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Texas drivers ed is now available online as a homeschool option. That’s pretty cool because learning from an interactive online driving school is not only much cheaper than the traditional classroom-based drivers education, it’s also more efficient. Who prefers a boring classroom over an interactive online driving course? Those who have decided to “get with the times” understand the full benefits of interactive online training.

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Choosing the best online Texas drivers ed course

The main problem in choosing an online Texas driver education course is weeding through the crappy low budget courses and finding a good, honest, and fairly priced driving school. Heck, just avoiding the scam sites can be a chore! Honestly, is there any “household name” online driving course? Nope. So who do you know what school to choose?

Lucky for you, other than this website, I pretty much have no life. So, what I’ve done is gone through several different texas drivers ed courses and found the best of the best. After all the courses I went through, I decided to recommend only two of them. Yup, just two!

Why can I only recommend two online drivers ed programs? Simply because they are the only online driver education programs approved in Texas that I’d personally recommend to friends and family. And hey, the people taking these courses will be sharing the road with me personally, so I have a vested interest! Believe me, this isn’t an area you want to mess around. Some of the online driving schools out there are just horrible.

I Am An Online Drivers Ed Expert

Obviously, I’ve just given myself the title of being an online drivers ed expert, but you be the judge. I’m a former long-haul truck driver, certified driving instructor, have graduated from several advanced driver training courses, co-created the Worlds most popular free online CDL training program, and have taken the below courses every year for the past 4 years, just to make sure they remain the highest quality courses available (and those aren’t the only courses I take!). Needless to say, when it comes to anything involving online driver training, I’m as close to “expert” status as it gets. I know what to look for, I’m familiar with the companies running the programs, and I’m probably the only person on the planet reviewing online drivers ed programs in the first place, so you’re stuck with me!

My Texas Online Drivers Ed Requirements

In order to recommend a great course, I have taken many things into consideration. First of all, in order for me to recommend a course, the school has to have a 10+ year operating history. Too many courses spring up overnight that are just awful with some of them being total scams. In addition, they have to have a list of graduates exceeding 1-million students. Experience generally means a better course and 1-million students is a lot of guinea pigs! To get my recommendation, the course also must have a money-back guarantee. For my recommended Texas courses, you can actually start taking the course for free without entering any credit card information, so that’s even better. They also must have engaging content with videos and interactive features to help students retain information. Of course, while I’m reviewing all of those things, I’m also checking to make sure the information is up to date and factual. My requirements are a bit stiff, but if you’re going to take an online drivers ed course, why not go with the best? They are all about the same price anyway.

NOTE: If for whatever reason you don’t want to go with one of my recommended courses, I have provided a full list of approved online Texas drivers ed courses at the bottom of this page.

Don’t Forget Your Discount!

I wrote the below companies to ask if I could have coupons or discounts for my awesome website visitors (that’s you!). To my delight, they did one better. Not only do you get to save a few bucks by using the below discount links, but they throw a few bucks my way for sending you over. Isn’t the internet awesome!?

Option #1: Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally put a new driving school as my top choice. Aceable is actually one of the new schools to hit the market. In the past, I’ve always been one to promote schools that have been around for a while and have a proven reputation. While Aceable is only a couple of years old, they have quickly formed the best reputation of all online driving schools. Not only are they actually based out of Texas, but as a new startup company that received millions of dollars in venture capital, they created the single best, most modern online driver training course available on the market today.

While the other courses I mention below are also higher quality, this one is clearly different from the rest. When you start the course, you’ll meet “Ace” who is an animated robot… and your instructor! By the time you’re finished with the course, you’ll actually be sad to say goodbye to Ace. If you’re looking for the highest quality online driving school that will work on all your devices, this is the one I’d go with, hands down.

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Option #2: iDriveSafely Teen Drivers Course


Out of all the online drivers education courses available, I really like the iDriveSafely teen drivers education program the most. They are the only online driving school that seems to include resources for parents. While mom and dad can certainly get away with doing nothing, I think most parents want to be involved (and should be involved in my opinion). They are also very fairly priced, it’s guaranteed, and they have a fantastic reputation including an A+ rating over at the Better Business Bureau.

Also, this is the most interactive Texas drivers ed course I have taken. They have lots of graphics, animations, and quizzes to help retain information and stay awake. I really believe that the interactive aspect of this driving course is what really sets it apart. They didn’t skimp out here. This is a full budget kind of deal. Your money is going to good use and I think this kicks the butt out of any boring classroom based drivers ed program. It’s clearly a great school.

Since they were the very first online Texas drivers ed program, they’ve built themselves a nice reputation. Hands down, they are the “authority” driving school for Texas. If I had a teen who was about to start driving, this is where my money would go. Check out the full iDriveSafely Online Drivers Ed review here.

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Option #3: Best Texas Drivers Ed has been around since the beginning of online drivers ed. That’s a long time to perfect online driver training techniques. With millions of graduates, they have this down to a science. Previously, I was not entirely impressed with their course due to compatibility issues with many browsers. However, they have revamped the entire course and now offer a course that is available using any computer, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone. The animated videos now have a 3D appearance and their regular videos were recently updated. Many online drivers ed programs fall into the trap of getting dated by not replacing old content with fresh content. I’m happy to say, is not falling into that trap.

This online drivers ed program also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has a great online reputation. They also have 24/7/365 customer support via phone, chat, or email and you can also reach them through their many active social media pages. As one of the very first certified online drivers ed programs in Texas, you can’t lose with these guys.

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What Other Online Drivers Ed Schools Are Approved In Texas?

If you don’t feel comfortable with my recommended courses above, no problem. You’ve got several options. See the full list of approved online Texas drivers ed courses. I have taken this list directly from the Texas Department of Public Safety website. Do not sign up for any course that is not on this list! If you do, chances are you are either being scammed, ripped off, or spending time and money taking a course that will not qualify in Texas.

America’s Driver’s Ed
Ready SET Drive
Driver Ed in a Box
Virtual Drive of Texas
Teen Driving Course
Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Model Program
National Driver Training
American Safety Council
All Star Driver Education, Inc.
Curb Buster
Driver Ed at Home
Driver’s Education 101

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