What Is The Best Vehicle Dash Camera?

What Is The Best Vehicle Dash Camera?

When investing in a vehicle dash camera, it makes sense that you’ll want to find the very best one, but the “best vehicle dash camera” is not the same answer for every individual. When asking yourself what the best vehicle dash camera is, there isn’t a single answer and you should instead try to narrow it down to a few different choices depending on your specific needs, vehicle specs, etc. Modern vehicle dash camera units cover a wide range of different specifications and different price points, so there is always a best out there for you, even if it’s not the same unit that may be considered the best for someone else.

When breaking down the best vehicle dash camera, you’ll want to consider 3 main things before starting your search:

  1. Your specification needs
  2. The size of your vehicle
  3. Your price range

By breaking down your search in this way, you’ll find first the features you need, then you’ll narrow down those features into vehicle dash camera units to perfectly fit your vehicle, and last you’ll be able to find the very best one within your price range. Price ranges for dash cameras can be as low as just over $30 for basic models, and will go into the hundreds for more high tech or feature heavy options. For more tips on how to find the best vehicle dash camera, check out the video below…

Vehicle Dash Camera Specifications

Vehicle dash camera specs range wildly from one another. Some offer 24/7 surveillance to keep an eye on your vehicle while it’s parked, others offer front and rear lenses to keep watch on your vehicle at all angles, some have high memory capacities for capturing hours of video, some use app support to show you playback of your footage instantly and some offer all of those things.

For those who want something to keep watch on the vehicle while it’s parked, we recommend the Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD , which is continuously powered to provide constant surveillance of the vehicle. If you’re parking on the street in a high vandalism area, or you’re in a parking lot with tight spaces, if anything comes near or touches your vehicle, it’ll be caught on the camera. In addition to constant surveillance, this vehicle dash camera also offers a 4 inch simple to use touch screen, a GPS for geo-tagging footage, WDR or wide dynamic range technology for auto adjusting footage in different lighting conditions, and 2 docking stations for easy multi-vehicle use.

If front and back lenses are important to you in your dash camera choice, the Rexing S500 boasts a rotating front lens and back lens covering wide 180 degree and 120 degree viewing angles for full 300 degrees of footage. Enhanced night vision and light adjustment technology keeps all footage clear, even despite bright headlights coming from the front or back, and all footage is taken in HD quality. The Rexing S500 goes for about $170, putting it in the upper middle range of price range averages.

If you’re taking a road trip and you want to capture hours of footage, you’ll be looking for a vehicle dash camera that has plenty of memory capacity. One such option is the ThinkWare X500, which comes with a 32 GB micro SD card included. This SD card will allow you to take around 8 to 10 hours of footage straight through, so you can edit it later and make it an important part of commemorating your adventure. In the higher range, the ThinkWare X500 is priced at just under $280, and also offers front and rear surveillance, and a built in GPS and speed tracker to tag footage with speeds and geo locations.

The ease of use that comes along with a vehicle dash camera that’s app supported is in high demand. These cameras allow you to download an application on your Android or iOS device, and connect right to your dash cam to see footage immediately after it’s taken. These dash cams don’t require the same viewing surface as others, and as a result, tend to be stealthier and better for smaller vehicles or cameras needed for accident liability or fraud prevention. One vehicle dash cam that offers such app support and stealth capabilities is the Pruveeo F5 dash cam, which shows all footage on the 140 degree wide front viewing angle right in the palm of your hand using a simple smart phone app. This cam has a great discreet design that tucks right in near your rear view mirror, and is perfect for smaller vehicles that may not be able to comfortably fit larger units without being distracting to the driver. The Pruveeo F5 is one of the most affordable vehicle dash camera units, priced at just over $35.

Consider The Size Of Your Vehicle

What Is The Best Vehicle Dash Camera?After considering your specifications, you’ll then want to consider the size of your vehicle. Larger vehicles often have larger windshields and can accommodate larger vehicle dash camera units, but they will also require larger viewing angles to accommodate. Smaller vehicles like sports cars or compact cars are often better suited to smaller and stealthier models, as they have smaller windshields with less space, and larger units can become distracting or block too much physical viewing space for the driver. A model like the Pruveeo F5 is perfect for a smaller vehicle or sports car with its sleek design and perfectly capable 140 degree viewing angle of footage.

Consider Your Price Range

Considering your price range is one of the simpler parts. Naturally, features such as a large LCD touch screen or built in GPS will raise the prices of vehicle dash camera units, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find these specifications in perfectly affordable dash cams. Simpler and more basic models can be as little as $30 to $35 models, while more complex models with more bells and whistles will cost more. Once you break down what you need in terms of size and specs, you’ll be able to simply find what features you’ll be able to include within your intended price range.

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