Is Taking Traffic School Online in Florida Better Than Learning in a Classroom?

What are the Reasons for Attending Traffic School in Florida

Florida Traffic School Online
In Florida, motorists who have been issued with traffic tickets for non-criminal moving violations can attend traffic school to avoid losing points on their driving licenses. Traffic school courses are available online and in the classroom. Despite the benefits of face-to-face instruction, online tuition is proving to be a flexible and cost-effective alternative that is extremely popular.

Certain restrictions apply when attending traffic school; for example, you can only attend one course per year and you can only attend traffic school five times in your lifetime in order to have demerit points removed from your driver’s license.

A number of courses have been prescribed:

  • Basic Driver Improvement Course: This course is prerequisite for the removal of points from a driver’s license.
  • Advanced Driver Improvement Course: This course is for habitual offenders who have had their licenses suspended by the courts.
  • 3-in-3 Driver Change Course: This course is for drivers who have been responsible for three vehicle accidents in three years, and is part of the process towards regaining a driver’s license.

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For most drivers, the only course of relevance is the Basic Driver Improvement course. In addition, all teens must take the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course before obtaining a learner’s license. All of these courses are offered by a variety of traffic schools who offer either classroom or online training.

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Approved Traffic Schools In Florida

A number of traffic schools in Florida have been approved to run some or all of these courses. Information on both my recommended online traffic schools as well as every online traffic school approved in the state of Florida can be obtained on my Florida online traffic school reviews page.

Before signing up with a traffic school, check that the company is approved by the Florida DHSMV to run the course you need to take; the courts will only accept course completion certificates from approved schools. Course costs vary, and you should clarify if the course fee covers the issue of the certificate that must be presented to the clerk of the court when seeking to have points removed from your license.

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What are the Reasons for Attending Traffic School in Florida?

There are some reasons why you may be required to complete a course from an online traffic school in Florida.

The most common reason is when you receive a traffic ticket and you don’t want it to appear on your driving record. Florida allows drivers to dismiss the ticket if they opt to attend traffic school.

Most drivers here opt for an approved online traffic school for convenience. They also find it more efficient and affordable. If you choose this option to dismiss a traffic ticket, you won’t need to appear in court as well.

Some violations are not dismissible, in which case, attending a traffic school can help you get a discount on your fine.

However, when too many points have been accumulated on your driving record, or if you got a citation for major violations, you may receive a notice from the court to attend traffic school to keep your license from being suspended or revoked. When you come to this point, it’s mandatory to complete the course.

What’s more, attending a traffic school can help lower your insurance costs. You can take advantage of the discounts offered by companies to those who have completed defensive driving courses.

Lastly, taking a defensive driving course for supplemental learning is always beneficial to anyone who wants to ensure they are up-to-date on the recent changes to driving laws in their state. 

We have to keep in mind as well that advancements in technology have made changes to driving conditions, and traffic schools are meant to include these changes in their courses to ensure that students are well aware of the changes.

Classroom Traffic Schools In Florida

Many people are familiar with classroom-style education and are not comfortable with online training methods. Traditional style classroom instruction offers several tangible benefits:

  • Interaction with instructor: When you encounter concepts that you have difficulty understanding, you can have one-on-one discussions with the instructor to make sure you grasp the subject.
  • Feedback: You can get immediate feedback to questions and queries and are dealing with a real teacher and not a machine.
  • Accessibility: If you are not good with computers or don’t have good Internet access, classroom tuition is much easier.
  • Class interaction: Questions and comments from other students are a great help in clarifying concepts in your mind, especially when you have difficulty grasping a specific aspect of the rules of the road.
  • Fixed times: You may have a busy schedule and find it easier to attend classes at predetermined times rather then having to find time to work on the course on your computer.

Taking An Online Traffic School In Florida

Online training has become popular and is widely used in education. Although it does not offer the same level of interaction between students and teachers as classroom education does, there are many advantages:

  • Flexibility: Online training can be done at a time that suits you; you don’t have to take time off work or from studying but can schedule it to suit your timetable. If you have a mobile device like a tablet, you can use any free time during the day to continue with your course.
  • Availability: There are many online courses available, and in fact, it may be difficult to find a suitable classroom-based course near where you live or work.
  • Fewer distractions: When working on your own, you don’t have to put up with distractions from other students and you can concentrate on the course.
  • Cost: The cost of online courses is often lower than those held in a classroom, and when added to savings in transport costs, an online traffic course is usually the cheapest solution.
  • Better learning: Many students find it is easier to learn in the quietness of their own home.

Which One Is Better For You?

The choice between classroom and online tuition for traffic school is an individual one based on many factors. While classroom tuition is more personal and has the advantage of interaction with the instructor, online tuition is more convenient and in tune with a busy lifestyle.

When you need to attend traffic school as a result of a traffic violation, choose a traffic school that suits your needs. If you prefer studying in a classroom, contact local driving schools and check the yellow pages to find a traffic school who offers classroom tuition nearby. Alternatively, refer to the approved schools on the Florida DHSMV website or search for a suitable one on the Internet, taking care to ensure that they are approved in Florida.

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