4 Reasons You Should Consider an Online California Traffic School

4 Reasons You Should Consider an Online California Traffic School

According to the United States Highway Patrol, each day over 100,000 drivers receive a speeding ticket in America. Each year, drivers pay over $6 billion dollars in speeding tickets, and only 5% of all convicted drivers contest their tickets in court. When drivers are hit with a driving ticket, there are several options moving forward. Firstly, a driver could leave it alone which would leave the ticket remaining on their record. Secondly, the driver could contest it; we have seen that most drivers choose to ignore this option in reality. Lastly, is to get the ticket off the driving record through a traffic school either in-person or online.

20 years ago or so, completing traffic school in person with physical classes was the standard procedure. Over the years however, online traffic school has grown both in exposure and in enrollment numbers. Despite its rise in popularity, online traffic schools are still viewed warily by many in the country.

Some people may wonder if it is worth it to attend an online California traffic school when they get a ticket. No one enjoys getting a traffic ticket; it not only will cost you in fines that could be quite hefty, but it can also mean a bump up in insurance costs and added points on your driving record among other things. And if this is not your first traffic ticket, then you’re in for some surprisingly huge expenses. One way to circumvent and reduce some of those additional costs that come with getting a traffic ticket is to go to traffic school.

Affordability, Convenience, and Flexibility

Okay, right, these are three-reasons-in-one, but these things come together.

First, who wants to pay extra for something that you don’t want? I mean, getting a traffic ticket and being asked to complete a traffic school is no fun at all. But at least, if you take an online traffic school, you’ll get the course at a much more affordable price than your usual in-person class. Online traffic schools even often offer their courses at a discounted price!

Besides, since there are several options available, you can easily shop around for the most affordable courses.

And yes, the fact that the courses are available online makes it a lot more convenient for you. You can complete the course wherever you are, anytime you want. Even if you just got the ticket today, as soon as you receive the approval to take the course, you can start immediately to clear your record.

In terms of flexibility, I am referring to the benefit of being able to choose how you would like to learn. Everyone has their learning style – some may be more comfortable learning through visual resources, while some still prefer to read. Whatever your preference is, I can assure you that you’ll find what you are looking for in an online traffic school. There are even some who offer online live stream classes to cater to those who lack the discipline to study on their own.


Most insurance companies will permit you to have one moving violation on your record every three to five years so if you’ve already had one ticket and you get another one the chances are quite high that you will see an increase in premiums the next time your policy is up for renewal.

By attending traffic school your points will either be hidden from your record or expunged completely. Your insurance company will never know anything about it, which is extremely important if you are trying to keep your yearly insurance costs down.

Job Requirements

For those people whose job relies on them having a clean driving record, going to traffic school is a must. There are a wide range of jobs that could ask about the state of your driving record, including food delivery jobs, mail delivery, and typically any position that would require the use of a company sponsored car.

While insurance companies will allow one infraction, some employers will not even allow that—anything in the past 3 years or so will be scrutinized. It may seem like an inconvenience to take the time and money to invest in traffic school, but especially in situations in which a potential job offer hangs in the balance, online traffic school is well worth the time and effort.

Better Than Fighting a Ticket in Court

The odds of winning a ticket are often against you if you choose to fight it. You have the word of the officer who cited you as well as photographic evidence against you in some cases. Furthermore, most people do not know how to fight a case in court, and that lack of knowledge can easily cause them to lose. Since traffic schools have the power to completely erase the ticket from your record, most people would prefer to spend a few hours getting it removed.

With the busy lives that people lead every day, it’s incredibly convenient that many can now attend online California traffic school where they can spend the hours in front of their computer rather than squeezing their life into a specific schedule. With online traffic school, you can attend based on your schedule and in the privacy of your own home. 

While traffic school is a great way to get points removed from your driver’s license, it is also a way to learn a few defensive driving techniques that will help you to avoid getting ticketed in the first place, and more importantly, to save lives.

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