoons, and a slew of other things to keep wandering minds interested (including mine when I was reviewing the courses!).

Choosing the best online Colorado driver education course

The main problem with taking an online driver ed course in Colorado is finding the right school. That’s where I come in. I live such an extraordinarily exciting life that I personally took several internet based drivers education classes (how exciting am I, huh?). But what I found was a bit surprising…

There are a ton of teen driving courses to choose from. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t all that great. They are low budget and just trying to make a buck. It seems like very few of these home school Colorado driver education classes actually care about the student. So for the state of Colorado, I can only recommend two driving courses. Yes! After all the time I spent, only two driving courses make my final recommendation! Geesh!

Don’t get me wrong… It’s not that every other online driving school was terrible. But for the money, I think people deserve a great course. Besides, driving is the most dangerous activity we do. So a quality course is important, isn’t it?

My Colorado driver education online course recommendations

My top pick: iDriveSafely Teen Driver Course

iDriveSafelyWhy I recommend them: Out of all the online driver training courses I took, the iDriveSafely drivers education program is hands down the best. Nobody really competes with them. First of all, it seems like they are the online driving school that provides a ton of resources for both students and parents. This is a big deal for mom and dad, too! While nothing is really required by the parent, I think most want to be involved. So it’s there if you feel that way.

Another thing that really stood out was the graphics and animations they use. While it’s not exactly Disney quality and some of the cartoons are a bit silly, they clearly went above and beyond any other computer based Colorado driver education course. None of the other online driving programs even come close to the quality that iDriveSafely provides. Your money is well spent here.

It is also the most interactive course I took. They really had a way of keeping my interest. It’s certainly better than a boring classroom!

And finally, their reputation is unmatched. They were the first online driving school to offer a Colorado driver education program. With more than 10 years experience, nearly 5-million happy customers, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, it’s safe to say that iDriveSafely is the “authority” site for online drivers education (not just for Colorado, but for most other states as well).

Whew! I’m getting a bit long winded! In any case, it’s worth checking them out. They get my top pick by a wide margin.

You can check out my even more detailed review of iDriveSafely’s Teen Driver Course here.

My second choice:

Teen Driving CourseWhy I recommend them: Admittedly, this course isn’t quite as high quality as the iDriveSafely program, but they seem to be a bit less expensive. So, for the budget minded, this is a pretty good option and it’s still way better than any boring classroom based program. They also offer some alternative home study methods such as DVD’s and workbooks if you don’t want to do the program online. A nice option that no other school seems to offer.

I’d say the biggest downfall is they cheap-out on some of the luxuries. It’s not quite as interactive and the graphics, animations, and cartoons are pretty cheap looking. But nonetheless, the course is effective and has a great way of teaching students. That’s what really matters in the end, right?

Overall, the TeenDrivingCourse is a fantastic alternative if you’re trying to squeeze some pennies. If your choice is between or a classroom based school, go with the online driving course. No question.

Check out the drivers ed program
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Any Other Colorado Driver Education Courses To Consider?

There are actually dozens of Colorado Driver Education courses available online. If you go to the nearest drivers services facility, they can give you an updated and current list of all online Colorado drivers ed programs approved in the state. I’m just one guy so I can’t review them all, however, I highly recommend the above courses. I have taken some courses that aren’t so great and many low quality courses do exist. So yes, there are plenty of other options available for you. The above two online driving schools are simply the ones I can vouch for.

Is Online Drivers Ed In Colorado The Best Option?

For most students, yes. Taking your Colorado driver education online is typically the preferred learning method for most students today. The courses are interactive and very detailed. However, some students simply need an instructor, personalized instruction, or set schedules. Using an online drivers ed school in Colorado requires lots of self-discipline and self-study. Know yourself (or your child) and choose the option that would be best for your specific needs. In the vast majority of cases, however, we give online drivers ed two thumbs up for almost everyone.

What Happens When I’m Finished?

Once you’re all finished with the online course, you simply need to complete your behind the wheel training. That’s the fun part! Unless you’re mom and dad, in which case, here comes the scary part! At this point, you have studied about the rules of the road and simply need to put everything you learned into practice. While you probably won’t ever be a perfect driver, practice certainly does help! After your behind the wheel training, you can go get your license and enjoy life as a driving member of society. Congratulations!!

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