How A Personal Dash Cam For Your Car Could Save You Thousands

How A Personal Dash Cam For Your Car Could Save You Thousands

A personal dash cam is something that all drivers should look into investing in. Back when I was a truck driver I actually volunteered to be a part of the company test phase for installing dash cams in our trucks. While some may think it’s an unnecessary expense, the truth of the matter is that a personal dash cam can wind up saving you thousands of dollars from just one accident. Here’s the thing…. Dash cams are so reasonably priced now that you can’t really use “cost” as an excused to not have one. A measly $40 dash cam will get the job done just fine and if you’re willing to fork over about $150, you can get super high quality HD dash cams with lots of features including GPS, motion sensors to catch people running into you while your car is parked, and all sorts of cool stuff.

A personal dash cam can save you in several different ways but if you’re reading this page you likely already know that and you’re just looking for some good options. Here are some of the most popular personal dash cams on Amazon, along with their star ratings and current prices:

While most dash cams operate in roughly the same ways, there are a few features and design considerations that should be taken into effect, so a little homework should be done before seeking out the right personal dash cam for you and your car. Below is a helpful video of what to look for when deciding between different dash cams.

Why I Personally Like Stealthy Dash Cams

A lot of people, myself included, want to go for a stealthy design. The desire to “hide” the dash cam mostly stems from not garnering unwanted attention and also the ability to conceal the fact an accident was recorded should you be at fault. Another good reason to have a stealthy dash cam is to provide evidence in court. If the officer doesn’t know a cam is there recording everything before, during, and after a traffic stop, they may say or do something that can help your case. If they know a camera is there, things might go much differently. Stealthy personal dash cam units come in a vast array of different shapes, sizes, specifications, and price points, which gives you quite a few options to choose from depending on your specific vehicle’s configuration. I’ll share with you a couple of my personal favorites which are quite reasonably priced.

ToGuard CE20 Dash Cam

ToGuard CE20 Dash Cam

The ToGuard CE20 Dash Cam is priced at just under $90, so this is a good medium price point and offers quite a bit in terms of features and specifications. The unique and discreet design means this small cam can be mounted to the windshield securely using only a piece of 3M tape, and it records 170 degree sweeping views of the road ahead. One cool feature of this personal dash cam that I like is it can be set up with an Android or iOS app. This will allow you to view your footage right from your smartphone in real time. Many folks with this dash cam get a mount for their phone and stream the video to their phone as they drive in real-time. Autoloop capabilities start the personal dash cam as soon as your car begins moving, and a G sensor automatically locks in footage when the cam detects an accident. Check out this great video review to see it in action…

Check Out This Dash Cam On Amazon

Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam

Purveeo F5 Dash Cam

If you’re looking for a more affordable personal dash cam, the Pruveeo F5 is a great option at under $40. While it may not have all the same bells and whistles as the ToGuard CE20, it does have the same simple app capabilities for easy viewing, a 140 degree wide angle, and a six glass crystal clear lens. For a basic personal dash cam investment that has the potential to save you thousands without shelling out too much, the Pruveeo F5 is a great direction to go in. The stealthy design of the Pruveeo F5 tucks right in by your rearview mirror on the upper portion of your windshield, and stays out of sight. Here is a sample video of the Pruveeo F5 dash cam in action…

Check Out The Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam On Amazon

Ways In Which Your Personal Dash Cam Can Save You

How A Personal Dash Cam For Your Car Could Save You Thousands Your personal dash cam can save you in several different ways, but the most important is if you’ve been in an accident, whether one that’s genuine or one that is part of an insurance fraud scheme.

Insurance fraud schemes like a classic swoop and squat or someone putting themselves into traffic voluntarily can be really difficult to prove in court without hard evidence, and hard evidence is just what your personal dash cam provides.

Check out the video below for the scary reality of insurance scams and you easily you could find yourself involved in a costly scam, even without ever realizing it:

In addition to protecting yourself from insurance scams, there are several other ways having a simple $30 or $50 dash cam could save you big bucks.

1. Getting out of a ticket

If you’re pulled over for a driving violation, like rolling through a stop sign for instance, that you know you didn’t commit, your personal dash cam can be your best friend in court. Taking traffic tickets to court can be a difficult thing for drivers with no hard evidence of their innocence, but reviewing your personal dash cam footage can let you know right away if you have a good shot at winning your case. Many dash cams now offer GPS tracking with the time, date, GPS coordinates, and even vehicle speed all displayed on your video.

2. Recording your accident, even if you’re at fault

Automobile accidents are stressful for all parties involved, and because of this, many have different mental images of exactly what went on. Rather than being left to the discretion of an insurance company, your personal dash cam footage can show an unbiased and accurate account of the circumstances involving the accident, injuries, and potential liability. By bringing your personal dash cam footage along with you in court, you could be providing yourself with the evidence necessary to prove your innocence in the crash. And hey, we all make mistakes, but even if you are at fault, you can disprove falsely claimed injuries and show prior damage on a vehicle that they want you to be responsible for. Quite frankly, there are all sorts of reasons having an accident recorded could help you, even if you were in the wrong.

3. Lowering your insurance

Some automobile insurance companies and policies will provide discounts or lowered premiums for those who have personal dash cam units installed in their vehicle. These lowered premiums may not seem like much when looked at month to month, but the small amounts of money can begin to add up rather quickly with the life of your policy. Because all insurance policies are different, it’s recommended you speak to your personal insurance provider before opting for a personal dash cam to save you on your monthly payments.

A personal dash cam may seem like a small investment, and it is, but it can actually be one of the largest investments you can make in saving you money and protecting you while you’re driving your car. With a personal dash cam, and especially a discreetly designed one, you always have an accurate and unbiased account of goings on while you’re on the road, and a way to prove your innocence in insurance scams, traffic tickets, or accidents on the road. With all of the different price points and technologies offered by today’s modern personal dash cam units, you can always find one that suits your needs and leaves you feeling confident that you’re being protected.

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