What Are The Best Online Traffic Schools

Best Online Traffic School

If you’ve recently found yourself faced with a traffic ticket and the prospect of taking an online traffic school course to get it taken off your record, chances are you’re looking to get started. If this is your first time dealing with this sort of thing it can be difficult to get started, and I’m sure you’re probably feeling like you’re the only person in the world who’s actually being forced to go back to traffic school, but I assure you, you’re not alone.

Even though most of us out there – aside from the newbies, of course – have been driving for a very long time, and sometimes we either just forget the rules, or grow complacent and simply give in to bad driving habits. On top of that, other driver’s go through the same thing (after all, we are all human), and if they don’t meet our standards, we suffer a little red monster called road rage. Mistakes are made, words are spoken in anger and frustration – it’s incredibly common! If this all sounds familiar to you, this is where traffic school online can help.

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Now, I won’t begin our relationship on a lie; traffic school is not fun… in fact, it’s downright boring. There’s not a single person out there taking traffic school because they want to, and I understand that you’re in the same boat. While I can’t promise it will be fun for you, I can promise that going through it will be worth it, and I can at least narrow down your search to make it a little easier for you.

Before I get into the details, here are some of the top picks that I’ve put together:

What Is Traffic School Online?

While I’m sure some of you may be familiar with the concept – if so, and you’re having to go through it again, all I can say is that it certainly pays to learn your lesson the first time! – but I’ll give a brief rundown of it for those of you who are newly faced with this concept.

Similar but also entirely different than a driver’s education course, online traffic school is a course taken by those who have received one too many tickets for violations on their driver’s license. It can also be taken by those wanting a better insurance rate or a quick refresher course on their driving skills, but those types of people are much more rare. Whether you’ve elected to take the course on your own, or are being required to by the court, online traffic school is a great way to get your ticket reduced, or even sometimes completely removed, and can sometimes also be used to lower the points on your license. Online traffic schools teach a concept of driving called defensive driving, or the practice of anticipating the actions and consequences of others on the road to become better prepared for things on the road before they happen, therefore making the road a safer place for all involved. So really, it’s actually quite a helpful course, no matter your reason for taking it.

Choosing the right online traffic school course can be tough, especially considering all the available ‘schools’ there are to choose from, but because I realize your time is important and valued, I’ve taken the liberty of narrowing your search down to my two favorites for this type of course. While they both are extremely similar and thorough when it comes to material and quality of the course itself, they vary completely in terms of education style, so there’s one for each learning preference. Both have received a 5-star rating from Drive-Safely, and for good reason, too!

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

While traffic school in general is quite boring, there’s one that stands out from the rest in their unique feature – they try to make it fun… and they actually succeed! Now, I’m sure you think that’s impossible and think I’m a dirty liar, but remember, I said I didn’t want to base our relationship on a lie. Once you step into Improv Traffic School’s course, you’ll see what I mean. Don’t worry – before I learned about them, I would have thought I was full of it, too. They coined a term for themselves and their form of education, which is ‘Edutainment,’ and for once, this company lives up to it. There is a single downside, however; they aren’t yet available in every state. If they are available in yours, however, I’d jump at the chance, because this course is amazing. Sign up is quick and easy, you only pay when you get to the final exam, and it’s full of fun stuff to do throughout the course.

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I Drive Safely

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This is my second recommendation for those being forced to complete traffic school, and while it isn’t as quirky and unique as Improv, it’s certainly the best in terms of straight education and quality. You can take their course in the text or video format, and while the video format has a slightly higher price point, it might be worth not having to try and trudge through miles of text about driving and driving safety. They’ve been around for ages and have excellent reviews, so you know they have a well-earned reputation, and they’re one of the best to trust the future of your driving record with. Once they know what state you’re in they’ll ask you for registration information and payment, and you’re on your way.

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With both courses, the duration of the course itself will depend entirely on the state issuing your citation, and while both can be completed quickly or over time, depending on your preference, they still also have to adhere to the requirements set by the court. This means that if timers are necessary, it could force you to take several hours to complete it – spread out at your leisure, of course, as long as you finish it before your completion date. Both issue a certificate of completion when you’ve passed the final exam, and will provide instructions on how they handle the processing of your certificate to get it to the courts to have your case dismissed. Either way, you’re done, and all is right with the world!

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