How To Find The Easiest California Traffic School Online

The Fastest California Online Traffic Schools

If you need to dismiss a traffic ticket or reduce the number of point on your California driving record, I’ve got some pretty fantastic news for you. This is going to be way faster and way easier than you’re probably imagining. I’ve been reviewing online traffic schools for several years now (yeah, my life is really exciting) and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the easiest state to complete a traffic school in is the state of California. No question about that.

By WHY is California the easiest state to complete a traffic school in? For starters, you can fulfill all of your requirements online using one of the 100+ certified online traffic schools in California. Not only is it relatively cheap, but if you sign up for the right school, you can literally be done in about an hour.



Want The FAST Answer? This Is The Easiest Online Traffic School In California


Most states have “course timers” for their online traffic schools (if you’re even allowed to take the course online in the first place). These timers literally make you stay on each page for a pre-determined amount of time. For example, if the course is supposed to last 6 hours long, most states will time you and make sure you don’t just blow through it in an hour. Not California! You actually CAN blow through it in an hour, even if they say it’s supposed to take 6 hours+. Seriously, who has time for that crap, anyway?

Here are some simple steps to signing up for the easiest California traffic school online.

Step 1: Finding A California Certified Online Traffic School Without Course Timers

First of all, you need to make sure you sign up for an online traffic school that has actually been certified in the state of California. You should have received a list from the court (if you went to court). Make sure you only sign up for a school if it’s on that list. If you sign up for a traffic school that has not specifically been certified in California, you will have to redo the entire thing and you might not get your money back. How much would that suck?

Now, if for whatever reason you don’t have a list of schools that are certified in California, don’t sweat it. I provided a full list of online traffic schools in California here. I’ve also provided some recommendations below…

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

Step 2: Choosing A Traffic School That Doesn’t Have Course Timers

Of the 100 or so state-approved online traffic schools in California, the VAST majority of them are crap. Total and complete garbage. To make matters worse, California just lifted the course timer requirements a few years ago. Some of these POS online traffic schools are so outdated, they never removed that feature. Meaning, you’d have to spend 6 hours on a course when you could just blow through it in an hour. What a waste of time.

Here are the easiest traffic schools in California that you can blow through in an hour or less…

Aceable Arguably, this is the single easiest California online traffic school. If I was going to sign up for an online traffic school, this is who I’d personally sign up with. Their online traffic school works great on all devices and is definitely the best functioning traffic school if you plan to take it on your smartphone.

iDriveSafely This is one of my top picks because they’ve been around for about 20 years and have had more than 5 million people go through the course. That’s a lot of guinea pigs! It’s not only impossible to fail this online traffic school in California, but this is probably the fastest online traffic school you can sign up for as well.

Improv Traffic School If you want a little comedy with your traffic school, this one is owned by the same people that own the Improv Comedy Club chain. And yes, the course is pretty hilarious. They have coined the term “edutainment” and they try to take a boring subject, like traffic school and make it fun. It’s not always an amazingly hilarious time through the course, but they did a pretty good job of taking the pain away.

Go To Traffic School This is one of the more popular online traffic schools in California because it’s not only fast and easy, but it’s cheap, too. If you find a cheaper course, they will match the price. I find this online traffic school to be a bit outdated, but it’s fast, easy, and cheap. what more do you really want?

I VERY HIGHLY recommend you only go with one of the above courses as I can personally vouch for them (I went through the courses myself).

Step 3: Passing Your Online Traffic School Quizzes

Once you get signed up, don’t just blast through the course without following this super simple strategy. Take a screen shot of each page of the course. Most of the courses you sign up for will have a small quiz after each section (usually 6 quizzes) with a “final exam” at the end. I know, it sounds terrifying, but trust me it’s super simple. These online traffic schools have no motivation to have you fail the course, so when I say the questions are simple, that’s putting it mildly.

BUT, just to be safe, taking a screen shot of each page of the course will pretty much guarantee that you’ll pass. If you get to a question you don’t know the answer to, just go to your screen shots and find the answer by quickly scanning the page for the info you need. BAM! Done in an hour. Easy as that.

So anyway, I hope this helped! If you have any tips, tricks, or want to let everyone know about your super awesome traffic school experience, feel free to comment below.

Oh, and slow down! 😉

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