How To Find The Best Online Drivers Ed Course In Florida

How To Find The Best Online Drivers Ed Course In Florida

Learning to drive is much more complicated than it used to be. A decade or two ago there were still places where traffic was sparse, drivers were friendly and driving was easy. In those earlier days, teenagers often learned to drive with their parents, tooling around empty parking lots on Sunday afternoons and driving down nearly empty residential streets in the state of Florida.

Those new drivers could easily tackle parallel parking, serpentine courses, highway merges, and other common driving tasks, all without hiring a professional driving instructor or attending a formal driver education course.

So, with that said, what is the best online drivers ed course in Florida? Let’s dive in.

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The Importance of Finding The Best Drivers Ed Course In Florida

The days of do-it-yourself driver training are largely gone now, thanks to a number of changes in driving technology and driver behavior. Modern drivers often do not give new drivers the space or consideration they need, and that can cause learners to become frightened and discouraged.

At the same time, driving in general has become more difficult and dangerous, with ever-increasing amounts of traffic, distracted driving, cell phones and other hazards that simply did not exist a few decades ago.

That is why so many drivers are turning to formal drivers ed courses to learn to drive. Parents are increasingly looking at qualified online drivers ed classes for their teenagers, and older drivers are using the same kinds of courses to update their driving skills and make sure they understand all the new rules of the road.

My Top Pick For The Best Online Drivers Ed Course In Florida

I Drive Safely is widely recognized as the best online drivers ed course in Florida, and the school already has many happy and satisfied customers. Students who have successfully completed this online drivers ed course are happily driving around the state of Florida and across the country, secure in their ability to drive safely and handle whatever the state can throw at them. If you are interested in learning to drive for the first time or brushing up on your skills, just visit the company website to see how they can help you.

If you are the parent of a teenager who is already dreaming of getting a driver’s license, you already understand how important it is to get that new driver off on the right foot. Despite the prevalence of safety devices in cars and education in the media, traffic accidents remain a leading cause of death for teenagers. The right education can reduce the risk and help keep your son or daughter safe behind the wheel.

Watch Out for Changing Weather Conditions

New drivers in Florida also face some unique challenges from the weather. From hurricanes along the coast to the ever-present risk of sudden thunderstorms, Florida drivers have to be ready for anything at any time. The right drivers ed school will help those new drivers navigate challenging weather conditions and make it home safely.

If you are the one awaiting that precious driver’s license, it is only natural to choose your school quickly. After all, your goal is to get your license, and you want to get it as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, however, that the true goal is not to get your license but to be a safe driver for the rest of your life. That means learning defensive driving techniques, gaining a thorough understanding of traffic rules and getting the best instruction.

That is why so many drivers have already chosen I Drive Safely as their drivers ed partner, and why you should too. Having the right education is important in all aspects of your life, whether you are choosing the perfect college or looking at driving school.

Required Courses

If you are new to the state of Florida, you may not realize that all drivers in the state are now required to complete a certified drug and alcohol course before they can apply for their first-time driver’s license. Many people think that this requirement applies only to drivers under 18 years of age, but that is not the case. All drivers, regardless of age, are required to pass the drug and alcohol course and written driving exam.

That requirement may seem a bit extreme, but it is intended to save lives and evidence shows that it is already working. Educating new drivers about the dangers of alcohol and drugs is a worthy goal, and the fact that Florida residents can take the required course and complete the exam online makes it much less of a hassle.

I Drive Safely is proud to offer the drug and alcohol course and administer the associated exam. If you need to complete this requirement before taking the driving test, you can complete it easily, get the certification you need and go on to a lifetime of safe Florida driving.

What to Expect with I Drive Safely

If you consider the course in itself, you’ll find that iDriveSafely is of higher quality than most of its competitors. Their 20+ years of experience in providing driver’s education has helped them improve. This is evident with their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – you can guarantee that it has a solid reputation.

However, take note that while iDriveSafely is considered one of the best online traffic schools there is, their straightforward approach to teaching makes the course a little bit boring as compared to other driver’s ed courses out there. 

That said, there have been recent updates to its course materials, including graphics, animations, and videos, which makes the course more engaging as compared to how it was before.

What’s more, you now have the option to sign up for their video-based course (which looks a bit more modern). This means that you’ll have the freedom to choose how you would like to complete the lessons. If you just want to finish the course without the need for any  “advanced features”, you can opt for the text-based course.

Nevertheless, iDriveSafely meets the state minimum requirements as the requirements will vary in each state. One thing in common is that they are all pretty easy to comprehend so you can complete the course without too much effort. iDriveSafely course works very well on phones and tablets, too. So it’s readily available wherever you are.

When it comes to pricing, it will, of course, vary per state, but you can use this link to get an automatic discount during checkout. Feel free to check my article on iDriveSafely coupons here as well.

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