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So, you got a traffic ticket in San Francisco, huh? Bummer. I have some good news, some more good news, then I have some bad news, but then I finish with some really awesome news. The good news is you can take traffic school to get your ticket dismissed. The other good news is you can take your traffic school online in San Francisco (actually, the entire state of California is able to do this now). The bad news is even online traffic school is really boring and costs some money. But the other good news is that I’ve been writing reviews of online traffic schools for several years now. With hundreds of online traffic schools approved in the state of California, how are you supposed to know who to sign up for?

I not only know who you should sign up for, I know how to get this over with in about an hour, maybe less.

Want The Fast Answer? This Is The Best Online Traffic School

Not All Online Traffic Schools Are Approved In San Francisco

The first thing you should know right away is that not all online traffic schools are approved in San Francisco. As long as a traffic school is approved in California, you’ll be fine. It doesn’t specifically have to be approved for San Francisco. If you don’t want to go with one of my below suggestions, I created a full list of every approved California online traffic school here. Be sure to check out my personal recommendations above that list.

What Is The Fastest & Easiest Online Traffic School In San Francisco?

There are actually two online traffic schools in San Francisco that I think are the fastest and the easiest. Click here and here to check them out. Either one of those schools will be the fastest because they do not require course timers to be used. This is extremely important. If you sign up with a course that uses course timers, you’ll have to go through 6 full hours of the course and each page will have a timer. You don’t want that. So, one of the above two courses would be the way to go. Take your pick.

For those of you who want some additional options, here are some other online traffic schools approved in San Francisco:

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Time Saving Tips You Need To Know Before Taking Your San Francisco Online Traffic School

In order to get through your traffic school the fastest and easiest way, make sure you take a screen shot of each page. Basically, if you sign up for an online traffic school that doesn’t require course timers (like the two I posted above), you can just blast through each page as fast as your browser and internet speed will allow. But don’t get too trigger happy! Make sure you take a screen shot of each page. There are usually about 6 sections in each course. At the end of each section will be a small test or quiz, followed by a “final exam” at the end. This is where the screen shots come in handy! Simply reference them when you need to find a test answer and presto! You get a 100% almost guaranteed.

Is A Classroom Based Traffic School Better Than An Online Traffic School In San Francisco?

Definitely not. For some reason, I still get this question sometimes. There is no reason to take your traffic school in a classroom. Taking it online has a ton of advantages and no disadvantages. Unless you hate your house and look for any excuse to get out of it. In that case, by all means go spend 6 hours in a classroom being lectured at by some driving instructor about the dangers of driving. Otherwise, definitely take it online

Sign Up Using A Discount Code Or Coupon Link

Before you sign up for any online traffic school, make sure you find a promo code, discount link, or referral code. Almost all online traffic schools in California offer discounts. You can check out some of the discounts I have on my California online traffic school review page.

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