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The best online traffic school, in my opinion, is one of two different schools. There’s the Improv Course if you like comedy and then there is also the iDriveSafely course if you want a company that’s been around since the beginning of online traffic schools.

The Best Online Traffic School

Here’s my direct recommendation and why… If the Improv Course is available in your state, I’d use them. Keep in mind, this is mostly a matter of my opinion. That course is actually pretty darn funny at times and I’m a sucker for comedy. If for some reason you’re a person that doesn’t like to laugh, you probably want to avoid that course.

The biggest problem with that traffic school is the lack of availability. It’s only available in a handful of states right now. So that’s a bummer. But luckily, there’s an equally good choice out there. The iDriveSafely Course is as solid as it gets. They’ve been around since online traffic schools first began. Something like 4 million people have taken their course at this point and growing fast. In addition to that, they have been able to keep an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are also TSC Certified. There’s no question it’s a legitimate company and they’ve actually got some money to spend on programmers and all the stuff needed to create a quality product (vs. half the schools which seem like they are run by some dude in his mom’s basement!). The only reason I really like the Improv course better is because of the comedy aspect to it. Otherwise, they are both just as good.

Of course, you can always check out my overly detailed reviews of these schools:

Online Traffic School Discount Codes

Oh, and I almost forgot! I’ve got a couple ways for you to get discounts on the courses. For the Improv course, make sure you enter discount code drivesafely for $5 off. To my knowledge, that’s the highest discount available.

If you want to use the iDriveSafely course, the coupon code is MRDVSF, but there’s no place to enter that in manually on the site so use this link and click on your state for pricing info.

Special Note For Taking Texas Online Defensive Driving

The streaming video iDriveSafely Defensive Driving course is now available in streaming video and it’s awesome! I don’t expect you to get as excited about it as me, but if you’d rather sit back and watch a course rather than read it, this is the best option for you. I recently went through the course myself to see what it as like and I wrote up a really detailed review about it. I also took some screen shots so you can get a sneak peak into the course. Unfortunately, this is the only streaming video course that has been approved and it’s only available in Texas right now. So if you live in Texas, check out my full (and way too detailed) review of the video course here:

Any Other Schools Worth Looking At?

If you want the best online traffic school, just stick with one of the two choices I listed above. You can check my online traffic school reviews by state section to get more choices and even more reviews and I have even more listed in my online traffic school reviews section. However, the ones I discussed in this article are the best ones by a long shot.

Why Are These The Best Online Traffic Schools?

The two above were chosen as the best online traffic schools due to many factors including their overall reputation, customer service, ability to use on multiple devices, Better Business Bureau rating, and many other factors including how I personally feel about the courses. Yes, I actually took these courses myself. As you’d imagine, I’m just a real thrill at a party! I can dish out safe driving tips with the best of them.

Are The Best Online Traffic Schools Still Boring?

The Best Online Traffic SchoolYes. Yes they are. Seriously, traffic school pretty much sucks no matter what school you go with. Even taking traffic school online is boring and tedious, but just remember, it’s much better than sitting in a stuffy classroom wasting a Saturday sitting next to other traffic law criminals (hey, technically you’re a criminal). So this is my fair warning to you – even the courses I recommend are boring! Yes, the best online traffic schools available are still insanely boring. The above courses are simply the ones I found to be the most tolerable.

Beware Of State Requirements!

Even the best online traffic schools have to abide by some ridiculous state requirements. In most states, in order to maintain their licensing, online traffic schools are required to verify your identity and give you exams, as well as set course timers. The identity verification system is a huge pain in the rear for some states. Basically, you need to use voice authentication while taking the course (you can do this over the phone usually) and you may be asked a bunch of random personal questions with a time limit to answer. Get too many wrong and you get locked out of the course. Heck, in some jurisdictions, you’ll even be required to have a webcam on while taking the course! This is rare, but it does happen. You can check to see what your state’s requirements are on this site.

Course timers could be the most annoying feature of all. Trust me, these online traffic schools would rather not have timers in their courses, but it’s a requirement for most states. And finally, in some states there will be quizzes and maybe even a final exam. Usually, you can take the final exam as many times as it takes to pass. In some states, they aren’t so lenient. However, barely anyone ever fails these tests. They are super easy.

Sign Up Early!

Even the best online traffic school will charge extra for expedited shipping. It can take these online traffic schools 3 to 10 days to process your certificate, then it could take another several days in the mail. Don’t wait, because expedited shipping / processing charges can really get expensive. Stop procrastinating and get er’ done!

Remember Your Online Traffic School Completion Date

In many states, you are allowed to take an online traffic school every couple of years. This will keep your points down. Just do the course every other year until you have zero points on your record. You do not need to wait to get a traffic ticket in most states to take online traffic school (although in some states, you do). Take a proactive approach to protecting your driving record and lowering your insurance rates.

Easy Ways To Lower Your Insurance Premiums With Online Traffic School

Places like New York actually have laws that require your insurance company to give you a price reduction when you successfully complete an online traffic school course. Generally, the insurance reduction courses are even easier than the ticket dismissal courses because they are not timed and are also impossible to fail. You just need to blaze through the course, get your certificate, and tell your insurance company. Check out either of the easy online traffic schools I linked to above and see if your state qualifies.

Good luck and drive safely! 🙂

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