The Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode

The Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode

Dash cams aren’t only good for limiting liability and keeping watch while you’re driving, they can also keep a keen eye on your vehicle while it’s parked. While not all dash cams have parking mode features, many do, and it’s a specification worth looking for if surveillance is important to you. This is an especially important feature to have for those who need to park on a public street, in a parking garage, or other areas where vehicles are more likely to be vandalized, broken into, or hit by other drivers. You may also want to consider getting a duel dash cam that can record both the front and rear of your vehicle. The best dash cams with parking mode out today vary in price, additional specifications, and size, so you’re really able to pick and choose what will work best for your car and your situation while still getting the parking mode that you need.

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1. Falcon Zero TouchPro HD

Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD Dash Cam

Priced at just under $190, the Falcon Zero TouchPro HD features a parking mode and a whole lot more. Anti-drain battery technology allows it to be the 24/7 vehicle surveillance you need whether you’re parked on the street, in a parking garage, in the lot, or even at your own home. What makes the Falcon Zero TouchPro HD really special with parking mode is that it comes with 2 docking stations for multiple vehicle use, so you can always use it to keep watch on your vehicle no matter which vehicle you decide to take. If you plan on leaving the family car at home, and taking the sports car on a night out, simply take the device and hook it up to the second docking station, and you’re good to go.

The Falcon Zero offers quite a bit more than just parking mode, and it’s one of the dash cams with parking mode that bring a number of benefits whether you’re parked or in motion. If you’re looking for simple to use dash cams with parking mode, it doesn’t get any better, with its 4” touch screen that makes it user friendly straight out of the box. You can adjust the features, see playback of video and photos, and check out the navigation with only the simple tap of a finger.

As for your footage, this is one of the many dash cams with parking mode that really prides itself on taking high quality photo and video. A 170 degree wide angle lens ensures you’re capturing a great deal of space around the vehicle, and WDR technology automatically adjusts to low and high lighting conditions. Your footage is shown in full 1080P Hi-Definition for the crystal clear quality you need.

Video Review Of The Falcon Zero TouchPro HD Dash Cam

2. Vantrue N2

Vantrue N2 Dash Cam

Not only one of the best dash cams with parking mode on the market today, but a dual lens camera, the Vantrue N2 has motion triggered parking mode action that captures images of anything happening around your vehicle at a distance of 33 feet away in front. The images are then pieced together to create a short video loop, so you can analyze detail by detail the goings on around your vehicle or watch as a simple short video clip. Priced at just under $170, the Vantrue N2 is a bit more affordable but in the same price range when compared to the Falcon Zero.

Like the Falcon Zero, the Vantrue N2 offers quite a bit more than just parking mode. While as far as dash cams with parking mode go, only the front camera captures images while parked, both cameras work simultaneously while you’re in motion to capture the entire surrounding of your vehicle. The smaller size and stealthier shape of this cam allows it to be suitable for smaller vehicles, while the dual wide angle lenses give it enough captured space to be perfect for larger vehicles as well. The front camera captures 170 degrees, while the back covers 140 degrees, creating a full 310 degrees of camera footage. As one of the best dash cams with parking mode, the Vantrue N2 records video in full HD resolution for crystal clear images.


KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dash Cam

No mention of the best dash cams with parking mode is complete without including the KDLINKS R100. This just under $200 dash cam features parking mode, dual cameras, wide angle lenses, stealth, parking mode on or off, and a full 1 year warranty. The front and rear viewing angles match one another at 140 degrees, creating a full 280 degree viewing angle around the vehicle, and both record video and photos using full HD quality. The super slim design of the KDLINKS R100 ensures it’s stealthy enough to be used for proper vehicle surveillance, and it comes with a 16GB micro SD card ready to use straight from the box.

You don’t have to keep parking mode on with the KDLINKS R100, and this is one of the dash cams with parking mode that allows you to choose when parking mode is in play and when the device is completely turned off. The camera will turn itself off when parking mode is switched off after 5 full minutes of no movement, so you never need to worry about if you’ve turned it off or not. When parking mode is left on, however, the KDLINKS R100 does require a power source to keep watch on the vehicle while in park.

The Best Dash Cams With Parking ModeIf you’re parked in bright parking garages with fluorescent lights, or at home in a dark driveway, this is one of the dash cams with parking mode that takes excellent quality footage regardless. WDR technology and a six-glass lens auto-adjust for different lighting conditions to ensure your footage or photos are of only the best quality whether they’re captured in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.

The best dash cams with parking mode can vary widely, and while these are just a few, they are some of the best offered on the 2017 market in terms of affordability, specifications, and different needs. Whether you’re looking for something stealthy, something easy, or a little in between, the best dash cams with parking mode of today can offer you all of these things, and within a price that is affordable and manageable for the technologies offered.

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